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Webinar: Using Drip Marketing to Solve B2B Marketers Most Pressing Challenges Drip marketing means creating and freely sharing information so that you can convert prospects into leads and these leads into customers. The main goal is to get the prospect to give you permission to deliver content to them via email, webinar, video, social media channels or any other way people like to receive information. With regular exposure and contact, you can build a relationship and trust with your prospects and leads, providing multiple opportunities for conversion. Drip marketing involves delivering requested information with independent value that creates trust, credibility and authority for your business.

Attendees of this webinar will learn: 1.

What are the most pressing B2B marketing challenges?


How to develop a drip marketing program?


Key performance indicators for measuring drip marketing effectiveness


The results achieved by a small marketing team from pm solutions

Date &Time Thusday 27 October 11.00 AM PDT Webinar URL Presenters - Jim Pennypacker/ Francis Adanz Jim brings more than 30 years experience in marketing and publishing to lead an organization at the forefront of a rapidly changing business landscape. Francis joined LeadFormix in 2011. He is responsible for helping clients develop and execute successful online marketing campaigns to maximize ROI from leveraging the LeadFormix platform.

About LeadFormix LeadFormix is the leader in next-generation marketing automation software, known as Marketing Automation 2.0. LeadFormix delivers a game-changing real-time marketing automation solution for enterprises that converts anonymous online visits into qualified sales leads, determines website visitor interest and intent, and enables sales teams to reach decision-makers more effectively and close deals faster using patented business intelligence and data mining technology.

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Webinar Using Drip Marketing to Solve B2B Marketers Most Pressing Challenges