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Contents Page 3 Editorial 4-7 Nomadland After losing everything in the Great Recession, a woman embarks on a journey through the American West, living as a van-dwelling modern-day nomad.

8-11 Shepherd Eric Black is lost after the mysterious death of his adulterous wife. Running from his past to a new job as a Shepherd, he becomes trapped alone on a majestic, weather-beaten island with an ominous secret.

12-15 Butchers A family of sadistic butchers has dug into the back country and, from the deep freeze of winter to the dog days of summer, anyone who crosses their path is dead meat.

16-19 Rendezvous with French Cinema A look at some of the films that were shown in Paris this year.

20-23 Slalom Under the guidance of a strict ex champion, a promising 15 year old girl trains as a professional skiing star.Will she be able to endure the physical and emotional pressures?

24-27 Looted Rob lives his life at 100mph, carefully balancing carjacking schemes and caring for his dying father. But one risky job could bring it all crashing down.

28 2021 Lumiere Awards A list of all the winners at this years awards

29 Golden Globes A look at some of the films at this years awards.

30 DVD OF THE MONTH (23 Walks) A gentle, sweet, funny, romantic story of love in later life following a couple in their sixties, Dave and Fern, who get to know one another over the course of 23 dog walks.

31 DVD OF THE MONTH (Magician) A look at the life and work of the great theatre, radio and film artist.

32 Poster: Shepherd

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Editioral Hello Film Lovers! Here is the latest issue of our monthly online movie magazine and despite cinemas still being closed due to lockdown, we are still able to direct you to movies which are being released via streaming on Netflix or digitally. Our cover is Frances McDormand, star of “Nomadland”, which is our main feature review and a favorite to win awards internationally, having been widely nominated. Other features reviewed are “Shepherd”, “Slalom”, “Looted”, “Butchers”, quite a varied group of genres. There is a look at titles in Rendezvous with French Cinema plus winners of the Lumiere Awards, and a listing of the Golden Globes nominations. In addition to this there is our frequent feature on DVDs of the Month. So, once again, we offer another passion-packed issue for true film aficionado’s everywhere. And there is more…a list of movies that will soon be coming to Netflix. Enjoy the read.

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NOMADLAND Directed by Chloé Zhao Starring: Frances McDormand, David Strathairn, Linda May, Charlene Swankie Hey Fern! - Linda Hey Linda! - Fern Come and join us. - Linda No, I’ll be back soon - Fern

Following a woman in her sixties who, after losing everything in The Great Recession, embarks on a journey through the American West, living as a van-dwelling modern -day nomad. This is an inspired work of fiction of survival on the open road that is filmed like a documentary. It is based on Jessica Bruder’s 2017 nonfiction book, Nomadland. Frances McDormand stars alongside a cast of real nomads. In 2011, the fictitious widowed Fern (Frances McDormand), with no children is a 60ish Nevada widow who lost her house when the gypsum mine closed after 88 years and the town of Empire became a ghost town. The former residents scattered in all directions. Fern now travels and lives in her run-down white van, which needs costly repairs. Fern picks up part time Christmas work at an Amazon fulfilment center in the desert haven of RTR (Rubber Tramp Rendezvous) in Quartzite, Arizona, she meets Bob Wells (self). There’s also fellow travellers Charlene Swankie (self) and Linda May (real life nomad and mentor), and others like Derek (Derek Endres). Becoming a reluctant adventurer, Fern is too poor to retire, as she veers from job to job. The former English teacher who bumps into one of her old students on the road (“Still doing that van thing?” the kid’s mother asks), Fern understands her struggle, and has no need to explain things when visiting her estranged comfortable-living sister (Melissa Smith). Fern later meets the divorced dad Dave (David Strathairn) the only other actor in the movie), a former drifter, at the RTR, and is tempted by a romance, but parts before coming serious. 4


We follow Fern as she continually looks for short-term work and meets eccentrics and nomads along the way, as she tries to get on with her adventurous life. But her situation never gets resolved, as she in the third act moving on to Wall, South Dakota (heading for the Badlands), for the next part of her heart-breaking life journey. Though gaining freedom from society by not conforming, there’s still pressure being an outsider. Life for her is continually learning how to deal with suffering and loneliness while barely surviving. A restrained naturalist realistic performance by McDormand as a complex person to the angst over capitalism, is her best performance yet.

