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I study architecture because I am nosy and inquisitive by nature. - Briana Fountain

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Urban Eden

Revive 4


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The Urban Incubator

Light Deviation The



Atlanta, Georgia

is a new mid-rise office tower in Midtown Atlanta which focuses on helping new design companies grow. The project makes a major statement about green design and urban intervention, as it utilizes a double skin facade system, green roofs, and a public plaza. Issues such as materialization are emphasized through the investigation of facade design and light. An anti-formalistic architecture is created through the investigation of context, program, and the environment.






Natural Features



The spaces in this incubator were assigned a level of allowable light within their individual spaces. In order to achieve these light levels. The glass facades were given a tint and fritting was added. Each number within the chart is the number of floors that each space will occupy.

The shifting of the spaces in plan led to a dynamic form for this structure.

First Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

Second Floor

Section AA Due to its proximity to Georgia Tech, most of the commercial Section programming AA focuses on the professional development of students icluding an Apple 10 store, clothing boutiques, and a nail salon.

Section BB

Third Floor

Third Floor

Fourth Floor

Fourth Floor

Fifth Floor

Fifth Floor

West Elevation West Elevation

Sixth Floor

Sixth Floor

South Elevation South Elevation

Section BB


Building Systems







Core | Structure | Egress

The facade system is a double skin facade consisting of a clear layer of glass and a layer of tinted and fritted glass. This gives each space a unique internal experience

The facade consist of a double skin. The first layer of glass is completely transparent. The second layer of glass is tinted and fritted to control the amountsFacade of lightDetail let into each space. The facade also allows for air flow along the skin.



The Oxygen Home

Revive Krakow, Poland

The Urban Garden is a

cancer center that blurs the lines between architecture and nature. Using a campus design, the program of the site is spread across the site. The gem of the site is the ruin that is an adaptively reused building on the site. This project is located in Krakow, Poland which is known for its high levels of air pollution and equally high level of lung cancer patients. This project evokes and encourages healing amongst its patients and visitors.



Site Analysis




Dan Kiley | Fountain Place

Dan Kiley | Hamilton Garden

Prime Nature Residence

Prime Nature Residence

First Aid Reception

Conference Room Office

Initial Plan


Community Center Eatery


Greenery Plan

Although meant to be a singular building, this project took on a campus like form with the individual spaces being spread across the site. The plan is a grid that is skewed to fit the existing non orthogonal lines of the site. The site was then divided into four parts that increase in the amount of greenery as you get further into the site.



Turner Field Reconsidered

Urban Eden Urban Eden is a design

solution that takes the vacant role that Turner Field once had as one of Atlanta’s urban attractions and defines that role in a more identifiable and connective way. Le Corbusier once called Atlanta a “city in the forest. Now, we are challenged with bringing the forest back into the city through the implementation of Ecological Urbanism.


Atlanta, Georgia


Site Analysis | Project Development

Our site is Turner Field and the surrounding areas. Formerly known as the Summerhill neighborhood, this area as seen from analysis is one filled with many families that are poor with a low level of education. We also see that this area has a major highway running through it with large secondary and tertiary roads.

How do you manipulate the urban fabric to create something iconic and monumental? How can we create an eclectic culture through program?

Glenwood Park, created by Charles

Brewer and Green Street Properties, is a mixed-use neighborhood on the east side of Atlanta, Georgia, The neighborhood is an example of New Urbanism, promoting a sense of community with walkable streets and closely spaced residential units that are mixed in with office, retail, and green space.

How will this fit into the existing fabric?

This project really appealed to our design strategy due to the density of the streets and the incorporation of green streets. This community, which is categorized as a New Urbanism.

How can we add more green space?

The Five Borough Farm, created by

How can we bridge the highways with pedestrian circulation?

How can we improve the Atlanta skyline?

How can we improve the health of our occupants?

the Design Trust for Public Spaces, is an idea that encompasses Eco-friendly activities that could studied and implied to greatly help Atlanta and the problems that are plaguing the city as a whole. Whether it’s the collection of storm water or the composting of food waste, activities of this nature could reduce economic waste and also increase productivity of different program sectors of the city. Incorporating this program type into the previous dense residential program type mentioned above is a combination for progress and success in Atlanta.

The Budapest Park Project is one of

How can technology influence this design?

How can nature influence this design?

How can we improve the economy in this area?

the biggest green space renovations in Europe. They are organizing the park to include tourist attracting museums and buildings while maintaining an efficient organizational strategy as far as circulation is concerned. One key factor of the project is that automobile traffic will be severely limited and pedestrian circulation will be greatly increased. This type of move can benefit Atlanta in more ways than one. The sprawl of Atlanta and the heavy traffic congestion can be greatly reduced through an organizational technique and circulation strategy such as this.

Site Development


Spatial Analysis

Area Distribution


Turner Field


Green Roof Plants:

Hydroponic Plants:

Cauliflower Eggplant Onion Peas Peppers Squash Tomatoes Carrots Asparagus

Cabbage Collards Kale Spinach Arugala

Impact on Community


Blueberries Cantaloupe Grapes Melons Raspberries Watermelon Blackberries Strawberries

A typical intensive green roof potting system is used for the plants that are located in what was the seating for the stadium. On the inside, plants will be grown hydroponically. 31



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Beyond the Classroom

Passion Hobbies Passion Hobbies are a

mix of supplemental class assignments and my personal photography. In 2013, I picked up my first Nikon. I don’t carry around my camera everyday, but when I do, MAGIC. I also like to dabble in product design, painting, and graphic design.


Atlanta, Georgia


Obsidian | Black and White Photography


Chroma | Color Photography



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