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7Oth Anniversary CANNES 2017 RETROSPECT We take a look at the film festival of festivals, the films that left a lasting impression with film critics and audiences. The jury was made up of Pedro Almodovar, Jessica Chastain, Paolo Sorrentino, Will Smith, Maren Ade, Fan Bingbing, Agnes Jaoui, Park Chan-wook and Gabriel Yared. Political correctness was reflected in both the awards and comments made by Pedro Almodovar and Will Smith, but one thing that remained as always was the glitz and glamour of Cannes. It began as always with the arrival of the jury, the stars and directors, and then posing for a group photo of past Palme d’Or winners. Some photo. Some winners. Added to the galaxy of stars were those who were invited to attend as guests. Once the interviews and photo-shoots had wrapped it was time for all of them to climb the twenty-four red-carpeted steps to the Palais and be greeted by the president of the festival and yes, more photos. As it is the 70th anniversary, there has never been so many celebrities in attendance and so much speculation as to what might win the Palme d’Or, but before that let us reflect on past winners: 1955 MARTY. 1956 THE SILENT WORLD. 1957 FRIENDLY PERSUASION. 1958 THE CRANES ARE FLYING. 1959 BLACK ORPHEUS. 1960 LA DOLCE VITA. 1961 THE LONG ABSENCE & VIRIDIANA. 1962 KEEPER OF PROMISES. 1963 THE LEOPARD. From 1964–74 The Grand Prix du Festival International du Film 1964 THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG. 1965 THR KNACK…and HOW TO GET IT. 1966 A MAN AND A WOMAN & THE BIRDS, THE BEES AND THE ITALIANS. 1967 BLOWUP. 1968 No award this year because of the May 1968 events in France. 1969 IF…. 1970 MASH. 1971 THE GO-BETWEEN. 1972 THE WORKING CLASS GOES TO HEAVEN & THE MATTEI AFFAIR. 1973 THE HIRELING & SCARECROW. 1974 THE CONVERSATION. Palme d’Or 1975-present. 1975 CHRONICLE OF THE YEARS OF FIRE. 1976 TAXI DRIVER. 1977 PADRE PADRONE. 1978 THE TREE OF WOODEN CLOGS. 1979 APOCALYPSE NOW & THE TIN DRUM. 1980 ALL THAT JAZZ & KAGEMUSHA. 1981 MAN OF IRON. 1982 MISSING & THE WAY. 1983 THE BALLAD OF NARAYAMA. 1984 PARIS, TEXAS. 1985 WHEN FATHER WAS AWAY ON BUSINESS. 1986 THE MISSION. 1987 UNDER THE SUN OF SATAN. 1988 PELE THE CONQUEROR. 1989 SEX, LIES, AND VIDEOTAPE. 1990 WILD AT HEART. 1991 BARTON FINK. 1992 THE BEST INTENTIONS. 1993 FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE & THE PIANO. 1994 PULP FICTION. 1995 UNDERGROUND. 1996 SECRETS & LIES. 1997 TASTE OF CHERRY & THE EEL. 1998 ETERNITY AND A DAY. 1999. ROSETTA. 2000 DANCER IN THE DARK. 2001 THE SON’S ROOM. 2002 THE PIANIST. 2003 ELEPHANT. 2004 FAHRENHEIT 9/11. 2005 THE CHILD. 2006 THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY. 2007 4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS. 2008 THE CLASS. 2009 THE WHITE RIBBON. 2010 UNCLE 20