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Your Words Have a Lot to Say

Hi, we’re Circle Advertising, and we want to tell you a story. A story that no one else can tell quite like us. We don’t believe in traditional storytelling. We push, we break, we innovate. But we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We’re Circle Advertising and we want to tell you a story, A story that’s all about you...

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Words. It all started with words. Through extensive research of the 18-24 year-old market, Circle Advertising discovered that while AIM possesses outstanding brand recognition, a large part of our target market associates AIM with words like “emotionless” and “procrastination.”1 From this insight, we identified two barriers that prevent AIM from increasing trial and growing usage of AIM products by 15%. These are: • The Barrier of Disconnected Connection • The Barrier of Procrastination Our research also found that targeting active online Screen Name users (Connected Youth2)is a more profitable endeavor for AIM and AIM Social Media products than targeting people without Screen Names. From here, we segmented Connected Youth into two submarkets that provide AIM with the greatest potential for accomplishing our campaign objectives. They are: • The Content Creators • The Experience Seekers

After segmenting our market, we discovered 7 Social Needs that all the AIM products must fufill in order to engage Connected Youth. We meet these needs by integrating and positioning AIM products in ways that maximize user engagement and differentiate AIM in the highly competitive Social Media category. To better position AIM products in the minds of Connected Youth, we developed one cohesive brand idea that bridges the gap between AIM and AIM Social Media products.

Our Brand Idea

We Are Words focuses on AIM’s most valuable attribute — communication through words. We Are Words is flexible enough to unite all of the AIM properties, while strong enough to differentiate them from the competition. From here, we developed a creative vision that breaks down the two barriers preventing AIM user engagement and speaks directly to Connected Youth.

Our Creative Vision

Our creative vision is divided into two phases that speak directly to Content Creators and Experience Seekers by appealing to the 7 Social Needs each of them desire the most. Your Words Have a Lot to Say also promotes the unique benefits and features of all the AIM products in a witty and conversational voice that resonates with Connected Youth. Circle Advertising also discovered a more profitable opportunity for Userplane. By implementing a B2B strategy we leverage Userplane’s versatility by targeting Connected Youth through the corporate Web sites and blogs they visit most. The Your Words Have a Lot to Say campaign implements an integrated marketing plan including promotions, public relations, and media placements that effectively engage our market and raise awareness of AIM and AIM Social Media products. Your Words Have a Lot to Say creates a conversation that engages Connected Youth and elevates AIM and AIM Social Media products to a new level of success.

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1. Exclusive Circle Advertising Primary Research 2. Connected Youth refers to the market of male and female 18-24 year-olds with acitve Screen Names.

Excuse me, may I ask you a question?

Objectives To effectively communicate with Connected Youth, we set out to know all the ins and outs of our target market. Our objectives were to: • Understand Connected Youth’s motivations, perceptions, emotional connections, and usage of Social Media • Discover obstacles that prevent Connected Youth from engaging with AIM and AIM Social Media products • Identify profitable transaction points in Connected Youth’s online and offline behaviors • Test different AIM brand identities for recognition, recall, and reinforcement of brand positioning • Quantify benchmarks needed to increase trial and growth by 15% for AIM and AIM Social Media products

Primary Research • Collected 1,312 interactive surveys across the U.S. to obtain an accurate representation of Connected Youth’s beliefs, behaviors, and perceptions • Conducted 75 one-on-one interviews to uncover insights into Connected Youth’s perceptions of Social Media • Analyzed 20 two-week consumer media diaries to gain insight into the media consumption habits of Connected Youth • Executed five consumer focus groups to fully understand their perceptions of AIM and AIM Social Media products • Tested our creative and promotion strategies to ensure effective recognition, recall, and awareness • Interviewed professional influentials such as Eric Hanson, Group Manager of Entertainment Media Services for Xbox; Dr. Shari Young Kuchenbecker, American Psychological Association-Media Psychology; and Jeff Berg, Online Content Consultant of Interpublic Emerging Media Lab

Secondary Research • Monitored hundreds of blogs, chat rooms, message boards, podcasts, and Web sites to better understand current market and user trends • Analyzed numerous online studies, trade publications, scholarly journals, articles, and books pertaining to our target market and category

Circle Advertising Consumer Focus Group


Five ideas that are transforming Social Media Social Media Growth

Mobile Explosion

Privacy Issues

Though Social Media is still in its infancy, it is beginning to appear within every aspect of society. The acceptance and integration of Social Media into mainstream society presents strong growth opportunities for AIM, but also presents challenges such as increased competition and over-stimulation of Connected Youth.

Mobile Web usage has been poised to take off in the U.S. for quite some time. With the success of the iPhone and other smart phones, the desire for consumers to mobilize their content has become an industry standard. Mobile AIM currently holds 70% of the mobile IM market, and there is great potential for further growth and innovation.1

Connected Youth want the ability to control who views their online identity, as well as how social networks use their personal data. Our primary research found that Connected Youth have complex relationship circles where friends, acquaintances, family, and co-workers overlap, indicating the need to keep various lifestyles separate in the online context. Research revealed that 98% of Connected Youth admit to being concerned about their online privacy.2

Network Fatigue

Control Shifting

Connected Youth are increasingly exhausted by the different mediums of connection and messages that bombard them every day. Network fatigue directly affects the amount of time they spend on Social Media. To combat network fatigue, Social Media must be increasingly user friendly, making all features and options easily accessible and customizable.

Control is shifting from corporations to consumers. Connected Youth expect their media to be supplied on demand, when they want it, where they want it, and how they want it. Connected Youth view customization and ownership of their experience as essentials, not extras.









Corporate Control

User Control

Top Down

Bottom Up


1. AOL Case Study 2. Exclusive Circle Advertising Primary Research

Social Media

Instant Messengers

Many competitors have a strong foothold in the Social Media category and present obstacles that prevent effective category penetration.

Competitors include: • Networks with vast market share (Myspace with 81% market share and Facebook with 10% market share)1 • Social Media that focus on more specific features such as video sharing (YouTube), photo sharing (Flickr), blogging (WordPress), and micro-blogging (Twitter).

