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Important Tips for Maintaining Email Lists According to MarketingProfs, 42% of those surveyed have voted in favour of email list hygiene in the top tactics for improvement in email deliverability.

Marketers can achieve best results out of their email campaigns (for lead generation and lead nurturing) and improve their email deliverability, if they follow certain email list hygiene practices.

1. When an email is returned due to non-existent mail addresses, it is termed as a „hard bounce‟. Most often, this occurs because the email address or the domain does not exist.

2. Sometimes automated responses are received stating that “the recipient no longer works for that company” or “does not use that email address anymore”. In such cases, ensure that such contacts are taken off your mailing list to maintain list hygiene.

3. If alternate email addresses are provided, then those need to be replaced in your mailing lists at the earliest.

4. Hard Bounces are permanent bounces as either the email address does not exist or the domain does not exist.

5. Soft Bounces are temporary bounces as either the server is temporarily not reachable or the recipient‟s inbox is full and hence the emails could get delivered at a later point of time.

6. Whenever an email recipient hits on the Report Spam button, the recipient‟s email client sends a Feedback Loop report to the Sender‟s Email Service Provider. The marketer then needs to ensure that the recipient is taken off the mailing list immediately.

7. Display „Privacy Policy‟ in prominent places to remind website visitors that their information is safe with you. This reassurance will even prevent the mail from reaching the spam or junk folders in the future and, will indirectly encourage them to share their email ids with you.

8. Asking recipient permission to send emails is as essential as sending valuable content. This way, the marketer can be doubly sure that they are ready to receive emails at regular intervals. It is also important to send constant product/service updates and reminders to register.

9. As promised in landing pages, keep the email content interesting and valuable to the recipient. By doing so, there is more probability that it will be shared with others as well.

B2B marketers can consider using marketing automation software in order to ensure 100% email deliverability. Marketing automation software can sort bounced contacts into hard bounce and soft bounce and automatically unsubscribe them. The software can also retain soft bounced emails in the mailing list for the subsequent campaigns. If those contacts still bounce then will be treated as hard bounce and be unsubscribed.

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Important Tips for Maintaining Email Lists  

Marketers can achieve best results out of their email campaigns (for lead generation and lead nurturing) and improve their email deliverabil...

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