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eDiscovery Tools a Must to Lighten Law Firms’ Litigation Loads Litigation services have exploded in recent years, and the cost of litigation is also on the rise. Organizations and law firms are trying their best to reduce costs and at the same time get optimal results. The technologies and tools used during litigation are starting to congregate with the technology used in knowledge management systems. Traditional methods that were used were more of a hindrance than a help, as attorneys were unable to supply relevant evidence on time, had to build case strategies without fully understanding the case and got key evidence sometimes too late in the process, which inevitably had a negative impact on the case. Not only that, early case assessments were a challenge and often not very effective. eDiscovery has made life much simpler for law firms and attorneys. eDiscovery is a process wherein data can be searched, located, culled and secured in no time and can be used as evidence for any type of legal case. Recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) ensure that the assessment and handling of electronically stored information happens early in the litigation process. Effective eDiscovery solutions with flexible, assimilating features ease the burden of ediscovery on law firms and assist attorneys in working more efficiently. eDiscovery tools bring about a reduction in unnecessary costs and time spent on eDiscovery. It helps in the identification, searching, collection, culling and filtering of unnecessary data and the facilitation of early case assessment. As a result, attorneys are able to focus on developing a case strategy to present a stronger case for their clients. An effective eDiscovery tool could add great value to any law firm by: •

Providing deep insight into the case by rapidly analyzing large volumes of data

Saving time by reducing review time

Culling or removing unwanted information

Improving cost effectiveness

Providing accurate results to clients

Providing full transparency and lifecycle reporting

Law firms without dedicated litigation support resources can now leverage the power of eDiscovery tools that can operate independently or integrate with existing litigation support systems. Know more about: ·

Electronic data discovery.


Legal ediscovery.

eDiscovery Tools a Must to Lighten Law Firms’ Litigation Loads