Strengths •

Opportunities •

Extend brand recognition throughout products and features • Raise awareness and benefit from consumer desire for mobile experience • Emphasize AIM as a med s ium for communication rather than one of connection • Leverage B2B strategy for Userplane

1. 2. Exclusive Circle Advertising Primary Research

Threats •

• Leveraging philanthropic trends (MSN’s “You IM, We Give” campaign) • Emphasizing specific product features (Skype’s video capabilities) • Integrating different contact lists through a centralized IM provider (Trillian)


19% of Connected Youth view IM communication as “emotio nless.”2 • 20% of Connected You th view IM communication as “a was te of time”2 and “a form of procrastination”2 • Brand is perceived as “old” and “outdated” when compared to newer competitors • Lack of consumer kno wledge about existing features and products

• First instant messaging • Largest market share service in the instant messaging category • Top-of-mind and largest • Member of the Time Warshare-of-mind ner Family

While AIM enjoys current leadership in the Instant Messenger category, other IM providers are aggressively attempting to steal market share through a variety of strategies.

Social Networks (Myspace, Fac adding features and applicat ebook, etc.) ions that rival AIM Social Media products • New entrants (Skype) and established competitors (MSN Messen ger aggressively promoting med and Yahoo!) ia features • Increased competition from text messaging in the mobile market • Competitor developmen t of strong brand positioning and emphasis on product differentiation

Text Messaging Mobile communication is a part of Connected Youth’s daily lives, and texting has become a more convenient and on-the-go form of communication. With the use of Mobile IM, AIM can leverage its brand to turn this threat into an opportunity. • 77% of Connected Youth text on a daily basis2


Demographics are so 1.0 Circle Advertising found that Connected Youth provide AIM with the best opportunity to reach our campaign objectives. Connected Youth are male and female 18-24 year-old active screen name users who make up 87% of the total 18-24 year-old market.1 By targeting youth who already have screen names, we are able to optimize their engagement, strengthen their loyalty, and extend familiar brand recognition to other AIM Social Media products. Connected Youth are, in the truest sense of the phrase, “plugged in” at all times. • 59% spend between 1-5 hours a day on AIM1 • 11% of them use AIM on their mobile devices1 • 90% are on Social Networks between 0-3 hours a day1 • 77% text on a daily basis1 • 18-24 year-olds are more than twice as likely than the general population to read blogs2 Circle Advertising divided the Connected Youth market into two segments that provide AIM with the greatest potential for growth, engagement, and brand health. We segmented these markets according to extensive primary psychographic and behavioral research.


The Content Creators

The Experience Seekers

Primary Target Market

Secondary Target Market

Content Creators are active online participants who aren’t afraid to express themselves and experience the world through their creativity. Contrary to the popular belief that online content creation is limited to a niche group of tech-savvy individuals, our research showed that with the proliferation of Social Media, a large part of Connected Youth use the Internet to display, share, and create content. Self-expression is the driving force behind their actions and their motivations stem from personal empowerment, influencing the world, and voicing their identity. They are also regarded as trendsetters and thus are capable of influencing other youth markets.

Experience Seekers are constantly looking for ways to connect, communicate, and share online experiences with others. With this need, they strive to stay in touch with friends, family, and acquaintances. They are aware of how their online identity is perceived by others and are influenced by content created by our primary market. Their motivations stem from a need for belonging, acceptance, and achieving a sense of self-worth and value from others. They consistently comment on blogs and profiles, while participating in online discussions and message boards.

(23% of Connected Youth1)

Pyschographic Characteristics1 • 77% agree that sharing opinions is part of who they are • 74% feel good about themselves when they provide others with useful information • 73% agree that they have a lot to say about issues affecting their lives • 51% feel their opinions have the power to change society • 58% want to bring about a change in society

(77% of Connected Youth1)

Pyschographic Characteristics1 • 53% post comments on online groups, networks, and online communities regularly • 74% share interesting or fun media with friends and family regularly • 95% spend time on social networks daily • 51% watch shows online regularly • 63% like Web sites that have a set format but still allow them to infuse their own personality

1. Exclusive Circle Advertising Primary Research 2.

The Face of Connected Youth

Content Creator

Experience Seeker


They’re kind of a big deal. AIM Gave Us Three Objectives • Increase trial and grow usage of AIM products by 15% • Bridge the gap between AIM and AIM Social Media products • Increase AIM brand awareness Circle Advertising found two barriers preventing AIM from reaching our campaign objectives.

The Barrier of Disconnected Connection

The Barrier of Procrastination

Connected Youth have forgotten the power and humanity behind their online identities. They sometimes view online connections as inaccurate representations of a person’s true self. So, they prefer to interact with friends through other mediums. If they are not having any meaningful interactions then they limit the amount of time spent on AIM.

A large part of the Connected Youth we interviewed identified AIM as a “tool of procrastination” and admit to experiencing feelings of guilt after being on AIM for extended periods of time. They see their interaction with others through online Social Media as simply “hanging out” and do not perceive any long-lasting benefits.

This barrier was identified through the following insights1:

This barrier was identified through the following insights1:

• When asked to provide one word that described AIM, 19% of our sample said “impersonal” or “emotionless” • 86% of Connected Youth admit to rarely or never making friends online. Rather, they make friends offline and use Social Media to maintain and grow these relationships • 77% of Connected Youth refrain from participating in online chat forums

four eight

• When asked to provide one word that described AIM, 20% of our sample said “a waste of time” or “procrastination” • For Connected Youth, meaningful conversations, reconnecting with friends, and helping others all diminish the feeling of procrastination

1.Exclusive Circle Advertising Primary Research

Communication is my favorite need. The 7 Social Needs Through our research we discovered 7 Social Needs that Connected Youth fulfill through their Social Media experiences. Meeting these needs is essential for our success within the Social Media category1. These needs are:




Social Media provides Connected Youth with the ultimate tool for defining and redefining themselves.

Social Media is a way Connected Youth communicate with others “just like me” – people who share similar tastes, sensibilities, orientations, or interests.

Connected Youth value communication highly as it is the cornerstone of all their social experiences. Without fluid communication, social connections are impersonal.

Status The need for self-sufficiency, recognition, and achievement are essential to Connected Youth’s sense of status and are fulfilled by Social Media that provides ways to develop and manage a virtual reputation.

Sharing Connected Youth have a need to share with others. Mutual assistance is a phenomenon that has been uniquely enabled by the proliferation of Social Media.

1. Communispace Study, “Meeting Business Needs by Meeting Social Needs.”

Community A sense of belonging or affiliation alone is not equivalent to a true sense of community. Achieving a real sense of community requires long-lasting reciprocal relationships and a mutual commitment to the needs of the community as a whole.

Self-Worth Connected Youth want to be reassured of their worth and value. They seek confirmation that what they say and do matters to others and has an impact on the world around them.

