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Briana’s Fashion Journal

Briana Utria


Table of Contents WGSN: 3-4 History: 5 Cosmetics: 6 Men’s Trend: 7 New Movie: 8 Fabric Swatches: 9-11 Do’s & Don'ts: 12-13 Store Visit/Trends: 14-18 Visual Displays: 19-22 Designer Report: 23 2

Entry #1: WGSN 01/29 WGSN Offers: • Brilliant photography • Extremely up-to-date information about the fashion world • Excellent journalism • Thorough analysis and critiques • Helpful tips and advice


Entry #1: WGSN I chose to read an article by Laura Saunter on menswear. The article reviewed some trends that will be popular this season, such as metallics, athletic wear, and printed trousers. The article also discussed how menswear will incorporate some pieces that are traditionally viewed as feminine, such as clutches. I really enjoyed the photography in the article, and the journalist was thorough and articulate. 4

Entry #2: History 04/03 The 40’s have had a major influence on fashion as of late. Women have adapted some of the hairstyles that women wore during that time. I.E. victory rolls, Bettie Page bangs. Women put more of a modern twist on the 40’s style. Cat eyes and tight denim, or pin-up hair with tattoos. Dita Von Teese exemplifies the trend very well, the literal definition of your modern day pin-up.


Entry #3: Cosmetics 03/08 Marc Jacobs has developed yet another fragrance. This time the scent is honey. The fragrance itself is simply called Honey, and will retail in three different sizes, starting at $50 a bottle. I’ve enjoyed the rest of Marc Jacobs fragrances including Lola and Dot, so I’m definitely looking forward to this fragrance release.


Entry #4: Men’s Trend 01/30 A trend that a lot of young men are wearing, is the slouchy beanie. Personally, I really enjoy this trend, I think it’s both fashionable and functional for cold weather. “I like beanies. I prefer the ones that don’t cling to my head.” “I wish I had a beanie for everyday of the week.” -Jerry Robinson III 7

Entry #5:New Movie

Spring Breakers The movie is highly anticipated and the cast is full of stars; Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, James Franco, and Gucci Mane. I think that people will adapt a lot of the very casual, Floridian style that the movies shows. The neon bikini as seen on Vanessa Hudgens’ character will definitely surface this summer. All the women in the movie have very beachy hair, and wear skimpy bikinis in vibrant colors, with converse. The look is very appealing to young audiences.


Entry #6: Fabric Swatches 04/01 Tulle Tulle is a popular fabric that often has a fiber content of silk, nylon, and rayon. The fabric is often used to line the bottom of skirts and dresses.


Entry #6: Fashion Swatches Pashmina Pashmina is a popular fabric, that has a fiber content of cashmere wool. Pashmina is often seen in scarves and shawls.


Entry #6: Fabric Swatches Suede Suede’s fiber content is leather. It has a napped, yet smooth surface that has been seen in the very trendy Christian Louboutin pump, Daffodil.


Entry #7: Do’s/Don’ts (Men) 03/29

Sagging is a fashion trend that should definitely be laid to rest. It’s inappropriate to have your underwear showing in public, and the trend is very outdated.

Too much gel in a man’s hair is really unattractive. It’s not 2004 anymore, and your name certainly isn’t Pauly D.


Entry #7: Do’s/Don’t’s ( Women)

Overalls, dungarees, whatever you want to call them, they are not very flattering on anyone. People have tried to make them look fashionable, but I’ve never seen it work.

Excessive makeup is unflattering and bad for your skin. It distracts away from your face and your outfit.


Entry #8: Store Visit/Trends 03/27 Leather is a trend that was visible in various departments at Nordstrom, such as Men’s, Women’s, and even Kid’s. In all three departments I noticed shoes with sleek, leather trims.


Entry #8: Store Visit/Trends Cheetah print can be seen all over Nordstrom. It’s sprinkled all over the Women’s department, but surprisingly I noticed it in the men’s department as well.


Entry #8: Store Visit/Trends Since Spring is finally here, floral print was all over Nordstrom. I saw the print in shoes, accessories, junior’s, and kid’s. The trend was on skirts, shoes, pants, hair accessories, just to name a few.


Entry #8: Store Visit/Trends Lace is a big trend for Spring, so I wasn’t surprised when I noticed the pattern all over Nordstrom. The trend can be seen in women’s, juniors, accessories, and kid’s.


Entry #8: Store Visit/Trends Crosses have been a popular motif for quite some time now, and apparently they’re back this season. I noticed them on crop tops, men’s button ups, junior’s bangles, all at Nordstrom.


Entry #9: Visual Displays 03/27 This is a visual display in the cosmetics department at Macy’s that I thought was adorable. The display was up around Valentine’s Day, and I love the way soft lighting and soft colors were used to give the display a romantic feel. The display makes the customer feel like a soft, pretty look is easily attainable. 19

Entry #9: Visual Displays Bloomingdale’s definitely has the best visual displays out of all the higher-end department stores. I love how this display has an artsy feel, it tells the customer that when they purchase clothing from Bloomingdale’s they are also purchasing sophistication.


Entry #9: Visual Displays This visual display from Bloomingdale’s is a personal favorite of mine because it incorporates a huge trend, that being neon. This display is effective in that it is simplistic, it offers the customer a smart, clean look.


Entry #9: Visual Displays This is a visual display at Macy’s that I enjoy a lot. Plaid is a very trendy print for the cooler seasons, and I like the way different tones and textures were used to created a sense of uniformity. The red and black color palate tells the customer that it is simple to put together a chic outfit.


Entry #10: Designer Report 04/01 I chose this design from Badgley Mischka’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. I have always been a fan of Badgley Mischka’s work, and I enjoy this look because it includes a metallic fabric which is popular for Spring. This look could be found at high-end retailers such as Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdale’s.


Final Fashion Journal  

Briana's Final Fashion Journal