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From the Latin root, Veritas means “truth”, the literal translation of Verace is “truthful” and both the design and menu at Verace are true to its Italian heritage. Along with the truth and authenticity in food and ingredients, the architectural concept is created around respecting the tradition of classic Italian architecture, but infusing cutting edge design and modern product. The Italian culture has produced some of the world’s most recognized ancient buildings, yet has produced the world’s most recognized modern design in furniture, fashion and interiors. Verace is a blend of both worlds. The floor, made with wood reclaimed from an old Pennsylvania barn, juxtaposes the sleek, modern seats and stylish, clean banquettes that define the dining room. The open kitchen, framed in Italian marble, showcases a Ferrari red cooking suite.

WINE ON TAP Verace’s wines on tap are delivered in temperature controlled, steel lined Eco Kegs and coaxed through the system with nitrogen. These Eco Kegs eliminate the possibility of exposure to oxygen, cork or sunlight and the damage that these three elements can do to a wine’s flavor profile. We also reduce both the environmental impact and the financial cost of shipping so many bottles and cardboard boxes. By serving wine on tap, we are able to pass these savings along to our guest and allow us serve a superior glass of wine at a very reasonable price.

THE FOOD Verace’s menu is designed to provide our guests with the amazing variety that Italian food is synonymous with, without sacrificing the quality the Bohlsen Restaurant Group has built its reputation on. Our menu’s diversity allows Verace to always offer the guest something that will satisfy their appetite. The quality of food described on the menu, built on ingredients sourced from the finest purveyors both domestically and internationally, is second to none. The value of our accessibly priced menu allows Verace to be the neighborhood restaurant at which Islip residents can afford to become regulars.

THE KITCHEN The centerpiece of Verace is the open kitchen at the center of the building. Each of our guests must walk through the kitchen in order to reach the dining room. As you pass through, take note of the Berkel slicer built in 1909, the Ferrari red cooking suite and the Woodstone gas burning pizza oven, with a viewing window so you can watch your dinner cook while you enjoy the ambiance of the dining room.

THE GROTTO The enclosed garden space behind Verace, with a man-made babbling creek centerpiece and hanging light bulbs above, also transports you to another place and time. Dine al fresco in the courtyard or sip cocktails by the outdoor fireplace.

THE BAR Verace’s main bar, bookended by a beautiful Italian espresso machine and our sleek wine taps, is a great place to have a glass of wine, enjoy a bite and run into friends. The bar opens up to the alleyway between Verace and Tellers that is reminiscent of an alleyway you may find in Verona.

THE GALLERIA The balcony at Verace, named the Galleria, is an oasis overlooking the main dining room. The luxurious velvet wall and the decorative barreled ceiling create an environment perfect for small gatherings or large parties. A television on the wall shows alternating feeds of the action in the kitchen or ariel views of Italy.

599 Main Street • Islip, New York 11751 Tel 631.277.3800 • Fax 631.277.3877 For Catering Information Please Call 631.650.9999

Verace Brochure  
Verace Brochure  

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