The movie was filmed in seven states during four months, during which Frances McDormand actually performed several of the jobs done by people who do nomadic work and inspired the book, such as harvesting beets and packaging Amazon orders with Camperforce program. McDormand nicknamed the van used in the film “Vanguard”, which was decorated with her own personal items and slept in during the shoot. Eventually, she stopped doing so because “It’s much better for me to pretend to be exhausted than to actually be exhausted”.

Frances McDormand blended in so well into the nomadic community, that one of the local Targets offered her an application for a job. Frances‘experience of living in a van took four to five months, covering seven states. She adopted a lifestyle of being constantly on the move to make the movie seem more authentic, rather than just acting the scenes.

David Strathairn: Strathairn attended Williams College where he demonstrated great interest in the theatre, and first befriended John Sayles, with whom he would later frequently collaborate. He graduated college and travelled to Florida to visit with his grandfather, but the grandfather passed away while Strathairn was en route. Relocating to New York State, he spent several years hitchhiking across America to work in local theatres during the summers. During one of these summers he reunited with Sayles, and this eventually resulted in his role in the highly regarded “Return of the Secaucus Seven (1979), Sayles directional debut. Thereafter, Strathairn developed an extensive resume of supporting roles: “Lovesick” (1983), “Silkwood” (1983), “L.A. Confidential (1997), and “Map of the World” (1999). In “Nomadland” Strathairn plays the another supporting role, being cast as Dave.

NOMADLAND WILL MAYBE THEATRICALLY RELEASED IN THE UK ON February 19th 2021 www.moviesbymills.com


Fern (Frances McDormand) in Nomadland

Fern (Frances McDormand) in Nomadland



Fern (Frances McDormand) in Nomadland



SHEPHERD Directed by Russell Owen Starring: Tom Hughes, Gaia Weiss, Greta Scacci Eric Black (Tom Hughes) is lost after the mysterious death of his adulterous wife. Running from his past to a new job as a Shepherd, he becomes trapped alone on a majestic weatherbeaten island with an ominous secret. One man’s spiralling madness meets a vengeful supernatural force. What starts out as the perfect wind-swept escape, becomes a race to save his sanity and his life. The project marks the first feature for UK outfit Kindred, formed by Russell Owen and co-founder Sam Orams. The duo completed second unit on the film in Wales on behalf of GC Films – who did the initial Scotland shoot on the film – and they are aiming to attach a seller ahead of Cannes 2021. The original producer and financier is Karim Prince Tshibangu. The film first began shooting in April 2019. However, following a pay dispute between crew and the original producers, Owen and Orams agreed to steer the film towards distribution. Russell Owen said “Like most storytellers I’ve always been drawn in by compelling, fractured characters. “Shepherd” is my second feature. I’ve navigated my way through the film industry from being a storyboard and concept artist, to writer and director of over a hundred commercials and shorts. In many aspects I see this as my first feature. It’s the first true opportunity to express my own creative voice in long form. It’s a terrifying if not beautiful character driven piece about one man’s futile escape from his own guilt.” Associate producer and Kindred co-founder Sam Orams added: “We’re really excited about being involved with “Shepherd” from a production standpoint. The cast and crew are outstanding and their work that they delivered all round is extremely exciting. It’s really healthy starting point for a new and ever-growing film environment, with a whole host of new platforms and opportunities to explore. Launching into the film world we needed to ensure we made a bold collaboration with GC Films on Russell Owen’s elevated horror “Shepherd”, starring Tom Hughes, Kate Dickie, Gaia Weiss and Emmy-winner Greta Scacchi. The storyline follows widower Eric Black (Tom Hughes) who attempts suicide after the suspicious death of his adulterous wife. Black becomes distracted by a bizarre advertisement for a shepherd, working alone on a remote, desolate island off the west coast of Scotland. Eric grabs the chance to run away from his troubles but soon realizes that the island is a psychological trap.



