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A DARK REFLECION *Spoiler Alert So the airlines are flying aircraft that aren’t.... Air worthy. You may not want to fly again after seeing this film or at least examine your travel options, for A Dark Reflection reveals some disturbing truths about airline safety that may cause you to have many sleepless flights. The opening sequence of this investigative thriller is beautifully crafted, grabbing your attention by symbolically taking your breath away and signposting the events to come. Helen Eastman (Georgina Sutcliffe) is a journalist assigned to report on a Middle East crisis which ends with her photographer being shot in front of her. Helen downsizes her ambitions and takes a job with a local newspaper to be closer to her boyfriend, Joe (T.J. Herbert) who is an air traffic controller, or was, because he has been suspended from work following a serious JASP AIR in-flight safety incident on his shift. Helen’s intuitive antenna is alerted when Joe tells her that he believes that a near air accident was caused by toxic air, but JASP AIR chose not to release news of the incident to the public. Why? Helen convinces her editor that there must be more to the incident, known as Flight 313 than JASP Airlines and the aviation authorities are admitting to. Prove it! He orders. So with trainee journalist Natasha Stevens (Rita Ramnani) they embark on a thorough investigation which reveals that hush money has exchanged hands to cover up the truth that cabin crews have been exposed to toxic air fumes and ultimately connects the airline with the toxicity known as aerotoxic syndrome. The testament of pilot Tompkinson, who was investigating the connection of contaminated cabin air with the deaths of so many cabin crews, announces that he has brain cancer and only a few months to live as a direct result of the airlines use of toxic organophosphates in all their planes. Helen takes samples from the aircraft’s cabin walls during a flight to Glasgow as further damning evidence against JASP Airlines. The man behind A Dark Reflection is Tristan Loraine, a former British Airways captain, and writer, producer and director of this remarkable and thoroughly gripping drama that cannot be lightly dismissed by upgrading you to first-class with this sort of knowledge in your seat wallet. You will not be sitting comfortably if you know that aerotoxic fumes are seeping into 15

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