Movies by Mills (September 2013)

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ABOUT TIME Time travel has fascinated and intrigued man for eons and movies have used the theme frequently: “Somewhere in Time”, “Sliding Doors”, “Back to the Future”, “Timeline” and “Midnight in Paris”. Richard Curtis’s latest rom-com lends itself to the influence of “Groundhog Day” in which Bill Murray played a character who kept reliving moments on the same day until he was privy to information that gave him an advantage over forthcoming situations particularly when it came to love. Domhnall Gleeson is Curtis’s protagonist in “About Time” who learns from his father, lovingly portrayed by Bill Nighy, st that on his 21 birthday he inherited the family gift of being able to travel back to any moment in his past and correct and create new happenings. All he has to do is to follow a simple ritual of stepping into a wardrobe or cupboard, close his eyes, clench his fists...and wish. And this being a Richard Curtis film, he wants to meet and fall in love with a beautiful girl. Cue the heart-warming moment when Tim (Gleeson) spots the lovely Mary (Rachel McAdams) and blurts out a hesitant and inapt introduction which he quickly 12