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Dear Mr. Cureton, Overall I liked the assignment, although it was not my favorite one that we have done. I liked the fact that we got to watch a movie in class and actually was able to critique and analyze it ourselves. When I first started to write my draft, I struggled to write the first sentence to my intro. I wasn’t really sure on what to say without telling the audience of my paper the entire story plot of the movie. I felt that my intro would be too long and detailed that my reader would miss the point of the essay. But, once I actually was able to figure out a way to write my intro without being too detailed of the story plot I felt better about the rest of my essay. After the peer review day and I got my feedback I realized that I had made a few grammatical mistakes and wasn’t elaborate enough in my intro. With this in mind the hardest part of the assignment for me was revising my paper. I wasn’t sure on how to fix my intro and summarize better. Ultimately, I ended up switching my paragraphs around a little and revised a few confusing sentences. This essay in my opinion differentiated more than the other essays we have written. This essay was about actually analyzing a movie and all of the elements that consist in a movie. I had to actually pull out and think about what I wanted to write about, and how to write about it. This essay was unlike the previous essays where I was able to basically use common knowledge, and what we had talked about in class to write my essay on. I would definitely recommend this assignment for future classes because this is not an easy paper to write and it could prepare the class for when they take critical thinking courses. Sincerely,

Dear mr1  
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