Movies by Mills (January 2014)

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Q & A Laura Waddell BM: Laura, you started acting in numerous productions from the age of five, would you tell us a little about that? LW: Since I can remember, I’ve always loved performing and being part of some production or other. I was lucky enough to have a supportive family that encouraged my acting and at one point I was going to three different drama clubs a week, so I was very keen! I remember performing in everything from cheesy musicals to Shakespeare. BM: Your first big break began by appearing in the BBC TV drama series The Biz. Then you won a scholarship to attend and train at the East 15 Acting School. You were learning your craft with fellow actors, what were the major lessons that you learnt from this in helping you to perfect your career? LW: Drama school really does give you a great grounding and preparation for this career. You are completely immersed in a very intense but creative environment and by the end, you really know if you want to continue with it as your career! There’s not much room for ego because you just have to work together and you have to allow yourself 8