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Research on 3D Mapping, Exhibitions and Location Scouting

3D Mapping

3D Bridge

These two 3D projections are done on scaffolding build purposely for the projection. What I like about them is that at the center of each piece there is a transparent material that when projecting on it, it reflects on it. From the front you can also see mapping on scaffolding poles that are at the back so therefore it give you more depth of field in the projection. Regards the projection itself, it is very abstract mainly using solid colors that are synced with music.

Dancing concept 3D mapping

The below 2 links are two similar 3D projections where different textures are integrated with a dance routine. What I liked is how the texture around the dancer change when she do different dance moves. I also liked the detail in the textures.


This projection is a story telling about the 8500 years of history about Istanbul. All the projection is made out of abstract graphics that gives the viewer more thinking to come to what the artist is trying to say. The projection was projected on a historical Train station that has brilliant architectural forms. This can be a great idea to do the history of our school or history of the place itself as a projection with the school tower.

Graphic Design Exhibitions

Who Sets the Standard?

What I like from this exhibition of Jan Tschichold is how each wall was used by putting up huge posters and also how smaller posters where displayed on a cross formed wall. The light used is very interesting how is focus on the poster itself and not the surrounding. This can be used in our exhibition where the focus of the lights is on each painting and not on the surrounding empty spaces. I like also the idea of small paragraphs of information about the artist or his work that where well presented in the exhibition.

Dutch Design Database

Dutch Design Database was an expo where all the work of over 5000 graphic designers where exhibited. All the personal work of each designer was available on an online interactive application. What I liked about this expo is how the floor and roof where used as a timeline which indicates what happened in the Netherlands from 1950 till today with regards to graphic design. Also the wall where designed like a mosaic but when the viewer goes close to the wall, he can see different works done by the designers. It very interesting how the designers had the option to upload there works on the online database in real time when the exhibition was happening.

AIGA Annual Design Exhibition

AIGA annual design exhibition is an exhibition of the best work produced in the whole year by different graphic designers. What I really liked about this exhibition is the concept of using home and industry material like water paint rollers, buckets, cardboard cylinders etc. This for sure made the exhibition more interesting.

Location Scouting

Research on 3D Mapping and Exhibitions  

Research on 3D Mapping and Exhibitions

Research on 3D Mapping and Exhibitions  

Research on 3D Mapping and Exhibitions