Movies by Mills (December 2013)

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LOVE IS IN THE AIR *Spoiler Alert

Julie is rushing around making sure that she has taken care of everything, thinking she is ready and has tidied up all bits and pieces when she spies something else that is not right. Finally she is satisfied that all is so and she can leave for Paris to get married. Antoine awakens handcuffed to a bed and surrounded by empty bottles and ladies sprawled around the place. He gazes at the scene; it must have been quite a night. He arrives late at the airport and just manages to catch the flight, while Julie has had her ticket upgraded to first class. But there is a bumpy ride ahead for both of them when they discover that they are sitting next to each other. Three years earlier Antoine had broken her heart and they haven’t spoken since. Over the next seven hours they verbally battle and confront each other with their side of the relationship, punctuated by painful silences, observed and commented upon by a senior couple across the aisle from the ex lovers, not only overhearing their conversation but advising them where they went wrong, while interspersed with flashbacks of Julie and Antoine’s love affair. Many will be able to relate or imagine what it is like to meet-up with an ex lover and try to rekindle or extinguish the fire that that relationship sparked, so the premise of this film is very apt and appealing to a mass audience even though it has been distributed to 12