Movies by Mills (October 2015)

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EXTRAS The Criterion Collection

DAYS OF HEAVEN Directed by Terrence Malick Starring: Richard Gere. Brooke Adams. Linda Manz. Sam Shepard.

FILM **** One of the most beautifully visual films ever made with cinematography by Nestor Almendros. It documents the story of a Chicago steelworker (Richard Gere) who flees to the Texas panhandle with his girlfriend (Brooke Adams) and little sister (Linda Manz), after accidentally killing his supervisor. He starts harvesting wheat in the fields of a wealthy farmer (Sam Shepard). A love triangle, a swarm locusts, a hellish fire – all are captured with dreamlike authenticity.

It is a gritty evocation of turn-of-the- century labour.

EXTRAS * New restored high-definition digital transfer, supervised and approved by director Terrence Malick, editor Billy Weber, and camera operator John Bailey. * New Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack.

* Audio commentary featuring Weber, art director Jack Fisk, costume designer Patricia Norris, and casting director Diane Crittendern. * New audio interview with Richard Gere. * New video interviews with cinematographers Haskell Wexler and Bailey, and a video interview with Sam Shepard from 2002. * PLUS: A booklet featuring an essay by critic Adrian Martin and a chapter from director of photography Nestor Almendros’s autobiography. This is must-have collectable for film lovers and aficionados of the work of Terence Malick. He followed this film with Badlands, which is also available in the Criterion Collection.