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Top 5 Content Strategies for B2B Marketing With rising number of ‘informed’ buyers and fierce online competition it is imperative for companies to come up with a content website engagement strategy that is smart and strategic at the same time. So, content needs to be used proactively and dynamically. By choosing to showcase relevant content, you can ensure that the visitor knows you are listening intently.

This means, every time a user hits your webpage, he/she should be able to choose from a variety of content. Personalized content may include videos, tutorials, e-books, newsletters, thought leadership content, case studies, success stories, offerings, landing pages, and so on.

Here are the top five content strategies you could use for B2B marketing. 1. Blogs Did you know that 64% of B2B marketers regard blogging on company branded or managed logs as a highly effective tactic? The most important aspect of blogging is to post high quality blog posts often. It is imperative to have a well thought- out social optimization strategy for blogging. 2. Whitepaper Did you know 65% rate whitepaper as being very influential over purchase decisions? Create whitepapers that contain multimedia elements. Have research teams to thoroughly scrutinize research data before drawing conclusions. 3. Infographic Infographics are special because they are very engaging and relevant; thereby completely capturing the reader’s attention. They can be used as excellent link baits so it is important to ensure the information is accurate. Use attractive layouts, styles and visuals to build a persuasive info graphic. 4. E-Newsletter E-newsletter has a very high impact quotient with readers. So, it is important to focus on providing high quality content to subscribers and present it in an interesting fashion. 5. Case Study/Testimonial Considered as highly influential marketing collateral in purchasing decisions, case studies and testimonials must be a part of content strategy. Size and formats of case studies matter, it is essential to keep it less than five pages. Lead generation is a common goal for marketing automation companies, especially content marketing

strategies. In fact, 63% of companies in a Marketing Profs and Junta42 survey said lead generation was their third most important goal for content marketing. Click here to read more on - Lead nurturing, marketing automation solution

Top 5 Content Strategies for B2B Marketing