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Generating Quality Leads with Marketing Automation Solutions Generating quality sales leads and effectively managing demand is one of the most immensely challenging tasks in B2B marketing. In order to be able to accurately measure campaign ROI and ascertain the next course of action, streamlining marketing and sales functions is a crucial activity. Although there is no dearth of marketing automation solutions in the market today, B2B marketers need to choose robust tools that simplify the operational aspect of marketing campaigns and elevate their effectiveness as well. Listed below are some of the advantages of marketing automation solutions. 1. Usually, sales and marketing teams need to work strict budget and resource constraints while also producing quality leads. Marketing automation solutions enable marketing teams to perform better by helping them to plan, execute and measure success factor. 2. Marketing automation tools help to integrate and centralize disparate systems and fragmented processes across marketing and sales departments. By doing so, they are able to provide a single platform to evaluate the performance of a campaign. This centralization increases the effectives of lead generation and lead nurturing processes since Sales can now segment and manage prospect databases, and score them as well. 3. Response tracking is an important capability of marketing automation tools. The advantage of knowing online website activity lies in timely prospecting and sharing relevant content. This feature helps to create more focused and targeted messages by enabling Marketing to execute personalized campaigns that suit the needs of the target audience. Targeted messaging helps in getting better conversion rates and shortens the sales cycle as well. 4. Marketing automation solutions can also facilitate business growth by providing end-to-end support starting from generating qualified leads to converting them into customers. Marketers can easily build lists based on specific criteria and also create segmented lists, suppression lists etc. They will also be able to manage all their email campaigns through user friendly interfaces. 5. With a rapidly changing marketing landscape and growing market demands, leveraging marketing automation software solutions can go a long way. Since most of them are also capable of executing B2B social media campaigns, marketers will also be able to build rapport and trust with prospective clients. The B2B social media tracking facility can be leveraged to share links, back track links, create buzz, monitor social responses and measure success factor as well. 6. Elimination of lead-lag and automation of pre-sales process enables Sales teams to quickly make a connection with qualified prospects in real-time. Also read on - Lead Management, Email Marketing

Generating Quality Leads with Marketing Automation Solutions