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him about Bongo Comics, and the rest is now history. “I have always enjoyed and loved The Simpsons,” said Yambar. “There is so much history there that when Bongo Comics called and asked me to write for the Bart Simpson comics, I took it.” The first issue was released in 2000 and since then, Chris has found himself writing for numerous Bongo Comics such as “Radioactive Man,” “The Simpsons,” and most famously the “Simpson’s Tree House of Horror” series and the Bart Simpson comics. It seems everyone could recognize the characters in “The Simpsons,” whether they are fanatics or just simply fans of the show. “America is in a generation that has grown up [and] has never known a time when ‘The Simpsons’ weren’t there. America knows ‘The Simpsons.’ It even took ‘The Cosby Show’ right off the air,” said Yambar of the show’s popularity. “To think, these yellow people kicked “The Cosby Show’s” butt.” Yambar has had the opportunity to work with legendary rock and roll artists such as Alice Cooper, Pat Boone and Gene Simmons for the “Tree House of Horror” comic books. Being a writer for “The Simpsons” comic line has also opened several doors for Yambar to work with fundraisers and speak at college campuses and fundraisers. Staying close to the city of Youngstown gives Yambar the opportunity to give back and do benefit shows. “I love being able to help and give to the community,” he said.

Fast-forward to present day

Yambar is working on a zombie script that goes back to his essential love for horror movies. Still, Yambar would also really enjoy the chance to write for a Marvel or DC comic book character to try and redo the character in the “right fashion.” “I would like to take the Hulk back to the primal, ‘Hulk scratch butt’ thing,” Yambar said. “I would like to take a handful of characters like Son of Satan and Brother Voodoo and let me take them supernatural and do them the way they should be done.” Yambar is scheduled to speak across the country this summer and will continue to display his work wherever people enjoy seeing it. “I don’t like today’s comics. I think with superheroes they have played themselves out. It’s all about putting them on kid’s underwear because it’s all about licenses. I like the old newspaper strip comics. There is a reason they went for 20 or 30 years,” he said. When it comes to cartoons, if it’s not completely original, Yambar doesn’t enjoy it. There is one popular cartoon, however, that he does enjoy. “I like SpongeBob. I haven’t found a bad episode yet,” he said. “The character is delightfully retarded.”*

“To think, these yellow people kicked ‘The Cosby Show’s’ butt.” Chris Yambar

The Simpsons characters and comic books copyright 20th Century Fox.



Fast-forward to present day The Simpsons characters and comic books copyright 20th Century Fox. 14

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