Movies by Mills (October 2014)

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You can miss a single being even though you are surrounded by countless others; they are an unwelcome distraction. They cloud your vision So, I’m an unwelcome distraction? I cloud your vision? You are the only part of my life I haven’t figured out yet. Matthew Morgan (Michael Caine) is a grieving widower and a retired American philosophy professor in Paris, a city he loves, even though he cannot speak French. When by chance, he meets a young Parisian dance teacher, Pauline; he suddenly rediscovers the joys of life. Pauline encourages Matthew to attend her dance classes which he does and likes them. Both share an affinity of loss, for Matthew, his wife, and for Pauline, her father. They are seeking comfort, friendship and understanding and that they have found in each other. When Matthew’s son Miles (Justin Kirk) and his daughter Karen (Gillian Anderson), arrive from America, they rush to the hospital where their father is, having foolishly overdosed on pills. There they meet Pauline and totally misinterpret the relationship; the obvious friction between Matthew and Miles and Karen, worsens when they keep pleading with him to leave France for America. 14