Russell Owen: Born in North Wales where his inspiration for story telling began. He studied illustration and screenwriting at UCA. On graduating he moved to London, working as the producer’s assistant on horror “An American Haunting” starring Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek. A career as a storyboard and concept artist followed, working on Doctor Who reboots and Tomb Raider games before becoming a set decorator and art director for popular TV shows in the UK. Having worked Nickelodeon, ITV, BBC AND Channel 4 in 2008 Russell directed his first short film feature “Anglesey Road” which went on to win several awards’. This was followed up by his debut feature “Welcome to the Majority” in 2013 which won several best film awards and signalled the start of a full time writing/directing career. Russell has made dozens of commercials and content films for brands such as American Express, Armani, L’Oreal, Specsavers and Diageo. He also directed “Love in the Asylum”, a short film in the Dylan Thomas poem of the same name starring Gaia Weiss. This led to Russell directing his second feature “Patients of a Saint”, based on the original screenplay “Prisoners” by Matthew Gunn. “Shepherd” is his third feature. Greta Scacchi: Italian born to an English dancer and an Italian art dealer and painter, she grew up in Milan and Sussex, England. In 1975, her mother and second husband moved to Australia, where, after she left school, Greta worked as an Italian interpreter on a ranch. At age 18, she returned to England. Trained at The Bristol Old Vic, paying her way through college by working as a model for catalogues. Played a small part as a stage actress before she made her first appearance on British Television, then the young filmmaker Dominik Graf directed her in Das Zweite Gasicht (1982). She learned German for this film. (She also speaks fluent Italian and French). Her surname is pronounced ‘skacky’ which is italian for ‘chess’. Greta’s filmography reflects her versatility:

                    

SHEPHERD (2020) as Glenys WAITING FOR THE BARBARIANS (2019) as Mai PALM BEACH (2019) as Charlotte HEAD FULL OF HONEY (2018) as Abbess AMANDA (2018) as Alison OPERATION FINALE (2018) as Vera Eichmann THE GIRL IN THE FOG(2017) as Beatrice Leman TENDERNESS (2017) as Aurora THE WHITE KING (2016) as Gemma Meade NORTH V SOUTH (2015) as Mrs. Singer THE FAILING (2014) as Miss Edith Mantel UN ALTRA MONDO (2010) as Cristina WAYS TO LIVE FOREVER (2010) as Mrs. Wills BRIDESHEAD REVISITED (2008) as Cara INCONCEIVABLE (2008) uncredited SHOOT ON SIGHT (2007) as Susan Ali HIDDEN LOVE (2007) as Dr. Dubois THE BOOK OF REVELATION (2005) as Isabel FLIGHTPLAN (2005) as Therapist BEYOND THE SEA (2004) as Mary Duvan UNDER A FALSE NAME (2004) as Nicoletta)



Fisher (Kate Dickie) in Shepherd

Eric Black (Tom Hughes) in Shepherd



Eric Black (Tom Hughes) in Shepherd




BUTCHERS Directed by Adrian Langley Starring: Simon Phillips, Michael Swatton, Julia Mainville Why, that’s interesting. - Owen Watson A family of sadistic butchers have dug into the back country and, from the deep freeze of winter to the dog days of summer, anyone who crosses their path is dead meat…. literally! Welcome to the feel bad movie of the year. Think “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and then double that as a shocker. If there is anything interesting about Watson’s quote it would be why would anyone be interested in seeing such gruesome characters such as Owen Watson who gleefully chops men or women in half, the moment he gets the chance. If you want to go beyond the credits, not recommended, but if you do, there is a prologue you will see a woman being snatched on the road by demented farm folk and they chain and hang her up in barn and told how its going to be for her…and it won’t be pleasant. So, here we have four young folk in a car which breaks down in the vicinity of a farm run by Owen (Simon Phillips) and weirdo Oswald (Michael Swatton). The youngsters are waylaid and go through the usual horror stuff but having Owen explaining how pieces of meat; which is how he refers to women as, should know their place and he’ll shoot or hack bits off of them for every discipline infraction. The youngsters are having tiffs about infidelity, which no way deepen their characters, and far too many cliches follow, like when the girls Julie Manville and Anne-Caroline Binette escape, will the first person they meet on the road turn out to be one of the crazy family? Is that really a pig grunting behind the clapboards in the barn? A few oddities are now thrown-in to try and liven things up: one brother butcher coaches the other by reciting a Hamlet soliloquy. By now, it was getting so weary that my mind was wondering when the film was going to end and maybe that would be the real horror of the plot that there would no escape – that would be the real torture. There is another thing worth mentioning that director Adrian Langley and co-writer Daniel Weissenberger had the idea to set the film in the 1990s to avoid the usual issues with cell phones reception. It may never have been an issue before, but if one travels across US or Canada you will run into numerous rural areas where there is no or very little 12


reception and it is quite alarming when the needle on the gas gauge starts getting low. Unfortunately, that is the only clever idea that the film comes up with, as most of the film is made up with bits and bobs that they have been snatched from other horror films which really is a welcome distraction for the viewer in looking for them. The four friends are bland and utterly predictable stereotypes. As aforementioned the only award this film should receive is feel bad movie of the year.