Social Graphs generated by participants during Circle exclusive focus groups led us to the discovery that communication is present within every aspect of Connected Youth’s online life.

five nine

United we stand, divided we fall. Circle Advertising constructed a method that analyzes all of AIM’s products and compares their strengths and weaknesses according to how many of the 7 Social Needs they meet. This allows us to find gaps in the current product offering and better position AIM and AIM Social Media products. This method is called the Social Media Honeycomb.1 of the standalone products, whereas Chat, Comments, Polls, Groups, and People Connection require integration to fully optimize their potential. In order to increase engagement, Circle Advertising strategically integrated Chat, Comments, Polls, Groups, and People Connection into AIM Profiles, while also strategically linking features of AIM Profiles to AIM Messaging and People Connection to Userplane. Such integration allows AIM to strengthen all of the AIM properties. Below is a model showcasing how the new integration strategy for AIM products better fulfills Connected Youth’s needs. In this example we analyze People Connection. The Social Needs that are met by People Connection are shaded, while the needs that are not met remain unshaded. The Social Need of Communication is in the middle of all the honeycombs as it represents the cornerstone of all of the AIM products. MESSAGING In short, the more honeycombs shaded, the more needs it fulfills.



Our analysis of all eight AIM properties revealed that as stand-alone products, the AIM Social Media suite only meets a few of the 7 Social Needs. Circle Advertising discovered that by integrating specific Social Media products together, AIM better meets all of the 7 Social Needs. According to the Social Media Honeycomb model, AIM, Userplane and AIM Profiles are the strongest


1. Based on the writings of Matt Webb, Stuart Butterfield, and Gene Smith.

And we’re not talking about the clothing store. Our integration strategy is designed to increase trial and usage while bridging the gap between AIM and AIM Social Media products. The streamline effect allows us to leverage the AIM brand into all other Social Media products and highlight the specific benefits. By integrating these products we can ensure AIM, AIM Profiles, and Userplane work in synergy while also paying close attention to the priority ranking of each product as stated in the AIM case study.





People Connection







Bridging the Gap Strategy AIM Profiles Position AIM Profiles as the central communication hub for AIM Groups and People Connection, while integrating Chat, Polls, and Comment features in ways that optimize user engagement. This makes conversation intimate to specific interests that align with the AIM brand personality while addressing Connected Youth’s concerns. • Groups: Drive engagement by allowing existing real-world relationships to communicate online as a group and create open communities around shared interests • People Connection: Consolidate into AIM Profiles by providing users with the ability to host blogs1, start message boards, and easily find friends • Chat: Integrate into Groups, Profiles, and People Connection in order to bring together users with similar interests • Comments: Meet the communication needs of Connected Youth by allowing comments on any type of medium such as groups, blogs and profiles • Polls: Place user-generated polls on AIM Profiles while using it as a method that allows users to give feedback regarding Web site functionality, features, and content

1. Circle Advertising recommends that AOL Journals change its name to AIM Blogs to better communicate its fuctions to Connected Youth.

AIM Messaging Make AIM Messaging an entry point into AIM Profiles with the addition of an “update feed tab” that allows Connected Youth to check up on what their friends are doing.

Userplane Create a selectable option to place Userplane applications on People Connection blogs and message boards while also implementing a Userplane B2B strategy.


Please excuse my awesomeness. Objectives • Bridge the gap between AIM and AIM Social Media products • Break down the barriers of Disconnected Connection and Procrastination that prevent AIM user engagement • Communicate messages that resonate with Content Creators and Experience Seekers • Increase brand awareness and brand health

Creative Strategy We will reach our creative objectives by implementing the following strategies: • Bridge the gap between AIM and AIM Social Media products by unifying them under the brand idea of We Are Words • Break down the two barriers that prevent AIM user engagement by introducing the creative vision of Your Words Have a Lot to Say • Implement a two-phase creative strategy that optimizes user engagement by targeting Content Creators first and Experience Seekers second • Increase brand awareness and brand health by differentiating AIM and AIM Social Media products from competitors by focusing on meaningful communication through words, rather than just connecting with others


AIM is My Communication Lifeline We Are Words Your Words Have a Lot to Say Witty and Conversational Your Words Have a Lot to Say


Expression Inclusive of our market

Us, not the competition


sum + er clie nt


All 8 media products


Brand promise of what we are



What we do best


Social currency of AIM

Essence Simple Communication

Brand Positioning AIM is my Communication Lifeline AIM is not a simple tool for connection; it is a vital tool for meaningful communication.

Brand Idea We Are Words AIM and AIM Social Media products are united under one cohesive brand idea that focuses on their most valuable attribute: communication through words. We Are Words refers not only to written and typed words, but also to AIM’s voice and video capabilities.

By implementing the concept of words throughout all branding activities, the AIM brand can be relevantly differentiated from our competitors. We Are Words is flexible enough to unite AIM and AIM Social Media products, while distinct enough to differentiate them from our competition. We Are Words allows AIM to: • Own the concept of words within the consumer’s mind • Differentiate itself from competitors who are positioned simply as tools of connection • Establish communication as the cornerstone of all AIM properties • Unite consumers and AIM brand under one reason to believe in AIM

Meaningful Use of Time

We Are Words

Disconnected Connection


Instant Messaging

Social Networking



Let me break it down for you. Creative Vision

Copy Tone

Your Words Have a Lot to Say

Witty and Conversational

Your Words Have a Lot to Say empowers words by giving them a personality. It elevates them to a higher level of communication and allows Connected Youth to realize the power behind their words.

Rather than selling something to Connected Youth, Your Words Have a Lot to Say creates a conversation with them. We do this by:

Your Words Have a Lot to Say allows AIM to: • Break down the Barrier of Disconnected Connection by reminding users of the personality, character, and power behind their words • Break down the Barrier of Procrastination by emphasizing the power of words and the productive benefits and features of AIM and AIM Social Media products • Speak directly to Content Creators and Experience Seekers by communicating messages with which they can easily identify

Tagline “Your Words Have a Lot to Say” Our tagline reinforces creative executions while maintaining cohesiveness throughout all communications.


