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Make Your Social Media Campaigns Effective Get into a discussion on the appropriate medium to reach your potential customers and you will decipher that most people choose the social media sphere. Used correctly it is one of the fastest and effective mediums to generate new leads and sales. However, with multiple social networking sites being available today, it is essential to understand whether your social media campaigns are working in your favor or not. In order to make the task easier, let us go through few basic consequences. If they appear familiar to you then there are chances that your online campaign is not working best for you. The social channels are very self-promotional Review the content you are sharing. If they are self-promotional in nature then people might not follow or share it. This is because your online audience prefers news feeds that are interesting and that adds value to their timeline. This means that as a brand you need to grow beyond generic product releases and news on service offerings. Current news and updates that might interest your audience include interesting blog posts, industry news, humorous videos and the like. The social channel lacks a brand voice If you are on Twitter, then would you care to follow someone whose profile picture does not have an image of an individual? Chances are not often. This is because everyone aims to connect to another person, and not just mere brand logos, trademarks and official updates. If you are able to successfully create a personal brand voice or personality that distinguishes itself as an entity then you are following the correct campaigning strategy. One way communications Sharing interesting content online is not all. You need to ensure that you communicate with your online audience. This means replying to their tweets or messages and even retweeting their updates on Twitter. In case of Facebook you can do the same by replying, liking any updates and sharing them as well. Hence, a two way communication indicates that your social media campaign is working in your favor. These are some of the primary red-flags that denote the inefficiency of your online campaigns. However, the good news is that eminent companies specializing in marketing automation solutions have come up with innovative solutions that lead to meaningful and useful social media campaigns. With these solutions, you can make your URL’s easier and convert the long campaign page URL’s to shorter buzz links. Furthermore, you can trace what your prospects are conversing about your products, services and business reputation in social networking platforms. Read more on - Search Engine Optimization Tools, Marketing Automation, Lead Scoring Model

Make Your Social Media Campaigns Effective