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Content Marketing Challenges in B2B Marketing There is no dearth for marketing content in the Internet. But the challenge is to create authentic and resourceful content that will appeal to website visitors. According to the B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report, producing great content is the biggest challenge marketers face, backed up by producing enough content. Some of the other challenges include producing truly engaging content, getting content delivered to the right audiences, measuring results, talent to produce content, no consistent content strategy, lack of budget to produce content, understanding buying personas and decision stages, getting executive buy-in, poor content quality, lack of process for producing content, and lack of domain expertise etc. 1. Creating searchable quality content Since marketing initiatives are driven keeping in mind the Google rank pages, there is no doubt that quality content can easily win the search engine ranking battles. Although enterprises are creating reams of content, mainly for SEO and back linking purposes to be right on top of search engine results there is very little emphasis on quality. So, it is important that content should act as a touch point if lead generation has to succeed. 2. Time to create quality content Marketers are constantly racing to create as much content in as little time as possible. What we must remember is that creating great content does take time. Today’s consumers can easily see through content that is superficial and created in haste. Marketers must take time to research, time to understand the audience who will be reading it, time to quality check, time to review and rework based on feedback, and time to distribute the content to the right audience. 3. Producing statistical evidence One of the important components that go into creating a great content piece is thorough research. Unfortunately, owing to deadline pressures and customer demands, content marketers do not research enough which results in mediocre output. To ensure lead nurturing efforts do not go waste, before writing on a topic, read up as much as possible on the subject, and find out what the experts, thought leaders and analysts have to say on the same. This way the content development process will take into account multiple perspectives to provide a holistic picture. 4. Creating customer centric content Creating content that resonates with the reader continues to be a big challenge for content marketers. The biggest tip for content marketers is to put themselves in their target audience’s shoes. Think what

their problem areas are and how the content can help provide solutions to those problems. This way, the lead management process becomes a simple and effortless one. Also read on - Marketing automation, marketing automation software

Content Marketing Challenges in B2B Marketing