• Delivering simple messages with a witty undertone • Encouraging user interaction and message ownership • Communicating with a personable and conversational copy tone

Art Direction Our creative executions infuse words with unique personalities that Connected Youth can visually identify with. By having words deliver the message, our executions: • Create a sense of personalized, one-to-one communication • Illustrate the natural connection between words and AIM • Establish words as the cornerstone of all communications

Mandatories The following will appear in all executions: • AIM logo • “Your Words Have a Lot to Say” tagline • Personality-infused words • Informational copy

Longevity By allowing words to deliver our message, the possibilities for creative development are endless. Your Words Have a Lot to Say can easily: • Transfer into countless media for different target segments • Adapt to new product and feature integrations • Crossover into different languages and countries

Two phases are better than one. Our creative executions are rolled out in two phases targeting Content Creators first and Experience Seekers second. While both market segments are equally important for reaching our campaign objectives, each of them is a priority at different stages of the creative strategy. Each phase speaks directly to a specific user segment by appealing to the 7 Social Needs that are most important to them. It is important to note that the Social Need of Communication will be present in all executions in Phase 1 and Phase 2. This provides cohesiveness throughout all communications and reinforces our AIM brand positioning.

Phase 1: Content Creators

Phase 2: Experience Seekers

Content Creators are targeted first because they:

Experience Seekers are targeted secondly because they are:

(January 09 - August 09)

(September 08 - December 08)

• Are drawn to new mediums that allow for self-expression and creativity • Influence Experience Seekers • Spark online and offline word-of-mouth

Creative executions will win the hearts of Content Creators by focusing on:

Phase 2

Phase 1 Oct 08

Nov Dec 08 08

Creative executions will engage Experience Seekers by focusing on: • Community • Affiliation • Self-Worth • Communication

• Identity • Sharing • Status • Communication

Sept 08

• Drawn to the content posted by Content Creators • More interested in joining and experiencing already established communities • More likely to be influenced by others

Jan 09

Feb 09

Mar 09

Apr 09

May 09

June 09

July 09

Aug 09


Phase 1 Online Animated Banner Ad

Online Animated Banner Ad

Diary & Blog: 300px x 250px

Computer & Cell Phone: 300px x 250px

Design Justification: • Color palette draws attention to the ads while avoiding intrusiveness • 3D handwritten font infuses words with an approachable and friendly personality • Speech bubbles hint at the AIM Expression Marquee allowing for non-intrusive brand placements throughout the ad • Witty and conversational copy intrigues and engages the reader • Informative copy explains product benefits and features • Logo and Web address deliver an immediate call to action


Out of Home: Bus Stop Shelters

Guerilla: Speech Bubble Cling-Ons Our out of home executions create a memorable encounter with the brand while educating Content Creators about the creative features and benefits of products such as AIM Mobile.

Removable speech bubble cling-ons will be placed near graffiti in densely populated areas. Our executions create buzz around the brand and deliver the message that AIM Profiles provides a more interactive place to display the work of Content Creators.

Streaming Video Spot: “Hi, We’re Your Words” :30

Open to the word “Words” Audio: “Happy Rabbit” by Breakbot

The word “Talk” cuts into the conversation.

The word “Music” dances onto the screen and continues the conversation.

The word “Photos” flashes into the conversation.

The word “Blogs” shares his thoughts on the subject matter.

The word “Words” brings the conversation back to a full circle.

Voice Over: Your Words Have a Lot to Say.

Voice Over: Let them say it on


Phase 2 Online Animated Banner Ad

Online Animated Banner Ad

Fishhook & Hitchhike: 300px x 250px

Boss & Employee: 300px x 250px


“I used to think AIM was still the same as in middle school, I had no idea they offered so many other features. This image makes then far more approachable and up to date.� - Focus Group Participant


Guerilla: Crosswalk Takeovers

Out of Home: Mall Placements Mall placements in high-traffic pedestrian epicenters reach Experience Seekers when they are out and about. Creative executions will be tailored to fit the context of the media placements to achieve a higher level of relevance for Experience Seekers.

Crosswalk takeovers will reach Experience Seekers when they are away from their computers. This specific tactic is a perfect fit for the concept of walking and talking through AIM Mobile. It is also an unexpected approach that will catch the attention of Experience Seekers and create a memorable brand encounter.

Streaming Video Spot: “Word Party” :30 This party’s gonna rock! This party’s gonna rock!

Open to two words entering a party. Audio: “Word Up” by Cameo

Camera moves to the conversation between “Flirty” and “Awkward.”

Camera moves to the conversation between “Trendy” and “Chic.”

Camera moves to the dance floor to focus on “Bootylicious” and “DJ.”

The word “You” comes in to the party. (All the other words celebrate)

Camera zooms out to reveal the party is happening inside the AIM Expression Marquee.

Voice Over: Your Words Have a Lot to Say.

Voice Over: Join the party at


Not to be confused with BRB. Userplane is a multi-faceted Web chat application that allows for Connected Youth to communicate with each other and interact with their favorite brands. Raising awareness of Userplane for companies that have a vested interest in Connected Youth strengthens the strategy behind Your Words Have a Lot to Say.

How Userplane Translates to Connected Youth Userplane is the premier Web chat software in a relatively undefined category; an aggressive integrated marketing campaign can position it as the brand eponym.1 Over 90% of marketing departments are planning to launch a Social Media campaign in 2008,2 giving Userplane an opportunity to fill this void. This strategy will present multiple opportunities for growth including: • Generating awareness of Userplane and AIM products through presence on Web sites that resonate with Connected Youth • Increased usage of the Userplane suite • Adoption on Connected Youth’s personal sites and blogs • Capitalize on Userplane’s position as AIM’s only paid application


Userplane’s Target

Website Criteria

Userplane’s versatility allows it to be marketed toward a broad business audience – from small start-ups looking to cultivate their Connected Youth communities to larger more established sites.

To maximize the potential for acquiring clients that best reach Connected Youth, we will target Web sites that:

• Userplane Instant will be targeted at bloggers and new businesses, which will benefit from the supported advertising • Userplane Integrated will be pitched to larger corporations with already established Connected Youth communities and forums

Positioning Userplane Userplane is positioned as a tool for businesses to communicate on a personal level with users through their Web sites. Presenting potential Userplane clients with the application’s many features and benefits will increase the probability of a sale.

• Offer content conducive to commenting, exchanging, or sharing thoughts • High concentration of Connected Youth visitors, but need to increase engagement

Secure application Moderation services Technical support Customization Archived content

Engages users in Site Content Enhances brand experiences Allows fluid B2B conversations Encourages C2C conversations that build brand image and equity Increases amount of time spent on Web site

1. What Band-Aid and Kleenex did for their product category 2. Emerging Media Lab

Campaign Reach

Print Ad: Full Page 4 Color (4/4) Bleed

Our strategy will include targeted media placements, public relations initiatives, and personal selling endeavors. The climax of these strategies will be at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco on April 22, 2009. A premium sponsorship of the event will ensure that Userplane’s presence is of utmost importance and intrigue to attendees, and will aid in the recall at former and future tradeshows Userplane will attend.

