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==== ==== WordPress Websites so easy a 9 year old girl is building them you can check her out here: ==== ==== Having a professional website is essential for any serious artist. How can and should set up your profile on Facebook and other websites, there is no substitute for having website own. Fortunately these days could not be easier to make a band website, so in this article we will deal with how to create website band. Note that at the end of this article to include information about how to link to a video on how to build and use Wordpress website (two topics covered in this article). I recommend using a free software called Wordpress to run your website. If you are familiar with it, WordPress is a free blogging software that makes interaction with your website as simple as possible so that you can add new messages / content and customize the look and design of this with a good intuition. It's very easy to use, and the minute I'll give you a link that will show you everything you need to know to use in about 10 minutes. Before you get ahead of ourselves, we need to register a new domain and get hosting for your site. Domain is the URL where your site. Domain registration will cost upfront is usually around $ 10, depending on who you go, and annual fees. Hosting is absolutely necessary to keep your site "host" online so that people can access it. Accommodation is very cheap, depending on who you go. I use GoDaddy for domain registration and hosting, either because they offer some of the most competitive prices in the two and have never had a problem with them more than 6 years of ownership and websites housing. The first is the domain registration. If your name is common and found that it removed the URL when you try to register, just add extra words such as "music" to get your own unique address and the people support the right music on the site in relation to you. Next you need accommodation. You can keep the account websites hosting the same number at no additional cost, but even to get online website you have accommodation for him. Although you can check a lot of free WordPress themes, premium themes ThemeForest see a very professional, attractive and functional, but for super cheap at the time. I'm talking about between $ 10 - $ 35 for 99% of the items that you see there. 100% ready to go to a question, you just buy the items you want to compress the file after loading it via your WordPress dashboard and as ready to go. From ThemeForest website, you can search by keyword to find topics related to the keyword option, or you can click the "wordpress" to find unique items to use wordpress for your site.

From there, you can sort by popularity or number of other factors and can experience live demonstrations of each by clicking "Live Preview" for the theme you want to view and retrieve such topics so you can see what your site will look like and how you can navigate your site if you are using themes. I created a complete video on how to configure website to step free tickets can be viewed by clicking the link in this paragraph. Also learn how to get a special discount price on the same with your hosting and domain registration through GoDaddy using discount links on my page in the video. Then check out the video I use Wordpress so you can see exactly how to manage their own problems quickly and simple. ==== ==== WordPress Websites so easy a 9 year old girl is building them you can check her out here: ==== ====

How To Make A Band Website  

For more information on learning how a 9 year old girl is able to make wordpress websites so easy you can check it out here:

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