Movies by Mills (July 2013)

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NOT ANOTHER HAPPY ENDING It is a fact that the most popular aspiration for people is to be a writer. It seems the desire never leaves us even if the majority of us remain amateurs. This thought went through my mind when seeing “Not Another Happy Ending,” the film chosen to close this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival. It is a charming romantic comedy about Jane, a young Glaswegian writer whose first novel was a success but is facing the dreaded writer’s block in producing her next book. Tom, her publisher, believes that she cannot write because she is too happy: reconciled with her father, in a relationship with a handsome young man, also a writer. The only solution is for her to get those words flowing again, thinks Tom, is for her to resort to drastic measures. The film really takes off as it ventures into believable fantasy. Jane starts to converse with her alter ego, the heroine of the latest creation who appears by her side to guide her every step of the way. To onlookers who cannot see anyone else