SIMON PHILLIPS: Lead actor as Owen Watson in “Butchers”. He is a British actor and producer, probably best known for the Amazon Prime hit TV shows “Age of the Living Dead” and the Jack trilogy: “Jack Says, “Jack Said” and “Jack Falls”, “Fall of a WhiteCollar Hooligan”, feature films. He has appeared in feature films with Danny Dyer, Jason Flemyng, David O’Hara, Mark Hamill, Robert Englund, Rutger Hauer, Richard E.Grant, Art Malik, and Jean-Claude Van Damme. So, he does have an impressive filmography.

ADRIAN LANGLEY: Known for writing, acting and directing “A Violent State”, a crime drama in 2011. Storyline: Jordan Reese is a man on the verge of leaving his life of crime far behind him until the night his past sneaks up on him and into town. It doesn’t take long before violence is unleashed in the open. There is no doubt that Adrian Langley is multi-talented in all fields of filmmaking, it is a shame that it is often in time wasting efforts such as “Butchers”. One can only hope that he may be drawn to write and direct and even star in a much stronger project than this film.




Celeste (Samantha Benedet) Jenna Simpson (Julia Mainville) in Butchers



Frederick Storm (Christopher Powell) and Celeste (Samantha Benedet) in Butchers

Frederick Storm (Christopher Powell) in Butchers



RENDEZVOUS WITH FRENCH CINEMA ALINE Directed by Valerie Lemercier. Starring: Valerie Lemercier, Sylvain Marcel, Danielle Fichand, Roc Lafortune Based on the life story of Canadian singing sensation Aline Dieu. Quebec, the 60s, Sylvette and Angloward welcome their fourteenth child, Aline. In this modest family, music is king. When a producer discovers Aline and her golden voice, he has only one idea in mind to make her greatest singer in the world. Supported by her family, guided GuyClaude’s experience and budding love for her, Aline will create an extraordinary destiny for herself.

AZNAVOUR BY CHARLES Directed by Marc di Domenico, Charles Aznavour Starring: Romain Duris, Marie Montoya, Michel Klochendler. In 1948, Edith Piaf offered a Paillard-Bolex camera to Charles Aznavour, which would always be with him. Until 1982, Charles would shoot hours and hours of material which would become the corpus of film diary.

A BRIGHTER TOMORROW Directed by Yassine Qnia Starring: Soufiane Guereab, Souheila Yacoub Thibault Gathalfaud, M’Barek Belkouk Thirty-something Mendi is a safecracker. He and his mates are just trying to get by but robbery isn’t paying like it used to day-to-day. Mendi tries to be a good son to his mother and a good father to his one -year-old to win back his ex – Sarah.

A PERFECT FAMILY Directed by Kike Maillo Starring: Tomasz Kot Successful architect Jeremy Angust is approached on his trip to Paris International Airport by a chatty woman named Texel Textor. She is an outcast who seems to be looking for a captive audience. She forces to listen to her strange stories. Jeremy misses his flight because of Texel, and once seated in the lounge area, he will will not be able to get rid of the annoying stranger. Although the meeting seems fortunate. Soon the nature pf this encounter turns into something much more sinister and criminal. 16


BEASTS Directed by Noel Marandin Starring: Diane Rouxel. Finnegan Oldfield, Jill Lespert, Olivier Gourmet Constance and her fiancé hope to one day tske over and modernize her father’s farm, on the verge of bankruptcy, to the larger-scale farms that they share the land and power with. She gains the support of the influential and charismatic Sylvain…but that is the start of her problems.

BYE BYE MORONS Directed by Albert Dupontel Starring: Viroinie Efira, Albert Dupontel, Michel Vuillermoz, Nicolas Marie When 43-year-old hairdresser Suze Trappet finds out that she is seriously ill, she decides to go looking for a child which she was forced to abandon when she was only 15. On her madcap, bureaucratic quest, she crosses paths with JB a 50 year old man in the middle of a burnout, and a Mr.Blin, a blind archivist, prone to over enthusiasm. The unlikely trio set off on a hilarious and poignant, helter-skelter journey across the city in search of Suze’s long-lost child.