Userplane Personal Sales Team The Userplane B2B sales team is comprised of six sales agents, two account managers and one national executive. This team will be present at the five electronic trade shows Userplane is showcased. This will be our premier opportunity to forge strong relationships with target businesses through our personal sales tactics. Once the purchase is made, a post purchase evaluation will become available to clients. This will provide up to date figures and research allowing us to quantify the positive effects Userplane has brought to their Web site. This research will aid our sales team when pitching to future clients.

) userplane

Our B2B print executions showcase the benefits of Userplane while keeping in line with the creative vision of Your Words Have a Lot to Say.


Who likes to rock the party? Strategy

Word Yourself

Our promotions sustain Your Words Have a Lot to Say by providing an avenue for Connected Youth to express their creativity, make new friendships, and interact with AIM.

Our research concluded that Connected Youth rarely make friends online, rather they make friends offline and subsequently bring those relationships online.1 This insight was the inspiration behind the Word Yourself event.

Our promotions empower Connected Youth and break down the two barriers by: • Encouraging offline friendships and transporting them into the online world • Creating memorable AIM brand experiences • Providing a platform for Connected Youth to express their creativity

Word Yourself is an AIM branded live creation dance party. This event will be held on 40 diverse college campuses throughout the country during the beginning of the school year when Connected Youth are more likely to meet new friends.

To put this promotional plan to the test, Circle Advertising hosted the Word Yourself event on Chapman’s campus. The event was a huge success, with over 200 people in attendance. During the event, 233 Instant Messages were sent between the DJ and guests. In addition, three days after the event, 330 views were recorded on the event’s AIM Profile page.

Word Yourself provides Connected Youth with a platform to meet new buddies for their Buddy List, thus increasing usage of AIM and AIM Social Media products. Features of the event include: • Blank walls providing guests with a place to write, draw, paint, and express themselves • Free AIM branded t-shirts to wear as a personal canvas to collect the Screen Names of new buddies • Computer kiosks for IMing the DJ with song requests and adding new buddies when Screen Names are still top-of-mind • Free AIM speech-bubble shaped whiteboards for each attendee’s dorm room


1. Circle Advertising Exclusive Primary Research

“The promotion was great. The fact that I got an instant message telling me to show up here was pretty amazing!”

“Amazing, good time, I’m all worded up!”

“I feel as though I expressed myself quite verbosely!”

Top-Ten Word Yourself Destinations: 1. Ohio State 2. University of Minnesota 3. University of Texas 4. Arizona State University 5. University of Florida 6. Michigan State University 7. Pennslyvania State University 8. University of Illinois at Urbana 9. University of Wisconsin, Madison 10. Purdue University

1. Quotes from Word Yourself Guests


Enter your own witty caption here.

“Live on AIM” Internet Tour

AIM Comic-Contest

TMZ Celebrity Groups

Words are an essential part of music, and what better way to capitalize on this advantage than by partnering with AOL Music. During the month of February, weekly Internet music concerts give AIM users the opportunity to turn their AIM Profile, Blog, or Group into a national venue. Four popular bands will each record six exclusive performances to be a part of the first ever “Live on AIM” Internet Tour.

A comic strip contest playing off the advertisements for Your Words Have A Lot To Say will be hosted on AIM Profiles. This promotion gives users the opportunity to create their own ads.

To increase growth and engagement of AIM Groups, AIM will partner with TMZ, one of AOL’s largest Internet holdings. This partnership introduces a Celebrity of the Week section on TMZ’s Web site. Each week, a user-created AIM Group discussing the celebrity is featured in the Celebrity of the Week section. This will increase users within groups by bringing people together through shared interests.

Users will register for the video-hosting lottery on the AOL Music page. From here, six lucky winners will each have the opportunity to host one performance video exclusively on their AIM Profile, Blog, or Group. The landing page will also post the Internet venue locations, directing fans of the bands to the winning user’s Web address. Two songs debut every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in February. Users chosen to host a video on their Web page also receive two VIP passes to the artist’s next live performance. The “Live on AIM” Internet Tour introduces Connected Youth to the new products AIM has to offer while simultaneously increasing trial and usage of AIM Social Media products.


Users can choose two words that will carry on a discussion in a four-panel comic strip. Running from May 15, 2009 to June 15, 2009, AIM users can submit up to five of their original ideas on the AIM Comic-Contest Profile page. Voting will take place in the two weeks following June 15th. The creator of the comic with the most votes will win a round-trip flight to San Diego, California, accommodations for two, and a pair of tickets to the annual Comic-Con event in late July. The winning comic will be printed on AIM branded t-shirts and given away for free by street teams at the convention. By utilizing the theme of the creative executions, this promotion increases brand awareness, provides a platform for Connected Youth to display their creativity, and promotes brand message ownership.

To promote this partnership, guerilla marketing will be implemented utilizing the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Cling-on ads will be placed directly on the stars to lead consumers to the landing site with partnership information and the opportunity to create a new AIM Group.

Feeding millions, one word at a time. Strategy

Free Rice

Our public relations initiatives put a philanthropic twist behind Your Words Have A Lot to Say. Primary research showed that 82% of Connected Youth support brands that bring about positive changes to society.1 Accordingly, we developed two public relations programs that allow Connected Youth to put the power behind their words into action.

AIM will team up with for the two weeks leading up to World Hunger Day (November 23, 2008) by matching AIM user donations. For this sponsorship, a Free Rice AIM Bot will be created so users can add the Bot to their Buddy Lists and play Free Rice at any time directly from AIM.

First, AIM will partner with Free Rice, a global philanthropic Web site that donates rice to impoverished countries every time a vocabulary word is identified correctly in their word game. Secondly, AIM will host an online blog scholarship program through AIM Profiles that allows Connected Youth to express their words and help pay for their education.

Users will utilize this Bot by following these simple instructions: • Add the AIM Free Rice Bot to your Buddy List • Say “Hello” to the Bot • Enter your university zip code and name • The Bot will begin the game by sending a word with four possible definitions • Respond and donate free rice To complement the Bot, all advertising on the Free Rice Web site for the two weeks prior to November 23 will consist of AIM branded skins. These skins will drive consumers to access and play with the AIM Free Rice Bot. Banner ads on Web sites popular with Connected Youth will do the same. To generate buzz, the week before the partnership begins AIM street teams will go to 40 college campuses and set up Free Rice booths. These booths will distribute

1. Exclusive Circle Advertising Primary Research

personalized rice necklaces. Connected Youth will have the choice between getting their Screen Name or any other word of their choice written on a grain of rice. Along with each necklace, a card will be attached which will explain how to utilize the AIM Free Rice Bot.

