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Steps to conduct a successful Webinar for Lead Generation/Lead Nurturing There are many ways to attract leads to the corporate website. However, one of the most effective ones is Webinars. They are considered to be one of the top lead attractors for lead generation because they help to attract „warm‟ leads earlier than the rest. Leads generated through Webinars can be ideal targets for Sales to start good conversations with, as well. For a B2B company, the goal of a Webinar is to basically engage the audience and convert them from being website visitors to sales-ready prospects. B2B companies may use webinars to showcase their products or display their offerings in a manner that will eventually initiate conversations and create a genuine interest in the offering. 1. Planning ● The Webinar invitation should communicate the topic of discussion. ● It should state how it will develop viewer‟s business. ● Webinar invites should be designed to be interesting and engaging in order to capture the audience‟s attention. ● Webinar titles should convey the crux of the issue. ● Title should make participants curious about the outcome of presentation. ● The webinar topic, date, speakers and presentation should be planned well in advance 2. Inviting ● Send invites to existing contact list first. ● Include webinar information in monthly newsletter with a short description and a “call to registration” for the webinar. ● Marketing automation software can be effectively used to track number of registrations that directly came from email campaigns. 3. Promoting ● Promotional activities include customization of landing pages, ads, social media buzz, etc. ● The activities must create interest in the topic. ● It is ideal to have a gap of at least one month before the actual webinar date to allow enough time to promote it. ● LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter company accounts should be used to promote the upcoming webinar. ● Social media teams need to actively participate in conversation and then post a link of the webinar. ● If a webinar does not attract more than 50 registrations, it means promotional activities for are insufficient. Webinar sign-up forms must be placed in all landing pages and website URLs – in different locations that attract attention. Registration forms should not be exhaustive – which will only leave the participant frustrated and abandon the sign-up.

By remembering these simple points, B2B companies can easily conduct webinars for lead generation and lead nurturing. Read on - lead management, marketing automation

Steps to conduct a successful Webinar for Lead Generation/Lead Nurturing