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Creating Relevant Content for Lead Generation The corporate website is the digital face of a company through which it engages with the visitors. Website visitors come looking for specific solutions to their immediate needs and if they don’t find that information right away, get discouraged and may never return! This means that even if marketers possess good content, if it is not talking to the target audience in an appealing manner, it will miss the mark.

Relevancy is the key word while creating content. Think like a buyer who is looking for a solution to a problem. Here are a few pointers. List out products and services separately for each target. Segmentation can be based on various criteria including geography and location, size of company, industry, designations of decision makers or influencers. Ideally, segment content based on buying stages of research, trial and buy. Segregate content based on target segment and problem area as well. Tailor your solution to solve those specific issues. This makes the content look like a solution package that has been especially created for the potential buyer. Use content like case studies and customer testimonials that can effectively demonstrate the solutions’ capability in a real world scenario. Don’t use industry specific terms because highly technical jargon might put off people. In reality, a whitepaper may appeal to a certain type of audience, whereas a podcast or video may be more effective for others. Some potential buyers would like to try out the product themselves, while others might prefer a demo organized for them. So, the key here is to offer different types of content. Perform a regular content audit on the website. This will ensure the accuracy and relevancy of information. Review content from a fresh perspective and from a user’s standpoint to get a clear picture of what has to be offered to the prospect. Weed out things that are outdated. Remove very old statistics and use only current numbers, graphs and screenshots of the product. Use thought leadership content on your website to give potential buyers the impression that you are a thinking company, not just another product or service provider. Include many research reports, whitepapers, best practice documents that prove your credibility and expertise in your niche space. In short, website content should be an engaging one. It should be like a conversation and not like a lecture. By employing the right strategies companies can create website content that adds value and

helps in lead generation as well. When intelligent marketing automation software is used, it can deduce visitor intent and, help in creating and presenting suitable content for lead nurturing.

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Creating Relevant Content for Lead Generation