As an added incentive, at the end of the two weeks AIM will reward the school that earned the most rice with a concert performance by Jack Johnson. The AIM Free Rice initiative helps address the Barrier of Procrastination by putting meaning behind Connected Youth’s interaction with AIM.


Let’s get edumacated! AIM Blog Scholarships AIM will provide scholarships for Connected Youth who create and maintain the most successful AIM Blog under one of five different categories. This scholarship opportunity will start January 5, 2009 and end May 1, 2009. Participants will be required to have an AIM profile that links to their blog; this will increase both AIM Profiles and AIM Blog usage. The short application process will include the submission of one’s AIM screen name, profile, a small biography, and category selection. The categories include: • Art/Photography • Politics • Literary • Cause-related • Film After entering, AIM will send participants a confirmation e-mail. Information and updates can be obtained through the AIM Blog Scholarship Profile page. After May 1st, Blogs will be judged with a rubric based on number of posted comments, reader votes, and AIM executive evaluations. Voting at the end of the scholarship will encourage interaction by Connected Youth and help address the Barrier of Disconnected Connection. Each winner will receive $5,000 to help fund their education.


PR Pitch Plan: Spreading the Word Consumer Pitch Plan Vehicle PRINT Long Lead MAD Paste Saturday Night SPIN Short Lead People People TIME TV Good Morning America The Early Show The Ellen DeGeneres Show The Oprah Winfrey Show The Today Show The Tyra Banks Show ONLINE

Pitch Date Publication Date

Event Pitched

Mar 09 Nov 08 Jul 08 Dec 08

May 09 Jan 09 Sep 08 Feb 09

Comic-Contest Live on AIM Word Yourself Live on AIM

Jan 09 Nov 08 Nov 08

Jan 09 Nov 08 Nov 08

Blog Scholarship Free Rice Free Rice

Feb 09 Feb 09 Sep 08 Sep 08 Oct 08 Jan 09

Mar 09 Mar 09 Nov 08 Nov 08 Nov 08 Feb 09

Blog Scholarship Blog Scholarship Free Rice Free Rice Free Rice Blog Scholarship

Dec 08 Sep 08 Dec 08 May 09 Apr 09 Oct 08 Sep 08 Aug 08 Jan 09 Jan 09 Jan 09 Oct 08 Apr 09

Jan 09 Oct 08 Jan 09 Jun 09 May 09 Nov 08 Oct 08 Sep 08 Feb 09 Feb 09 Feb 09 Nov 08 May 09

Live on AIM Free Rice Blog Scholarship Comic-Contest Comic-Contest Free Rice Free Rice Word Yourself Live on AIM Blog Scholarship Live on AIM Free Rice Comic-Contest

B2B Pitch Plan Vehicle Pitch Date Publication Date PRINT Long Lead Business Week Jul 09 Apr 09 PC Magazine Apr 09 Jan 09 PC World Jan 09 Oct 08 U.S. News & World Report Sep 08 Dec 08 Wall Street & Technology May 09 Feb 09 WIRED Aug 09 May 09 Short Lead Chicago-Sun Times Jun 09 Jun 09 Los Angeles Times Mar 09 Mar 09 New York Times Oct 08 Oct 08 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Apr 09 Apr 09 USAToday Dec 08 Dec 08 Washington Post Mar 09 Mar 09 ONLINE Feb 09 Jan 09 Jan 09 Dec 08 Mar 09 Feb 09 Mar 09 Feb 09 Mar 09 Feb 09 Mar 09 Feb 09 Mar 09 Feb 09 Mar 09 Feb 09 Jan 09 Dec 08


CEO Profile Webchat Industry Webchat Industry Webchat Industry Userplane Profile CEO Profile CEO Profile Userplane Profile Webchat Industry Userplane Profile Webchat Industry Userplane Profile Userplane Profile Userplane Profile Userplane Review Userplane Review Userplane Profile Userplane Review Userplane Review Userplane Review Userplane Profile

I believe in evolution.

) userplane

Social Media Press Release Social Media Press Releases (SMPRs) will be used to spread the word about AIM and AIM Social Media products and involve online Content Creators in all press events, promotions, and sweepstakes. Content Creators will help spread the word to Experience Seekers. Content Creators are generally not paid to blog, therefore they have limited time to create a post, podcast, or article. SMPRs tell a story through a combination of multimedia assets including photos, videos, audio clips, graphs, PDFs, and text. Unlike traditional press releases, they can be updated to tell an evolving story. SMPRs provide easily-digestible chunks from a trustworthy source that allows Content Creators to pull different forms of media and transfer it to their own Web sites. Your Words Have a Lot to Say will utilize this enriched media to educate bloggers about Userplane and encourage them to adopt the application. SMPR use will continue for the B2B strategy extending to the general media to increase exposure. Reaching Web site decision-makers relies on tapping into the vehicles they consume on a regular basis. Userplane will use the SMPRs to pitch to technology and new-media journalists, critics, and analysts.

“SMPRs are used to help influential content producers tell their stories; they’re not just a place where you tell your stories to content producers. That’s a pretty fundamental shift from traditional PR practice, and one that we think far better reflects the current nature of successful communications.” -Collin Douma, Chief Strategist of the Social Media Group


Internet killed the video star.

Media placements will emphasize the importance of “everywhere messaging” within all segments by capitalizing on our ability to find Connected Youth and converse with them on their terms. We know the Web sites Connected Youth visit multiple times a day. We know the concerts they go to, the blogs they read, the malls they shop at, and most importantly, the way they communicate. It will be impossible for Connected Youth to ever be disconnected from AIM.

Market Segment Strategies

Consumer Placements



While Connected Youth are segmented into Content Creators and Experience Seekers based on their behavioral patterns within social networking, their media consumption allows for specific placement targeting. This cost-effective strategy reaches both segments in nearly all media placements while also increases frequency within the online and offline channels. Though vehicles will remain the same, creative executions will be phased to first target Content Creators and then Experience Seekers.

Traditional Online Advertisements Extensive online media buys will reach Connected Youth where they consume their media most frequently. Online placements will allow consumers to directly access the product. These will be strategically placed on the Web sites that allow optimum Connected Youth viewership and engagement. Web sites will have one or more of the following qualities:


Hey! I want to see what happens next.