C’EST MAGNIFIQUE! Directed by Clovis Cornillac Starring: Clovis Cornillac, Alice Pol, Lilou Fogil When Pierre learns that his parents are not his own, he wants to find out who he is and where he comes from. Raised in nature, Pierre has never been confronted with society. He does not know codes. He will team up with Anna who will help him in his quest and cross a whole gallery of characters as funny, as tender, but during his investigation, Pierre will lose his colours like a photo that fades.

LES TUCHE Directed by Olivier Baroux Starring: Jean-Pierre Rouve, Isabelle Nanty, Michel Blanc Cladeau After resigning from his position as President of France, Jeff is happy to return to the village of Bouzolles with his family. The holidays are fast approaching, and Cathy wanted just one thing, to be reunited with her sister Magny and brother-in-law, Jean-Yves, with whom, Jeff had a big fight ten years ago, Things are going well until at lunch previously that day Jeff and Jean-Yves clash once again, this time about Christmas,]this family row, which should never have happened beyond Bouzolles, ends up in a mighty power struggle between Jeff and a global online retailer.



DELICIEUX Directed by Eric Besnard Starring: Gregory Gadebois, Isabelle Carre, Benjamin Lavernhe, Patrick Chesnais France eighteenth century. The prestige of a noble house depends above all on the quality of its table. At the dawn of the French Revolution, gastronomy still is a prerogative of the aristocrats. When talented cook Manceron is dismissed by the Duke of Chamfort, he loses the taste for cooking. Back in his country houses, his meeting with the mysterious Louise gets him back on his feet. While they both feed a desire of revenge against the Duke, they decide to create the very first restaurant in France.

FAITHFUL Directed by Helier Cisterne Starring: Vincent Lacoste, Vicky Krieps, Mariam Madjikane, Myriam Ajar 1956. Algeria is a French colony. Fernand and Helene are madly in love. Fernand is an activist, fighting for Independence alongside the Algerians. Helene is fighting for Fernand’s life. History will irrevocably change the course of their destiny.

QUO VADIS, AIDA? Directed by Jasmila Zbanic Starring: Jasna Djuuricic, Izudin Bajrovic, Boris Ler, Dino Bajrovis Aida is a translator for the United Nations in the small town of Srebrenica, when the Serbian Army takes over the town, her family is among the thousands of citizens looking for shelter in the UN camp. As an insider to the negotiations, Aida has access to crucial information that she needs to interpret. What is at the horizon for her family and people – rescue or death? Which move should she take?

THE ROSE MAKER Directed by Pierre Pinoud Starring: Catherine Frot, Melan Omerta, Fatsah Bouyahmed, Olivia Cote Eve used to be one of the most famous rose creators in the world. Today, her company is on the verge of bankruptcy. On top of that, her secretary Vera has hired three outcasts with absolutely no gardening skills. Though they have nothing in common, they come up with the most crazy plan that could change their lives forever.



FLY ME AWAY Directed by Christophe Barratier Starring: Victor Belmondo, Gerard Lavin, Yoann Eloundou Noah, Andranic Manet Thoms, a blasé young man, spends his nights in clubs and his days in bed. Until his father, Dr. Reinhard, fed up with his son’s escapades, cuts him off completely and forces him to take care of one of his young patients. Marcus 12, was born with a serious congenital disorder. He lives with his mother in the poor suburbs of Paris and spends his time either at the hospital or in a centre for sick children. This encounter will disrupt their lives and them both profoundly and forever.

HOME FRONT Directed by Lucas Belvaux Starring: Gerard Depardieu, Catherine Fort, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Yoann Zimmer Burgundy, France, Solange’s 60th Birthday celebrations are violently interrupted by her estranged brother, Bernard. His outburst will reawaken painful memories and reveal untold stories of the Algerian War.

HONEY CIGAR Directed by Kamir Ainouz Starring: Zoe Adjani, Lyes Salem, Amira Casar, Louis Peres Paris, 1993, Selma, 17, lives in a Bourgeois and secular Berber family. When she meets and is strongly attracted to Julien, a dashing young man, she realizes for the first time the heavy rules of her patriarchal family and how they affect her intimacy. An Islamism takes over her country of origin and her family crumbles. Selma discovers the power of her own desire. She must resist and fight through the strength of her people. She starts walking down the path of what it means to become a free woman.

