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Sexy Costume Ideas For Ladies You have received an invitation to a costume party, and you're trying to work out what you want to go as. No matter what you select, the one thing you know for sure you don’t want to be is frumpy. The biggest thing to keep in mind when choosing from sexy costumes is to make sure the style accents your best features. Body suits or leotards are ideal for thin framed women, while costumes with a mini dress or bustier will work better for females with cleavage. Listed are a handful of ideas to get you thinking: The Superheroes Because of their body-hugging suits and acrobatic moves, superheroes are normally sexy. Almost all superhero costumes can be altered rather easily if you would rather wear a short dress with lots of cleavage. The main elements are the colors and symbols, so you can make adjustments and personalize it as much as you would like, as long as you aren't going to Comic Con. Plenty of superhero costumes also have fun accessories like masks, capes, headbands, or caps. The majority of the superheroes wear boots that will often be sexy when you choose a pair with high heels. Science Fiction And Fantasy Many people know that science fiction and fantasy have some super hot costumes choices, when they've seen Princess Leia's gold bikini or the skintight blue bodysuit of Neytiri from Avatar. Science fiction is full of sexy female characters, and even male costumes such as a storm trooper or an alien can be adapted simply by making them form fitting. Fairy costumes give you the opportunity to put on tiny, shimmery dress and tons of glitter and mermaids have the slinky look with their shiny scales and skimpy shell tops. You can even get a sexy unicorn costume, with a little slinky short dress or body suit, some white platform boots, along with a cute headband topped with your magical horn. There are numerous approaches to make a witch costume sexy, as well. Historical This is not talking about the pioneer woman donning long skirts and a lot of layers. Your historical costume might be a flirty flapper with a plunging neckline and a lot of leg, or Pocahontas in a faux leather mini dress and leather moccasin boots. If you’re thinking about wearing a bustier and a short dress with lots of flounces, you could be a pirate or a showgirl. You may also decide to be a cave woman, wearing a flattering, furry animal skin outfit. Animals A basic choice that doesn't go out of style is the cat costume. Nothing says sexy like a leopardspotted body suit with a long, twitchy tail and a cute headband with pointy ears. You could be a yellow and black striped bumblebee in a mini dress with wings or even a shimmery peacock with a bustle train for the tail. Career Oriented

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Sexy Costume Ideas For Ladies Law enforcement options like police woman, SWAT team members or crime scene investigators are popular career related costumes. There are lots of approaches to make the components of a firefighter’s outfit into a sexy costume, as well, with a short black dress and thigh high boots with high heels and lots of buckles, for instance. Nurse or doctor costumes are simple and popular, too. There's a way to flaunt your best features, regardless of what theme you choose, because as an adult sexy costumes are the best part of playing dress-up. The success of that fantastic outfit can have you wishing there were more reasons in your daily life to wear costumes. Choose sexy costumes to flaunt your physique this Halloween. Visit to read more details about

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Sexy Costume Ideas For Ladies