Wait, I’ve got to go tell my friends about this show

Placements will support business development and PR initiatives by establishing a presence in the business marketplace and increasing awareness in the areas where business professionals consume media. Surrounding these initiatives with relevant advertising will guarantee that awareness is established before business proposals and then afterwards during the deliberation period.

• Connected Youth visitor share of at least 20% • Category market share of at least 5% • Elements conducive to high levels of Connected Youth engagement Streaming Video Advertisements Secondary research shows that while Connected Youth consume more streaming video than any other age group, there are differences in the vehicles based on gender: males are more likely to consume short video clips while females prefer longer-length videos such as television shows or movies. Therefore, Your Words Have a Lot to Say will utilize the growing popularity of all forms of streaming video by featuring 30-second spots in lieu of traditional television commercials.


AIM Kiosk

Pre-Preview Movie Advertising

Userplane Trade Show Booth3

B2B Placements Offline Resonating with Connected Youth offline requires highly targeted placement and call-to-action style executions. This leaves no room for mediums that require little interaction, such as traditional television, radio or print executions; and these are also very expensive given the narrow audience they appeal to. Each offline execution will aspire to have a conversation with Connected Youth and provide a fully experiential and memorable encounter with the brand. Pedestrian Epicenters Your Words Have a Lot to Say will present Connected Youth with the opportunity to engage with AIM Mobile early in the campaign through interactive computer kiosks in hightraffic areas such as malls. These kiosks will enable them to learn about and download AIM Mobile services onto their phones. This initiative will be sustained through the end of the campaign with indoor billboards. Captivating bus shelter wraps will reach Connceted Youth in densely populated regions. They will provide a unique interactive experience for public transportation users and increase AIM awareness for every passerby.

1. Arbitron Cinema Advertising Study 2007 2. Scarborough Research 2008 3. Created with research from

Movie Theater Pre-preview advertising represents one of the few offline arenas that has the ability to reach and resonate with an overwhelming percentage of Connected Youth. 67% have been to the movies within the last 30 days and 63% feel that advertisements in movie theaters are more acceptable than in other traditional vehicles.1 Event Sponsorship AIM will sponsor popular music, sporting, and arts events that give Connected Youth the opportunity to share experiences with one another and the brand. These sponsorships will support and work in conjunction with Your Words Have a Lot to Say promotional efforts while also allowing Userplane to develop business leads with fellow sponsors.

Trade Show A top-tiered sponsorship at the April 2008 Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco will anchor the Userplane tradeshow circuit. This will include a wide variety of appearances, such as the exclusive, senior-level Virtual Worlds Conference and the fun, user-oriented BlogWorld & New Media Expo. This provides Userplane with the opportunity to be at the forefront of the Web chat industry while leaving a lasting impression on influential companies and professionals. Print Media buys in trade publications and nationally circulated newspapers will increase interest in Userplane and reinforce the trade show experience.


Online News Sources

Street teams will implement guerilla strategies in major metropolitan areas designed to increase buzz about the brand and drive Connected Youth to the Web properties.

Given that online news audiences have grown 14% in the past two years and onlineexclusive use is growing exponentially, online placements will supplement newspaper executions.2


Type of Placement

Vehicle CONNECTED YOUTH Online Traditional Online

cost per placement


Search bar sponsorship Video player sponsorship Banner Search bar sponsorship Banner Expandable Expandable Search bar sponsorship Site skin Banner Banner Banner Banner Banner Expandable Banner Site skin Banner Video player sponsorship Search bar sponsorship Expandable

4mm UV/mo 8.7mm UV/mo 500,000 UV/mo 6.2mm UV/mo 6.8mm UV/mo 9mm UV/mo 14.9mm UV/mo 14mm UV/mo 800,000 UV/mo 5mm UV/mo 6.5mm UV/mo 2.7mm UV/mo 4mm UV/mo 4mm UV/mo 750,000 UV/mo 9mm UV/mo 7mm UV/mo 18mm UV/mo 10mm UV/mo 1.8mm UV/mo 54.9mm UV/mo

$10,000 $15,000 $2,400 $13,000 $8,500 $12,600 $24,000 $19,000 $5,000 $6,000 $12,800 $3,400 $13,400 $9,000 $3,000 $4,800 $32,000 $27,000 $17,300 $9,300 $50,000

Interstitial 30-second spot Interstitial 30-second spot Interstitial 30-second spot Pre-roll 30-second spot Pre-roll 30-second spot Pre-roll 30-second spot Interstitial 30-second spot

8.7mm UV/mo 3mm UV/mo 9mm UV/mo 10mm UV/mo 12mm UV/mo 5mm UV/mo 8.9mm UV/mo

$105,000 $40,000 $95,000 $65,000 $69,000 $125,000 $96,500

Pre-preview spot

75mm national traffic/mo 75mm national traffic/mo 85mm national traffic/mo 50mm national UV/mo

$450,000 $180,000 $500,000 $225,000

232,000 attendees 100,000 attendees 123,000 attendees 400,000 attendees 83,500 attendees

$600,000 $485,000 $500,000 $745,000 $365,000

60mm national traffic/mo 40mm national traffic/mo 2.9mm UV/mo

$31,250 $31,250 $1,250

Web 2.0 Expo

Exhibitor (1,000 sq. ft) Exhibitor (500 sq. ft.) Exhibitor (300 sq. ft.) Exhibitor (200 sq. ft.) Sponsorship (3,000 sq. ft.)

3,000 attendees 60,000 attendees 11,000 attendees 1,000 attendees 10,000 attendees

$26,000 $40,000 $20,000 $5,000 $60,000

Entreprenuer Forbes PC Magazine WIRED

Full page, 4 color bleed Full page, 4 color bleed Full page, 4 color bleed Full page, 4 color bleed

615,605 circulation 925,518 circulation 708,301 circulation 674,294 circulation

$76,705 $94,620 $74,490 $58,229

The New York Times USA Today Wall Street Journal

Sunday, 1/4 page, 4 color Friday, 1/4 page, 4 color Weelday, 1/4 page, 4 color

1.7mm daily circulation 3.9mm daily circulation 1.7mm daily circulation

$85,000 $88,600 $51,000

Search bar sponorship Banner Search bar sponorship Banner Banner

28.4mm UV/mo 14mm UV/mo 10.4mm UV/mo 16mm UV/mo 23.4mm UV/mo

$40,000 $34,000 $30,000 $33,000 $42,000

Streaming Video

Offline Out of Home

Interactive Kiosks* Indoor Mall Billboards* Bus Shelters* Movie Theaters

Event Sponsorship AST Dew Tour Coachella SXSW Vans Warped Tour Winter X Games Guerilla Street Teams Crosswalk* Graffiti Stickers* TMZ/Walk of Fame

