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To ensure that I’m testing well outside of the LSI 9265-8i’s 1GB of on-board cache, I’m using the 2GB Total Length in ATTO Benchmark to get a more accurate benchmark of what six (6) Corsair Force GT 240 SATA III SSD’s can achieve in RAID-0 in real world usage. The RAID Card has been upgraded with the MegaRaid FastPath Software – physical key, and there is a BBU installed to protect the onboard cache from power outages.

. . . However, just for grins, you can also see what this card can do with its on-board 1-GB of cache. Here, I’m hitting the threshold of the card’s max capability at ~ 3.1 Gbps via my PCI-e x 8 slot on my EVGA X58 Classified 3 board (i7-980x proc)

Nice and respectable CDM scores too!

SSD Array

These are two (2) WD VelociRaptor’s – 10K drives for regular apps and data storage

RAID Card stats, specs, and settings . . .

Since all RAID-Arrays are in RAID-0 for max performance, all drives are backed-up (imaged) daily to an external USB-3 RAID-6 NAS unit via ShadowProtect 4.0

RAID-0 Stats with six SSD's  
RAID-0 Stats with six SSD's  

a better alternative to purchasing a single 1-TB SSD