SUZANNA ANDLER Directed by Benoit Jacquot Starring: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Niels Schneider, Nathan Willcocks, Julia Roy Accompanied by her lover, Suzanna, 40, views a Riviera real house for her family’s summer vacation. This day, this break in her routine, in this new house, will mark a turning point in her life. Based on the Marguerite Duras play of the same name, Suzanna Andler is a portrait of a woman trapped in her marriage to a wealthy, unfaithful businessman in the 1960s.She must choose between her conventional destiny as a wife and mother and her freedom, embodied by her young lover.



SLALOM Directed by Charlene Favier Starring: Noée Abita, Jérémie Renier, Marie Denarnaud You must give 100%. We’ll push you hard. You’ll have 10 hours of sport a week on top of classes and weekend training. We’ll see what you’re made of. - Fred. Under the guidance of a strict ex-champion, a promising 15-year-old girl trains as a professional skiing star. Will she be able to endure the physical and emotional pressures? The film draws on the personal history of director Charlene Favier with help of Marie Talon. A scenario of precision and focusing beings too young and often confusing needs of glory with recognition. Lise (Noée Abita) whose extent of talent had already been tested and joined the difficult and challenging sport-study section of a mountain high school since she chose skiing. She is coached by Fred who had to give up competition following an injury and now dreams of revenge by an intermediary student and Lilou (Marie Renardaud) for supervising studies. When she arrives, Lyz is not quite at the same level as the other students, which will earn her some teasing which, far from bringing her down, stimulates her, mainly because she is a fighter. Abandoned by a totally a totally absent father and mother who struggles with incessant employment and housing problems, she is ready to do anything to feel loved and looked after. It is in this mountain setting with both fascinating and frightening beauty, the story painstakingly recreates the toughness of training, Lyz’s determination, but above all the double play of Fred who, under the pretence of sporting emulation can strike just a few seconds apart, bringing total congratulations and humiliation just a few seconds apart to a young woman and weaken her. Technically and adroitly the camera stops moving between control and affectivity for a long time on the proximity between coach and candidate, where the bodies united by the same desire for victory, come together in search of the best performance, and where to avoid any weakness or to avoid risk of injury, even the moment intimate details of the young girl’s life are scrutinized with a view to ensuring that the body is perfectly suited to the physical efforts required. Between almost fatherly advice and gestures a little too informatively intimate to suggest that Fred is a vulgar pervert used to abusing his candidates entrusted to him or does he feel a real feeling of affection for his protégé? For her part, isn’t Lyz lying to herself making her trainer the remedy for the existential ill-being that is eating her away? 20


At the heart of a glacially spectacular scenery, the director makes characters evolve, thus preserving them from any peremptory judgment, while continuing to arouse the interest of the spectator around the complexity of their personality. There is an occasional colour; the frail Noée Abita, brunette beauty, dark eyes heart shaped mouth and encapsulating the personalty of Lyz – a warrior with fierce determination. The duet she forms with Fred (Jérémie Renier) is sometimes quite suffocating but beneath that feeling one can feel authority stirred with frustrated rage and pain. Ultimately, the characters, Fred and Lyse, could be interchanged.

Noée Abita:

as Lyse in “Slalom” (2020).

“Ava” (2017) in the title role as a 13-year-old girl who learns that she will lose her sight sooner than expected, and she confronts the problems in her own way. “Sink or Swim” as Lola (2018) Director, Gilles Lellouche. A depressed man joins a synchronised swimming team made up of middle-aged men. “Genesis” as Charlotte/Guillaume’s half-sister. Three teenagers are shaken up by the first loves of their youth. At a time when others are conforming, they stand their ground and accept their right to live and be free. “My Days of Glory“ as Lea.

Jérémie Renier:

as Fred in “Slalom” (2020).

An actor who enjoyed success in his youth finds his career and life in a downward spiral as he gets older “Les Passengers de la Nuit” Directed by Mikael Hers (PreProduction) Starring Noée Abita, Quito Rayon Richter (Plot under wraps) “Le Cinq Diable” Director, Lea Mysius. (Pre-production) Starring: Noée Abita, Adele Exarchopoolos. (Pre-production) Both of the plots these films are presently under wraps.



