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Marketing Automation Services for B2B Marketing Marketing automation services provide multiple benefits to B2B marketing and sales teams. One of the most valued services is sales intelligence. Many B2B websites miss out on anonymous website visitors because they do not have lead tracking mechanism that will identify prospects who are interested in the product or services. This is where marketing automation services provide the required assistance. Marketing automation services help B2B companies to identify background information on visiting companies. Structured data like company size, location, industry can also be identified and be used to determine if the corporate visitor is in the target segment or not and, to help marketing teams to make a quick decision. B2B marketers do realize that their company website is the biggest source of leads for their sales pipeline. Marketing automation services offer sales teams with scheduled reports with comprehensive daily view of all their website leads. These reports could be generated at a drill down level or at an enterprise level to understand the intent and behaviour of website visitors. Such reports offer valuable information such as who visited the website today, what product/ solution were they interested in and what was their intent, etc. Marketing automation services offer lead tracking solutions that help to know which leads have signed up for a demo, or background information on those leads who have signed up for a special offer. This is especially true when marketing teams run multiple and parallel campaigns to generate and nurture leads such as SEO efforts, paid campaigns, email campaigns, special offers, webinars etc. Such software can enable users to set proactive alerts based on important criteria such as first time visitor from a company, a person from a named account visiting the pricing page, etc., which can be a vital source for sales to use the right sales pitch once the lead has reached the buying stage. There are many people involved in the decision making process, and hence information on their interactions with sales should also be considered to track the buying stage in B2B sales. If the contacted person has delegated the responsibility, then, it is important to be able to track both individuals and also the company behavior over a period of time, in order to gauge interest levels and qualify them. Thus, marketing automation services with their ability to aid B2B companies in lead tracking and enable sales intelligence can be considered a wise choice to successfully generate and manage leads. Read on - Lead Management, Drip Email campaigns

Marketing Automation Services for B2B Marketing