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Measuring B2B Marketing ROI One of the key factors for performance measurement while implementing marketing automation software for B2B marketing is Return on Investment (ROI). Whether we like or dismiss it, ROI measurement is a deciding the performance of marketers and marketing agencies. Here are a few reasons on why ROI measurement can actually be a boon for a marketer. Helps optimize marketing campaign resources Since B2B marketers use multiple campaigns and multiple channels to promote these campaigns – knowing which campaigns or channels are bringing in the leads or business enquiries can help optimize the company’s resources and spends on those campaigns and channels that are yielding the desired results. Increases the risk-taking quotient If marketers can track their performance and the way their efforts yield results, they will become more comfortable taking risks and checking out new avenues and methods of marketing, than the tried and tested formula. By measuring returns marketers can limit the company spending when marketing efforts are not responding as expected. Improved Budgeting Investing marketing budget on the right channels can ensure that the company can get maximum out of investments, but deciding on which channels are more popular with target audience can be tough decision to make. During such times, ROI data can show the marketing channels that are most receptive, thereby helping top management to make a quick decision. Better Prospecting Measuring the ROI helps companies to predict and prepare for the future. How a company has been performing in the previous years, how much did marketing contribute, what were the pitfalls and achievements, etc. become the ground for estimating and evaluating on what the company can safely expect in future from their marketing activities. Fodder for marketing collaterals Measuring marketing ROI will provide enough fodder for the company’s marketing collaterals like, case studies, blogs and whitepapers that can be used for lead generation. Better strategizing ROI analysis helps to evaluate and analyze a new marketing strategy or improve the overall marketing strategy, add different elements, make it more dynamic, yet practical. This helps to create a clear roadmap

that ensures more productivity and better performance by marketing teams. Some B2B companies do not measure ROI thinking that it may disclose the faults with a campaign or highlight its pitfalls. On the other hand, the fore sight that ROI measurement provides is invaluable to marketers, which should not be avoided at any cost. How Marketing Automation Helps Marketing ROI can largely be enhanced if prospect intent is deduced early in the sales funnel. By introducing marketing automation software for lead generation, marketers can: 路

For Lead Generation - Track visitor behavior and measure their intent and interest levels.

For Lead Management - Empower the sales team with superior lead intelligence and ample prospect

information that can help close deals faster and shorten the sales cycle. 路

Easily measure ROI using integration and analytics features

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Measuring B2B Marketing ROI  

One of the key factors for performance measurement while implementing marketing automation software for B2B marketing is Return on Investmen...

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