Movies by Mills (August 2014)

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PLEASE RELEASE ME An Occasional Look at Films That Despite Critical Acclaim Have Never Had Theatrical Distribution.

Gazzara Directed by Joseph Rezwin An unforgettable homage to the actor Ben Gazzara.

First Winter Directed by Benjamin Dickinson Starring: Samantha Jacober. Jennifer Kim. During a winter of record-breaking cold; an apocalyptic blackout strands a group of Brooklynites in a remote farmhouse.

Final Cut Ladies & Gentlemen Directed by Gyorgy Palfi A film where anything can happen. The hero and the heroine change their faces, age, look, names, and so on. The only same thing: the love between a man and a woman – is an archetypical love.

Harry Dean Stanton Partially Fiction Directed by Sophie Huber A documentary on the actor that is visually addictive. One of the best docs in years, full of music, film clips, and revealing truths.

Shepard and Dark Directed by Treva Wurmfield Two complete opposites, one an actor, writer, traveller, and the other a man who leads the life of a hermit. Yet they share a lifetime bond of friendship which is shown in the hundreds of letters that they wrote to each other. If there are any film distributors out there who would like a screening of their film with the view to distribution, please contact Movies by Mills 20