Fred (Jeremie Renier) and Lise (Noee Abita) in Slalom)

Fred (Jeremie Renier) and Lise (Noee Abita) in Slalom



Lise (Noee Abita) in Slalom

Lise (Noee Abita) in Slalom



LOOTED Directed by Rene van Pannevis Starring: Charley Palmer Rothwell, Thomas Turgoose, Tom Fisher, Morgana Polanski I’m saying that bringing a book around ain’t gonna fix ‘im - Rob Rob lives his life at 100mph balancing carjacking schemes and caring for his dying father. But one risky job could bring it all crashing down. This is a full-length adaptation of director Rene van Pannevis’ of his 2015 BIFA -WINNING SHORT film “Jacked”, and tells the story that draws deeply from the short film. Rob(Charley Palmer Rothwell)is a 22-year-old in Harlepool who spends his time between boosting cars and caring for his father (Tom Fisher), a retired sailor slowly dying from a long lung disease caused by years at the docks, a disease that claimed the life of van Pannevis’ own father. When a job with his best friend Leo (Thomas Turgoose) inevitably goes wrong, the two worlds that Rob straddles are forced together. It’s a story told with a great depth of personality, which shows van Pnnevis’ command of his subject is undeniable, and despite being raised in the Netherlands, he shows an impressive grasp of the grim nature of post-industrial England. Paannavis has an ability to draw the best from his cast particularly his lead actor Charley Palmer Rothwell; showing two sides of his character: we see him as a caring son to his father and then making him believe that he has applied for two jobs and dresses the part to please his father, though in fact he is working with Thomas as a burglar and car thief. His father believes Charley and happy that he will get a good job. The lie sticks until…until…it is too late to change. There is one character who changes the whole mood and injects emotion into the veins of the movie and that is Kasia (Morgana Polanski) who plays Leo’s girlfriend. She meets Rob’s father and he immediately warms to her and her concern about him seem quite and are, quite sincere. She appears quite happy in Rob’s company and shares his sense of humour. She exudes a radiant personality and the film He enjoys conversing with her as she asks him a lot about his past and soon, he is sailing into the seas of nostalgia.



MORGANA POLANSKI: Born: Jan 20, 1983 in Paris. Actress and Director. Known for “The Ghost Writer” (2010), “The Wife” (2000), “The Pianist” (2002). Daughter of Roman Polanski and Emmannelle Seigner. Older sister of Elvis Polanski. Studied at the Drama Centre, London. Attended the International School of Paris.


“Boon Kong Midnight” (2011) “Junkie XL” (2011) “Jacked” (2015) “Looted” (2019)


“It’s A Lot (2013) “Plastic” (2014) “The Guvnors” (2014) “Legend” (2015) “I Boy” (2017) “My Name is Lenny” (2017) “Dunkirk” (2017) “Darkest Hour” (2017) “Beast” (2017) “Boo!”(2018) “Close” (2019) “Looted” (2019) “Play or Die” (2019) “Concrete Plans” (2020)



Rob (Charlie Palmer Rothwell) and Leo (Thomas Turgoose) in Looted

Rob (Charlie Palmer Rothwell) in Looted 26


Oswald (Tom Fisher) in Looted

Kasia (Morgana Polanski) in Looted




The 26th Lumiere du Cinema Awards ceremony was held on January 19,2021. Since 1996, this event has honoured the best in French cinema with prizes awarded by members of the Academie des Lumieres, which is composed of international journalists based in France. This year there were 128 voting members from 36 countries led by Academy president the American journalist Lisa Nesselson. The awards ceremony was broadcast live on Canal+ with a selection of videos of the event available for viewing here. This year, in the preamble to the presentation of the awards, a montage on the international export of French films over the past 26 years was screened providing many important statistics. For reference, recent winners of the Lumiere Award for Best Film include:    

Timbuktu (2015) Mustang (2016) Elle ((2017) BPM (Beats Per Minute) (2018) The Sisters Brothers (2019) Les Miserables (2020)

 

2021 Lumieres du Cinema Award Winners BEST FILM


Love Affair(s)

Sami Bouajila

Directed by Emmanuel Mouret

(A Son)








Stephanie Demoustier (The Girl with a Bracelet) BEST DOCUMENTARY

The Monopoly of Violence (David Dufresne) BEST ANIMATED FILM

Josep (Aurel)


Martine Chevaller and Barbara Sukowa (Two of Us)



Felix Lefaivre and Benjamin Voisin BEST FIRST FILM



Hlahame Alaauie BEST MUSIC

Silvia Perez Cruz (Josep)



GOLDEN GLOBES 2021 Nomminees BEST MOTION PICTURE, DRAMA “The Father” “Mank” “Nomadland” ”Promising Young Woman” “The Trial of the Chicago 7”

