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Important Messages from Tyler Perry

By: Breyanna Jones  “Everything that happens to you can work for your good if you let it” states Tyler Perry in his  interview with Oprah Winfrey. Growing up, Perry had a really rough childhood from the time he  was born, being abused by his father and not feeling the love within his home. Perry wanted an  escape from this nightmare, so he decided to write plays and movies  about his life.  Family is Important I know how obvious this sounds and that this theme can be  found in many movies outside of Tyler Perry productions. But I  mention this one first because it is one of the biggest. Your family is  important. Your family knows you in ways others don’t and they  literally share your blood. In many of the Madea movies (and other  Tyler Perry films), family members are constantly being brought  together. Madea has her tough and (seriously) harsh ways of  bringing her family together, but they sure do work. She never lets  any of her family go about their life without helping resolve their  issues or giving them a piece of her unforgettable advice. She does not  beat around the bush and even though it may be hard to see  sometimes, she always wants her family to love one another and  respect each other. Your family will always be there for you when others won’t. This is a very  important lesson that Perry gives us in his movie “Madea Family Reunion” and “Madea Big Happy  Family.”  Forgive and Let Go

Forgetting and letting go is another prevalent theme in the Madea movies. With all the drama and problems that the various characters face, in one way, shape, or form they learn to  forgive each other and  let things go. I carried  around my past for a  very long time and it  began to get the best of  me, until I asked God for  forgiveness and was  able to forgive myself.  You forgive those who  have hurt you, you  forgive yourself, and you  let go of the past and  work on your future.  Though you can see this  theme in most of Tyler  Perry productions, three of the movies that this theme is very obvious in are: “Diary of a Mad Black  Woman,” “Madea Goes to Jail,”and “I Can Do Bad All By Myself.” Each character has been hurt,  has hurt one selves or someone else, and has to go through the many stages of forgiveness on top of  their hectic lives.  Do not blame others for your problems. ​ ​ Frankly, when we  make mistakes, we  immediately want to find  someone to blame for them.  We don’t want to look in the  mirror and admit it to  ourselves that we just messed  up. It’s time to stop that. We  are human and we were not  created to be perfect. The sooner we can all admit that we cause the bumps in our road the better. It’s  very hard to admit when your life ends up in a way you never wanted, but nobody forced us to do  those things or act that way… we chose to do what we did. It takes effort and we have to stop settling 

and do something about our life if you want it to change. This theme is very prominent in “Madea Goes to Jail” when Madea confronts another inmate who blames her father for why she ended up in  prison: 

“I can’t stand folks wanna be the victim. ‘This person did this so I’m this way.’ Everybody got a story. Your mama and daddy gave you life, that’s all they were  supposed to do. No matter how good, how bad the life was, it’s up to you to make  something of it. Suck it up and shut the hell up.”   Tyler Perry has really valuable  lessons throughout his movies,  sometimes the most obvious ones  we don’t always catch on  to.​Perry’s opinion is “What I have  learned in this life is you can never  be ashamed of where you come  from.” We all go through things  in life that can change us in some  shape or form, however we allow  that circumstance to build us and  make the absolute best of life.