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11/5/13 Bria Fisher 18th & 19th Century Authors

Benjamin Franklin is known for many things however, many people do not know him to be an extremely dedicated writer. Franklin was born into a family of writers; in fact his family started The New England Courant. The New England Courant was considered to be one of the first newspapers established in Boston during the 18th Century. Franklin wanted so badly to be apart of the newspaper business however; his family thought that he was just too young to even be a paperboy. During this time Franklin would write letters late in the night and sign them as “Silence Dogood”. These letters that he wrote late at night was considered to be a female writer who was extremely critical to the world, and would also give very good advice. Although Franklin wrote a number of letters such as Silence Dogood and The Busy Body, he also wrote many essays referring to the Revolutionary War. Another ravishing author of the 18th & 19th Century was Nathaniel Hawthorne. Hawthorne was an American Novelists, Short Story Writer and some may believe to be a poet as well. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s first published work was named Fanshawe; no one quite knows the meaning of the name. Many know Hawthorne for his intriguing novel The Scarlet Letter, a story revolving around the sin of Adultery. This novel steered away from formalism as many of Hawthorne’s work did. Hawthorne was considered to be one of the leading writers of his time. Last but not least there was a writer during the 19 th Century that went by the name of Philis Wheatley. Phillis Wheatley is not like many other authors, for the simple fact that she was born a slave. Taken from her home at the age of seven, Wheatley was moved into the home of two slave owners and their children. The children of the slave owners taught Wheatley to read and write, which is when she began to write her poetry. Phillis Wheatley studied bible astronomy, geography, and history during her time of learning. One of her first poems written was named “To the University of Cambridge in New England”. Although, most may remember her for her outspoken poem “On Being Brought from Africa to America”, a poem which speaks on her experience of being a slave, and viewing the world through her eyes.

Bria Fisher  
Bria Fisher  

This is a article which I wrote based on three inspirational authors during the 18th & 19th Centuries. Student Work