Movies by Mills (August 2017)

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MAUDIE Directed by Aisling Walsh Starring: Sally Hawkins, Ethan Hawke, Kari Matchett. I make my designs up on the window. Birds whizzing by, they’re all different. The whole of life already framed. Right there. - Maude

Based on the true story of Canadian folk artist Maud Dowley, Maudie is an emotional biopic or what was once known as a weepie. The story takes place in Marshalltown, Nova Scotia. Maud (Sally Hawkins) has rheumatoid arthritis. So-called friends and family have disowned her as ‘a waste of space’. When her brother Charles (Zachary Bennett) tells her that he has sold the family home, she is flabbergasted. It was not yours to sell, she tells him. And who is going to run it? he asks I will, Maud tells him. You can’t even take care of yourself let alone a house. I’ll get a job or something. A job doing what? I don’t know! Despite her debilitating handicap Maud finds the will to live through the joy she gets from painting because all she really needs is paint and a brush, for her canvas is all around her; walls, windows, doors, pieces of discarded wood panelling; as Everett (Ethan Hawke) soon discovers to his annoyance when he hires her as his housekeeper. He soon makes his position known to her on the day she arrives. Let me tell you how it is around here. There’s me, them dogs, them chickens, and then you. In reply, she makes her position clear too. Do you want me here or don’t you or I’ll walk out right now. Bent as she is, Maud is a quirky woman that draws cinemagoers into her world but she is no way perfect and has faults like everyone else. With her right hand she holds her paintbrush while her left holds a cigarette. She superficially seems harmless, but she will