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Importance of Social Media in B2B Marketing Social media is a forum that can be well utilized by B2B marketers to create the necessary exposure they need for their businesses. B2B marketing is highly complex because it involves a group of people in the prospect company to take a purchasing decision, and hence involves detailed planning for prospecting and nurturing activities. Involving social media for B2B lead generation and nurturing activities helps to improve website traffic and the total number of subscribers in different social media forums. Social media B2B marketing allows marketers to showcase their products and services which in turn helps to improve search engine rankings as well. When SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) rank improves, leads can be driven to corporate websites with less effort. Here are some of the top benefits of deploying social media networking for B2B marketing. Stay connected with prospects Social media networks provide high exposure for companies when they want to constantly engage with their prospects. The longer they stay connected, the faster they will be able to deduce their intent and proactively build marketing campaign programs. Building new business relations Social media networks are a great place to form new business partnerships. Through regular updates on product features, providing new product offers, trial runs, demos, etc., B2B companies can expect to generate interest and hence, form new business deals in the long run. Increase in sales revenue B2B sales deal closure can take a long time if a prospect is not nurtured from time to time. Many B2B marketers who use social media sites for lead nurturing and lead generation for more than three years have found that the time taken to realize revenue has considerably decreased, than before. Marketing automation services provide leadtracker which will be able to track website activity of leads that can be used in a timely manner to interact with leads efficiently. Generate warm leads Facebook likes and shares, Twitter tweets, LinkedIn groups are some of the ways to identify warm leads in B2B. Coupled with good marketing automation software, that can deduce background information on the response providers, B2B marketers can fill their sales pipelines with warm leads. Realize Faster ROI The cost of marketing spend in B2B is usually much higher than B2C. Hence, the time taken to realize the expenditure determines the success of a B2B marketing campaign. Another indicator for ROI generation would be higher search engine rankings and increase in subscription/registration for content downloads. Leveraging marketing automation services for B2B social media marketing could prove useful in terms of leads generated and increasing effectiveness of inside sales. Click here to read more on - Search Engine Optimization Tools, social media campaigns

Importance of Automating B2B Lead Nurturing