Movies by Mills (August 2016)

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Directed by Rebecca Miller Starring: Greta Gerwig. Ethan Hawke. Julianne Moore. Bill Hader. Travis Fimmel. Maya Rudolph. Wallace Shawn. Hi Beverly, I’ve got two checks this month, not that I’m complaining, no. So can we… - Maggie Excuse me. Sorry, but I couldn’t help but overhear this young lady say she got two checks and I haven’t had any… - John

Greta Gerwig is back on her own terms which will please her devotees but not her detractors. For the former it will provide another chance to witness her natural ability to charm us with her gift of comedy and that she is still the closest thing we have to a female Woody Allen that we are likely to get. For the latter it will do nothing to win them over to her brand of comedy that relies on her quirky personality which they seem to find irritating. The storyline of her latest film is about the eponymous Maggie who has a plan to have a baby on her own and even knows the exact date when she would like to conceive with the sperm donor and pickle entrepreneur Guy (Travis Fimmel). But of course as for most things in Maggie’s life, it doesn’t go as she thought it. A fellow lecturer, and aspiring fiction writer named John enters into her life. They soon bond, and their relationship deepens, despite an annoying problem that John is already married, with two children, to a brilliantly clever academic named Georgette (Julianne Moore). Fast forward three years and Maggie and John now have a child, but they have also fallen out of love. Never mind, Maggie has a plan that will get John and Georgette back together again. Will it work? You bet it will – because Maggie knows that they are really perfect for each other. 4