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e at “INK’D 4 LIFE” Magazine are a tattoo movement dedicated to the untamable tattoo society that is too expressive for the mainstream industry! The purpose of this movement is to highlight the rapidly emerging “in crowd” of the tattoo world by providing a seasonal print out and space that will give exceptional recognition to top Tattoo Artists, Pin-Up Girls, Tattoo Models, Misc Professionals, Athletes, Fashion Designers, and Recording Artists. We are a Charlotte, NC tattoo magazine and our goal is to eventually establish a global network of tattoo awareness. Our mission is to illustrate the expressive nature of the tattooed world and to reshape this industry by producing real stories about real people! Join the movement!

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DaVonna D

aVonna is a San Diego, CA native who personifies the true meaning of art. She is a seasonedmodel who has been in the game for over ten years and has plans to continue to take it to new heights and set new standards. DaVonna is also business savvy! She is currently working on a t-shirt line for the tattoo junkies of the world.MORE IN FULL ISSUE


ecognizing and capitalizing on trends before consumers move on to the next big thing is a priceless skill Desmond Dunn has. Desmond is a Raleigh, NC native and a senior Psychology major at North Carolina Central University (NCCU) who believes in staying and being positive. His clothing line, The WHYL, is based off a movement that was started by him and his high school buddies. The clothing line was actually created by accident when the high school friends made a couple of tee shirts to wear and posted a picture on Instagram. They made a few more for people and decided to start a business. He says that The WHYL is about “…fulfilling life and living life like a party that never ends!” It was easy for him to hone the necessary skills (i.e. graphic designing, sewing) to become a successful, up and coming designer because he says that he has always been into fashion. MORE IN FULL ISSUE

C Wade considers himself to be Ink’d 4 Life because he went from getting one tattoo every so often to getting them on a consistent basis (he would go get tatted every week for months at a time!). He sends his personal thanks to all the supporters, fans, and followers of the Ink’d 4 Life movement! Follow him on Instagram: @drippinpaint.

For the most part, Wade’s tattoos have not stopped him from personal and professional progression. He is a father to a beautiful little girl, the foreman for a well-respected company, and he’s also a tattoo model. When asked how many tattoos and ink hours he has he said that he did not know: “Honestly I have no clue how many actual individual tattoos, or hours I have wrapped up into this creation. All I know is that I’m literally covered from head to toe!”

harlotte, NC native Wade Gibson is a prime example of being Ink’d 4 Life!!! When he was16years-old he got his first tattoo, but the real tattooing began when he moved to Southern California. He believes tattoos are admirable, whether they are all over a gorgeous girl, or a prisoner locked up behind bars.


el Melz is a 24-yearold Pin-Up Model and emergency medicine employee whose careers most certainly fit her thrill-seeking personality. She is an Old Bridge, NJ native who has a hunger for extreme fitness and uses modeling as her motivation to keep going hard in the gym! Mel Melz started modeling in 2011 when a friend suggested that she submit photos to a few magazines upon completion of her first fitness competition. READ MORE IN OUR FULL ISSUE COMING SOON




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Prices based on business having their own ad. If business needs ad designed for print, we will create the specified ad for the client at a 10% cost of the ad size.

Prices based on business having their own ad. If business needs ad designed for print, we will create the specified ad for the client at a 10% cost of the ad size.

i.e. Full page ad design is $100, or 10% of $1000

i.e. Full page ad design is $100, or 10% of $1000