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February 2019 Vol. 55 Issue 2

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Our Mission Brewster Place is a retirement community providing all of its residents opportunities for an optimal quality of life.

The Brewster Health Center is accredited by The Joint Commission.

Creativity Connects Us to Joy and Each Other


ur mission at Brewster Place is to provide opportunities for an optimal quality of life for our residents. Using the Five to Thrive dimensions of wellness as our guide, we seek in our programming avenues for residents to enhance their intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness. Every resident that moves to Brewster Place brings a plethora of skills and talents. Many times this includes experiences with creae! it! tive pursuits such as painting, t a f sculpting, wood working and Cre OY o J writing. But more times than the r not, creative endeavors are fo something to be skeptical of and sometimes feared. We are here to tell you, “Fear not!” As renowned researcher Gene Cohen states, “any activity that uses both sides of the brain optimally is, in effect, savored by the brain. It’s like chocolate for the brain.” In Cohen’s view, creative expression Nadine Mergenmeier enables older adults to savor attended a recent painting life and be fully engaged in it. workshop with Kris. Cohen’s research, along with others that came after him, found that arts participation led to physical and mental health benefits, such as fewer doctor visits, less medication use, better morale and reduced rates of depression. (Borrowed from How the Arts Enrich Seniors’ Lives by Dianne Molvig | We are very lucky at Brewster Place to have full-time Creative Arts Coordinator, Kris Saia, leading the charge to encourage and enlighten residents about their innate creative gifts. Kris leads a varied program of classes, workshops, special events and one-on-one assistance. In the past year, Kris has been taking notes about what is working and what needs to be improved in our creative arts programming. She’s excited to share that in February, the creative arts schedule is changing to accommodate the interests of residents as well as the wide variety of skills. The creative arts program at Brewster Place is for everyone — beginners, intermediate and accomplished artists. We believe everyone has the ability to express themselves creatively while learning from each other and learning about oneself. Many times the richest measure of joy can be experienced later in life by touching that part of our spirit that we never knew existed. Please take a look at the creative arts offerings on page 3 and plan to join Kris for something new! Continued on page 3...

Brewster’s Executive Team


n the January issue of the Brewster News, we introduced you to our new President and CEO Joe Ewert. This month we are featuring the other members of Brewster’s Executive Team.

Leanna “Lea” Chaffee Vice President of Operations

ers and promoting and educating about Brewster and aging services. Eileen has been appointed to the Kansas AARP Executive Volunteer Board, Douglas County Senior Advisory Board, and Friends of the Mulvane Art Museum at Washburn University. She is a 2018 Leading Age Leadership Academy Fellow.


ea started her career in aging services over 20 years ago. She spent many years working as a server and cook in dietary services. Lea fell in love with service to older adults and obtained a degree in social work and gerontology from Kansas State University. Lea has worked in many different roles during her career including social work, activities, dietary and billing/business office. Lea began working at Brewster Place as a social worker in 2010. She completed her Administrator in Training at Brewster Place and obtained her Nursing Home Administrator’s license in 2011. She served as the Administrator for Brewster Health Center from 2011 to 2014. Lea took a brief hiatus from Brewster to work at LeadingAge Kansas — a trade association representing not-for-profit aging service providers in Kansas. In 2016, Lea returned to Brewster to serve as the Associate Administrator for Brewster Health Center. Lea considers Brewster her home and loves coming to work every day to support staff and to serve residents. Lea and her husband, Luke, have two children, Nick, age 13 and Tessa, age 11 and a dog, Daisy.

Larry Riggins Vice President & Chief Financial Officer


arry has served as Brewster’s Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for 20 years this month. Growing up in Kansas City, Kansas, Larry attended Wyandotte High School. He received both his undergraduate degree in business and his MBA from the University of Kansas. His career began in Kansas City as a CPA and auditor for the firm of KPMG (Peat Marwick) before moving to Nebraska to become tax manager for Iowa Beef Processors, a publicly traded Fortune 500 company. In 1979 Larry moved to Topeka to work for CGF Industries (CGF Grain) as Corporate Controller which included travelling to subsidiaries located across the United States. Larry saw joining the Brewster team in 1999 as a career change to a healthcare, not-for-profit setting. He has enjoyed learning from and working with the many talented employees that sustain the Brewster reputation. The experience of Larry’s father becoming an independent living resident at Brewster Place, also gave him a unique resident perspective. Larry’s tenure at Brewster includes overseeing eight bond issues for debt refinancing, campus expansion and improvements. He is responsible for Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, Information Technology and Environmental Services departments. Larry and his wife, Lartrell, have one daughter and three grandchildren who live in Overland Park, Kansas. They enjoy traveling and have been to Britain, Ireland, Israel and several European countries. They also make spring break visits to Florida for the beaches and summer visits to Colorado for “stress test” mountain hiking. 

