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Top Benefits of Marketing Automation Services for B2B Marketing According to Wikipedia, marketing automation systems provide information across all phases of the marketing process, including demand generation, lead management, lead scoring, lead nurturing, lead generation, campaign analysis, lead qualification and sales effectiveness. Out of the processes listed here, marketing automation solutions are most highly preferred for automating scoring leads, executing automated email campaigns and deploying landing pages. Today, many companies have introduced new and exciting features that enable B2B marketers to gather information from social media campaigns, score leads based on responses and, communicate in a timely manner by sharing valuable content. In this article, let us first look at the three primary uses of marketing automation software which has made it an essential part of running a B2B business. 1. Scoring Marketing automation software helps B2B marketers to score and rank leads in order to keep the sales and marketing teams focused on the best sales opportunities available with them. Lead scoring helps marketers to prioritize lead nurturing activities so that the warmest leads are nurtured in a personalized and customized manner depending upon what interest them and their buying capacity. Lead scores can be based on demographics and behavioral activities. Marketing automation software helps to send alerts and triggers to users when leads cross threshold scoring levels so that sales teams can reach out to a prospect in a timely manner. 2. Email Campaigns Marketing automation software can be used in executing automated email campaigns and lead tracking. Marketers can deliver targeted messages to prospects about their products or services and also build/manage useful email lists. The software also helps sales teams to create email lists for recipients who need to be left out during email campaigns based on any specific criteria. Marketing automation services provide users with ready to use templates that can be modified quickly to suit their campaign needs. Time-based triggers can be set up to enable timely delivery of nurture emails to prospects at regular intervals. With ready to use and timely reports, B2B marketing teams can constantly assess the efficiency of their marketing campaigns as well. 3. Deploying Landing Pages for Email Campaigns One of the most highly rated benefits of marketing automation solutions is the ability to deploy customized landing pages. Users can easily create personalized landing pages with visuals, videos, call-to-action buttons, forms, etc. Also, marketing teams can get them published in minutes without having to involve web development teams. Also read on - Email Marketing, lead generation services

Top Benefits of Marketing Automation Services for B2B Marketing