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March Madness is soon over, but it still continues for the next couple of months. I hope that all of you have remained active within your club, but have also kept with school business. For you AP students, you know how crucial these next couple of months are going to be. Just keep swimming, though, when things seem tough. Always remember to take breaks from any kind of work, also! It's good to work hard but to reward ourselves for that. Here's the last newsletter for the 2011-12 year. For that reason, there are some new announcements in this issue. You will be able to review the results at Conclave and get a word on the beginning of the upcoming year. District Convention is coming up in just a couple of weeks, and after that will be our Kiwanis One Day. Be sure to participate at the park clean-up at The Cross with the other Kiwanis Family members! A wedding will be held after, so let's make sure the park is looking beautiful for it.

Recognition has also been a usual at each DCM, but there has been a new twist. Each club has received individual awards for their own achievements. This is a way to let each club know that they have been recognized for a certain growth. No club left behind. Don't forget: no member left behind either! Join our Facebook or division reflector group for updates throughout the year.

It's bittersweet to think that the year is ending so soon, but I definitely had a great time with all of you. No matter what hard times we faced, we kept swimming didn't we? I'll continue swimming with all of you in my senior year.

Linda Taing 2011-2012 Lieutenant Governor


With 6 schools present at our Conclave, a quorum was available for the event to take place after our February DCM. The attendees were given a program for the day which included a master agenda, the DCM agenda, and the Conclave details (agenda, rules, sample questions). After our Lieutenant Governor, Linda, explained the process, the floor was open to the candidate. Lina Partida, who ran unopposed, stepped in front of everyone. She gave her speech in 3-5 minutes and answered any caucus questions for another 5 minutes. Following the caucus session was the voting by the delegates who received the candidate's literature at the sign-in table. Ballots were counted by Linda and our Region Advisor, Mr. Van Etten.

"Division 42 West's 2012-2013 Lieutenant Governor Elect is ... drum roll please ..

LINA PARTIDA!" Please give her a congratulations and warm welcome as your Lt. Governor for the upcoming year. Her term will begin on the DCON weekend of April 13-15, 2012. From then on she will serve the division until the next DCON is March of 2013. Let's wish her good luck on this journey!


All club elections should have taken place in the past two months. Officer elects need enough time before DCON arrives to be properly trained for their term, so they may lead the club well. To the officers retiring in April: thank you for your hard work and dedication this year. I’ve enjoyed working with each of you this year and visiting your clubs. Although some of you have been through some rollercoaster rides, your clubs have improved immensely. I hope that you can take everything you’ve learned throughout the year to effectively train your newly elected officers. You’ve built your clubs to new levels this year. Make sure to continue the growth! To the officer elects being installed in April: Congratulations on your elections. You are definitely in for a journey in your upcoming year with the duties you will be responsible for. However, keep in mind that you are not alone. You have your board of members and advisors right by your side to work with you. I hope you can utilize everything around you to better serve your members and continue on the path to a stronger club. Never hesitate to ask questions and mostly important to just be yourself. To the members: please give a warm goodbye and welcome to the officers. They have taken on a huge responsibility, and support is one of the greatest things anyone could provide. Yourselves as members have also had the responsibility to meet the membership requirements. Support should be a mutual action. I hope you can all continue attending DCMs from now, throughout the summer, and so on. Our elect, Lina Partida, will be taking over as Lt. Governor for the year. Please don’t hesitate to ask her any questions! As a junior, I will also be here for another year. I hope to remain friends with all of you and meet new faces.

Linda Taing 2011-2012 Lieutenant Governor


Club of the Month: Channel Islands This club has done an incredible job throughout the year. During the month of February, they’ve been able to send in their clubs dues. The membership increased by 32 members! I am proud of them for this achievement. Additionally, the club was able to raise $125.00. I am confident to say that the officer elects have some big shoes to fill.

Individual Awards for Club Achievements: BHS: Best Attendance CIHS: Most Improved Membership OHS: Chartered PHS: RMHS: Most Independent SBHS: Improved Membership SMHS: Reactivated SPHS: First Paid Club VHS: Most Projects


Reminders Secretaries’ MRF: Tuesday, April 3, 2012 by 6:00PM Presidents’ Member of the Month Nomination: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 by 6:00PM

Facebook Group/Division Reflector FB Group How to Join: Type in “Division 42 West Orcas” in search bar. Click the one with a finger pointing right. Request to join. Or contact an alreadymember of the group to add you. Division Reflector “Join for updates and announcements throughout the year!” Link:

Upcoming Events ICON:

DCON: Date: April 13-15, 2012 Location: Santa Clara, CA

April DCM: Date: TBD Time: TBD Location: TBD

Kiwanis One Day: Event: Park Clean-Up Date: July 4-8, 2012 Date: Saturday, April 21, 2012 CNH Tour: July 1-3, 2012 Time: 9AM-12PM Location: Orlando, Florida Location: The Cross, Ventura Who: The Kiwanis Family members in our area

April 2012 Sun




































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KILLER POINTS As announced at the March DCM, determining the winner will hold off until the April DCM. It’s been understood that terms are still running through March and the club achievements should be counted for that month! Prize: Flag with Key Club logo, club name, division, and district. Details will be discussed with the winning club.

Current Killer Points BHS: 2540 CIHS: 1580 OHS: 730 PHS: 1050 RMHS: -200 SBHS: 200 SMHS: 1120 SPHS: 1420 VHS: 2020


The Objectives of Key Club:           

To develop initiative and leadership. To provide experience in living and working together. To serve the school and community. To cooperate with the school principal. To prepare for useful citizenship.  To accept and promote the following ideals: To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values of life. To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships. To promote the adoption and application of higher standards in scholarship, sportsmanship and social contacts. To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive, and serviceable citizenship. To provide a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render unselfish service, and to build better communities. To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which make possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism, and good will.

Contact Information Linda Taing


Lieutenant Governor

Jooyong Kachaset

Phone: (805) 407-5187

Division Secretary

Brian Gialketsis

(805) 651-8535

Division News Editor

(805) 815-6094

Lina Partida Santa Paula High School 2012-13 Lieutenant Governor Elect 9

*Contact information for the new leadership team will be released in the upcoming newsletters.



April Newsletter  

The April Newsletter for Key Club's Division 42 West

April Newsletter  

The April Newsletter for Key Club's Division 42 West