B2B Trade Show

Blog World Expo DigitalLife

NextGeneration Data Center Virtual Worlds Conference

Trade Publications


Traditional Online



Content Creators

Experience Seekers

All Connected Youth


Sept 08

Oct 08

Nov 08

Dec 08

Jan 09

Feb 09

Mar 09

Apr 09

May 09

June 09

July 09

Aug 09

Total Cost

$14,281,200 $4,211,200 $1,346,200 $60,000 $45,000 $7,200 $52,000 $42,500 $50,400 $96,000 $95,000 $5,000 $18,000 $51,200 $10,200 $26,800 $54,000 $9,000 $9,600 $160,000 $162,000 $86,500 $55,800 $250,000 $2,865,000 $525,000 $120,000 $475,000 $195,000 $414,000 $750,000 $386,000 $10,070,000 $6,425,000 $900,000 $900,000 $3,500,000 $1,125,000 $3,295,000 $1,200,000 $485,000 $500,000 $745,000 $365,000 $350,000 $156,250 $187,500 $6,250 $2,137,488 $125,000 $26,000 $40,000 $20,000 $5,000 $60,000 $608,088 $153,410 $189,240 $148,980 $116,458 $898,400 $340,000 $354,400 $204,000 $506,000 $80,000 $102,000 $90,000 $66,000 $168,000

$16,418,688 Vocabulary: mo=month mm=million UV=unique view

*represents simultaneous placement in top 25 DMA’s

Money well spent.

I second that. Campaign Evaluation

Budget Breakdown Media

Connected Youth Online Connected Youth Offline B2B

$16,418,688.00 $4,211,200.00 $10,070,000.00 $2,137,488.00





Word Yourself (40) TMZ Internet Tour Comic-Contest

Personal Selling Salary Incentives Travel

$2,000,000.00 $185,000.00 $400,000.00 $130,000.00

$485,000.00 $350,000.00 $450,000.00



Public Relations


Spot Production (2) Ad Production Tradeshow Booth Web Site Design Interactive Kiosks (25) Product Integration Free Rice Production Street Teams Concert Scholarship

$200,000.00 $450,000.00 $93,000.00 $250,000.00 $250,000.00 $300,000.00

$200,000.00 $120,000.00 $100,000.00 $25,000.00







Concurrent Testing Post Evaluation


$150,000.00 $150,000.00

Throughout the duration of Your Words Have a Lot to Say, concurrent testing will evaluate the campaign and allow for modifications that achieve the requested objectives. Post-testing will evaluate the campaign’s overall success and discover needs that might need to be addressed in future communications. The following measurement techniques will allow AIM to measure the effectiveness of our communications: • Measure usage and engagement by total number of IMs sent, IMs sent per user, and time spent per user on a monthly basis by monitoring IP addresses • Distribute Internet-based surveys that test AIM’s brand recognition, recall, and message effectiveness • Monitor customer service support and service poll questions to measure consumer satisfaction • Execute focus groups and in-depth interviews to measure consumer’s awareness levels, brand loyalty, and brand associations • Evaluate B2B effectiveness through ongoing business surveys focusing on purchasing experience, product satisfaction, and message effectiveness • Track media coverage pertaining to AIM and AIM Social Media products by searching for Social Media Press Release suggested tags



We listened to what Connected Youth had to say and responded back with a campaign that meets their needs and unites them under one reason to believe in AIM. We want you to hire us as your agency not because of what we tell you we are going to do, but because of what we have already done. Take a look, our accomplishments speak for themselves.

We identified Content Creators and Experience Seekers as the most beneficial market segments for AIM and discoverd the two barriers that prevent AIM from reaching it’s goals.

We developed a B2B strategy that fully utilizes the potential behind Userplane and reaches Connected Youth through the Web sites that they engage with the most.

We bridged the gap between AIM and AIM Social Media products by unifying them under the brand idea of We Are Words and integrating them in ways that fulfill the 7 Social Needs of Connected Youth.

We tested all of our creative executions and even went as far as to execute a successful AIM branded promotion that engaged Connected Youth and transported their offline relationships online.

We started the conversation with Connected Youth; now we hope you will allow us to continue that conversation. We are Circle Advertising and we look forward to working with you.


We broke down the two barriers with the creative vision of Your Words Have a Lot to Say and spoke directly to Content Creators and Experience Seekers by implementing a two-phase strategy that resonates strongly with each of their needs.

We united AIM and Connected Youth through an integrated marketing plan that included advertisements, promotions, public relations, and media placements that work in synergy towards achieving all of AIM’s objectives.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger! Account Executives Mike Alfaro Taylor Wilson


Marie-Louise Friedland, Director Andrew Badget Brian Chandra, Book Designer Stephanie Frommlet Tim Han Chris Helvajian Kimmy Kirkwood, Book Designer Emily Krempasky


Amanda Medeiros, Director Stephanie Bohnenberger Niles Hogan Robin Kim Emily Lavender Breann Morrison


Anthony Kondeati, Director Sarah Anderson Katie Armitstead, Writer Paige Davey Katie Jelinek June Kim Amy Owenby, Writer Chelsea Phillips Andreas Robichaux Kat Rogers

Public Relations Alece Alderson, Director Madeline Fields Jeremy Graham Min Shin Ashley Vargus Brandon Vaughan


Jillian Cardwell, Director Kyle Berns Courtney Coons Emma Davis Madison Gould Meryl Griesedieck Ashley West


Cory O’Connor

Special Thanks

Dodge College of Film and Media Arts Anderson Lithograph MK Printing Bob Bassett Kyle Bjordahl Job Hall Janell Shearer Nathan Tracy Pete Vander Pluym


Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cauduro Terri and Art Coons John and Shelly Corey Davis Elen Advertising Mary Fallon Charlie and Carol Green Larry and Sue Grenon Tim Han Mr. and Mrs. Dale Jelinek Mr. Gary Jelinek Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jelinek Peter and Jennifer Kim Bill and Francis Krempasky Steven and Sindy Levine Dr. and Mrs. Herman Lipow Betty Sanders Walter and Jerry Slaight Splat Graphics Julie Taylor Anna Marie Yura

Chapman NSAC 2008 AOL  
Chapman NSAC 2008 AOL  

Your Words Have a Lot to Say Hi, we’re Circle Advertising, and we want to tell you a story. A story that no one else can tell quite like us....