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What’s the Story?

How do we communicate? UNIT QUSTIONS  How can we communicate the patterns and ideas we see around us in number?  How can I communicate a number idea so that others can understand me?  What does a number sentence represent? CONTENT QUESTIONS  How can we write in maths what we think in English?  What is multiplicity?  Where is multiplication in the world around us? How can multiplication help us? How can we communicate this to others?  What are Factors? Factorials? Integers? Square Numbers? Combinations?

Unit Outline In this unit students will explore multiplication in the environment and literature.  They will develop a story that has multiplication, its language, notation and rules, as part of its story line.  Students’ story will encompass multiplication concepts appropriate to their level of achievement/development.  The can present this story in a choice of media. 

Unit Plan Unit Plan Multiplicity

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Multiplicity Introductory Presentation  

The introuction for the grade 3-5 Mathematics and writing unit "What's the Story?"

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