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WHAT MIGHT BE THE ADVANTAGES OF TELETRANSPORTATION IF IT WAS POSSIBLE? Personally, I think that teletransportation might be the best way or route to create a better world because if human beings had the power to teletransport to any place, the society would become fair. It seems to me that by using teletransportation there could be a knowledge expansion and an economical help in all societies around the world.

From my point of view, I consider that teletransportation could allow people who have studied in the most prestigious universities all over the world to teletransport to many societies so as to teach and educate the people by using their great capacities and knowledge. In that sense, people who have been educated can also educate other people in different places of the world with the purpose of expanding the knowledge and setting up a fairer society.

Furthermore, to my mind, I believe that the richest people around the world can travel to many societies by means of teletransportation. In this regard, they can realize about how poor people live in order to provide them with economical help. Likewise, they can become more sensitive and they can look for possible solutions which allow poor people to have better economical conditions and fight poverty.

To conclude, I strongly believe that teletransportation could be a terrific and a powerful means so as to constitute an equitable world where all human beings can have a good quality of life and education.


Let's think about the advantages in our world esphere if we had the power to teletransport to any place!