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Why Should B2B Marketers Blog Lead generation is a primary activity for B2B marketers. For lead generation, companies may use engagement tactics on the website. One among them is sharing content with website visitors. Blogging is a great way to share content with visitors. B2B companies can use corporate blogging for a variety of reasons – To build visibility for its brand and offerings Attract prospects Blogging is a cheap and effective solution for B2B marketing. Blogs Are dialog-based they can be used for Public Relations (PR). Serve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes which can be leveraged to project the company and its product offerings in the appropriate forum. Helps building thought leadership Medium to inform potential prospects about your offerings. Here are some good tips for B2B Blogging Titles must be attractive so that the blog has a distinct identity of its own. Titles must suit the marketing automation campaign and must attract readership. Keep the title simple and short. Have a clear-cut flow of dialogue in the blog. Make an introduction and make the blog’s objective clear. Blogs must cater to educating readers about the industry and the value it brings to its customers. Or, it could be about your different industry offerings. Blogger name should be highlighted. Multiple writers can contribute if you want to project different viewpoints in the same content. Blogs need to talk about varied experience and expertise the senior management brings on board.

For SEO purposes, use keywords that are relevant to your industry space and link them back to SEO optimized pages on your website. Search engines give blog content more priority in search results and this could be because blogs usually have original content and are informative in nature. Post blogs on sites that syndicate content, like CustomerThink and Utilizer. They improve SEO rankings leading to better search results.

Blogs generally tend to spark conversations between blog writers and readers. If you have people leaving

genuine comments on your blog, acknowledge them and respond soon. It not only helps you connect with your readers and potential leads, but is also a great way to get feedback on the content you post and its usefulness to your target audience. Create Awareness for Your Blog Now that your blog creation process is clear-cut, create one and ensure that you market it in the right space. Social networking media, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, are prime sites to promote your blog’s content

Any lead management system must include corporate blogging in its structure. Lead generation through blogging is highly useful because it attracts readership base and project your brands also. Read more on - Marketing automation solution, Lead nurturing definition

Why Should B2B Marketers Blog