BEST MOTION PICTURE, MUSICAL OR COMEDY “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” “Hamilton” “Music” “Palm Springs” “The Prom”

BEST DIRECTOR, MOTION PICTURE Emerald Fennell “Promising Young Woman” David Fincher “Mank” Regina King “One Night in Miami” Aaron Sorkin “The Trial of the Chicago 7” Chloe Zhao “Nomadland”

BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A MOTION PICTURE, DRAMA Viola Davis, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” Andra Day, “The United States vs. Billie Holiday” Vanessa Kirby. “Pieces of a Woman” Frances McDormand “Nomadland” Carey Mulligan “Promising Young Woman”

BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A MOTION PICTURE, MUSICAL OR COMEDY Maria Bakalova “Borat Subsequent Movie/Film” Kate Hudson “Music” Michelle Pfeiffer “French Exit” Rosamund Pike, “I Care A Lot” Anya Taylor-Joy “Emma”

BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE IN ANY MOTION PICTURE Glenn Close “Hillbilly Elegy” Olivia Colman “The Father” Jodie Foster “The Mauritanian” Amanda Seyfried “Mank” Helena Zegel “News of the World”

BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A MOTION PICTURE, DRAMA Riz Ahmed, “Sound of Metal” Chadwick Boseman, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” Anthony Hopkins, “The Father” Gary Oldman “Mank” Tahar Rahim “The Mauritanian”

BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A MOTION PICTURE, MUSICAL OR COMEDY Sacha Baron Cohen “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” James Corden “Prom” Lin-Manuel Miranda “Hamilton” Dev Patel “The Personal History of David Copperfield” Andy Samberg “Palm Springs”

BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE IN ANY MOTION PICTURE Sacha Baron Cohen in “The Trial of the Chicago 7” Daniel Kahlua, “Judas and the Black Mountain” Jared Leto “The Little Things” Bill Murray “On the Rocks” Leslie Odom Jr, “One Night in Miami”

BEST SCREENPLAY, MOTION PICTURE Emerald Fennell “Promising Young Woman” Jack Fincher “Mank” Aaron Sorkin “The Trial of the Chicago 7” Florian Zeller and Christopher Hampton “The Father” Chloe Zhao “Nomadland”

BEAT ORIGINAL SCORE, MOTION PICTURE Alexandre Desplat. “The Midnight Sky” Ludwig Goransson, “Tenet” James Newton Howard “News of the World” Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, “Mank” Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and Jon Batiste, “Soul”

BEST ORIGINAL SONG, MOTION PICTURE “Fight For You”-“Judas And The Black Messiah” “Hear My Voice” – “The Trial of the Chicago 7” “Seen” – “The Life Ahead” “Speak now” -One Night in Miami” “Tigress and Tweed” –“The United States vs Billie Holiday”

BEST MOTION PICTURE ANIMATED “The Croods: A New Age “Onward” “Over the Moon” “Soul” “Wolfwalkers”

BEST MOTION PICTURE, FOREIGN LANGUAGE “Another Round” “La Lloroma” “The Life Ahead” “Minari” “Two of Us”



DVD OF THE MONTH 23 WALKS Directed by Paul Morrison Starring: Alison Steadman, Dave Johns, Graham Cole, Bob Goody A moving, relaxed, honest portrait of two later-life singletons. A heart-warming comedy-drama about finding love in later life. Dave (Dave Johns) and Fern (Alison Steadman), two older strangers, have been bruised by their individual circumstance. They meet walking their dogs in a North London park, and over the course of twenty-three walks together romance begins to blossom, but Dave and Fern have not been completely honest with one another and their future together may be threatened by the secrets they have withheld.

A gentle charmer. Complex, tender. Beautifully acted drama.




THE ASTONISHING LIFE AND WORK OF ORSON WELLES A FILM BY CHUCK WORKMAN Explores the artistic and private life of Orson Welles, taking the viewer on a wild journey through his accomplished career in theatre and radio, and in film and television – both in Hollywood and in Europe. Featuring new interviews with Welles authorities including Simon Callow and Peter Bogdanovich and illustrated with a wealth of archival material and film extracts. Magician reveals a pioneering, uncompromising artist who, although misunderstood in his own time, is now rightfully lauded as a master of his art.


Original Trailer

A Conversation with Director Chuck Workman

A Personal Appreciation of Orson Welles by Simon Callow

Illustrated booklet with an essay by Paul Fairclough and full film credits.



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