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Defining the Meaning of +,-, and =. Author: Briana Parrish


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Section 1

The Equality Symbol



The equality symbol, or =, means “the same as” or “the answer is”.

Another example would be “3+1=4” which is saying that 3+1is “the same as” 4 or 4 “is the answer” for “3+1”.

For Example “the same as” can look like “2=2”, which is saying “two is the same as two”...they are equal. 2

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Section 1

The Addition + Symbol +

So For numbers you would say 4+3, which means you have 4 and you are “adding” or “putting it together” with 3. Let’s see an example shall we...

The addition symbol or +, is used in order to say “plus” or “a number and another number put together”. For example 2+2 is saying that you have two and you are “adding” two more. If you are using objects it would be the same thing as saying you have two apples and get two more.

Let’s say your teacher gives you two stars on a test, and one the next test you get three more, how many stars do you have total?

** + *** =


You had two, you add three, and you now have a total of five.


Let’s learn how to use the addition sign with numbers and objects.


Practicing With Addition

Let’s Practice! And applying the equality sign that was taught in chapter one will help you solve these addition problems. For example, if you had 4+3=7, that means you had 4 and you “add” or “put it together” with 3 and your answer is 7! Look it is as easy as that.

Question 1 of 3 If sam hold 2 fingers up and then puts 4 more up how many fingers is Sam now holding up? (2+4=?)

A. 4 B. 6 C. 2 D. 7

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Section 1

The Subtraction Symbol


The Subtraction symbol or -, is used to say “take away” or “minus”. For example if you had 4 and “took away” 2 you would have 2 left. 4-2=2 9

Practice With Subtraction

Remember that subtraction means take away... R EVIEW 3.1 Question 1 of 3

If Tom has 5 apples and gives 1 to Ben, How many apples does Tom now have? (5-1=?)

A. 4 B. 1 C. 5 D. 6

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=,+.and So now that you know the difference let’s put your mind to the test!


Section 1

Quiz Your Mind Watch This Video As A Short Review And Then We Will Quiz Your Mind! M OVIE 4.1

R EVIEW 4.1 Question 1 of 6 The addition symbol is which of the following?

A. = B. + C. D. #

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About the Author My name is Briana Parrish and I am attending Indiana University and will be graduating in 2017. I am studying elementary education with a concentration in music. This book was written for one of my classes and I hope that it serves as an educational tool for my fellow teachers.

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