Eileen Cain Vice President of Brewster at Home


ileen Cain is an RN, BSN and joined Brewster Place in August of 2011 as Director of Wellness. She has a background in obstetrics, rehabilitation and hospice nursing. Additionally, Eileen has marketing and sales expertise working in pharmaceutical sales for a Fortune 500 company prior to coming to Brewster. Eileen was promoted to Vice President of Brewster at Home where she is responsible for growing BrewsterConnect and Live Well at Home, our home and community based choices for seniors in Topeka and surrounding areas. She is also tasked with connecting to external community stakehold2

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Creative Arts Weekly Schedule

Creative Arts Special Events

BAZAAR Workshop

Make It Monday

Monday-Wednesday-Friday | 10:00 am—Noon Redwood Penthouse Art Studio It takes a village to prepare for the Annual Brewster Place Bazaar in November. Put your creativity to good use for a worthy cause. Join us for sewing, quilting, embroidering, knitting, crocheting and crafting. All skill levels are welcome and we will provide the materials you need to get started. Join us in the studio, or pick up items to work on at home at your leisure.

Monday, February 4 | 1:00 pm Redwood Lounge We had such fun last year making Valentine’s — let’s do it again! Join Kris to make stacks of ‘quick and easy’ cards to send to our local Meals on Wheels chapter. They’ll include one with each meal they deliver on Valentine’s Day, so we need to make bunches. Supplies are provided — just bring your creativity!

ART! Class Tuesday | 10:00—11:30 am Brewster Health Center This class is especially for residents of Brewster Health Center but anyone is welcome. Kris leads them in drawing, painting, coloring, collage and crafting. One easy project each week!

Monday, February 11 | 1:00 pm The Evergreens Art Studio Join Kris and Jamie to kick off our very first CRAFTERNOON project! You will be making easy Valentine’s for the kids at the Rescue Mission Children’s Palace. Join Kris and Jamie for some crafting and cookies too!

MAKERS Open Studio

Woodcarving Workshop

Thursday | 10:00—Noon The Evergreens Art Studio Join this class to MAKE something! Explore something new — or work on a favorite skill. You can paint, draw, build, craft, or make something to donate to the Brewster Bazaar — we’ll help you every step of the way. And once a month, we’ll explore a special project that’s sure to inspire your creative side. Join the MAKER movement — everybody’s a MAKER!

Friday, February 15 | 1:00 pm Redwood Penthouse Art Studio Are you interested in woodcarving? Mike Keil from Kaw Valley Woodcarvers will be with us to help beginners and experienced woodcarvers with projects.


BAZAAR Open House Friday, February 22 | 1:00 pm Redwood Penthouse Art Studio Drop by and see what residents are working on for the Brewster Bazaar in November. We always need new hands to help us sew, quilt, knit, crochet and craft — so come to the 6th floor and see what’s happening. Maybe you will be inspired to join in!

Trash & Treasure Crew Thursday, 1:00—2:00 pm Klinge Activity Center Trash & Treasure Storage Room We are having two Trash & Treasure Sales this year and as donations pile up in the storage room, we need some help! Kris will be on hand to help sort, price and process the donations with you. She will be there each Thursday afternoon and would love some company — all hands on deck!

Assisted Living Seminars

Upcoming Events Spring Art Show in April Stayed tuned for more details about this art show. If you have any questions, please give Kris a call at 2743317. 

February 21 and 23 For details please contact Brewster’s Lifestyle Consultants Chris Gallagher or Nancy Park at 274-3350. 3

From the Chaplain Prayer and Meditation by Chaplain Roger Jackson, M. Div.


n this article, I want to look at the difference between prayer and meditation. Can we practice both? And, what are the benefits? According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, to pray is defined as “1: to make a request in a humble manner; 2: to address God or a god with adoration, confession, supplication, or thanksgiving.” And to meditate means “1: to engage in contemplation or reflection; 2: to engage in mental exercise such as concentration on one's breathing or repetition of a mantra for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness; 3: to focus one's thoughts on or reflect on or ponder over.” Angela Montano, an international spiritual coach and prayer counselor, on her Website, ReThink Prayer, says the following in her article entitled “Prayer vs. Meditation.” “What prayer and meditation have in common is that both involve a ‘turning within.’ When we turn within to meditate, we are interested in space, in growing more conscious by seeing the activity of our thoughts and emotions. We are the witnesses. Our egoic minds operate from a dualistic perspective, so there is fear and suffering. When we meditate, we are seeing the duality of our thinking, but we are not trying to ‘fix’ this. Instead, we are simply watching and gaining awareness. This is a powerful spiritual practice that more and more people are doing all over the world. Through meditation, we can awaken from the dream of duality and the pain of the egoic mind. With practice and with more conscious awareness, we are able to experience our fear as a sensation, become less reactive, and experience more curiosity and opportunities to make different choices. We can access calm and patience where we may not have before. When we pray, while we are still ‘turning within,’ it is quite different. Through prayer, we are laying down our fears, doubts, and worries, and delivering our painful perceptions to this greater power within us. In prayer, we are choosing change. We are choosing release from suffering. We are surrendering the dualistic mind to the ‘one’ mind. We are creating and allowing. We are communing. It is very active. Through prayer we are offering the suffering to a higher power to resolve the painful conflicts within us and in the world. When we pray for a moment, even for a second, it is an act of faith. In that instance, something within us opens to the possibility of freedom from suffering. We open ourselves to the higher power of our own understanding to change us and the situation we associate with our pain or the pain of others. When I think of meditation, I think of the word ‘awareness.’ When I think of prayer, I think of the word ‘love.’ Awareness allows us to make new choices while love fuels those choices and animates them in such a way that we call them miracles. Prayer is a distribution system for sending love to the places within us and to others where this love is needing to be realized.”

I want to suggest that there are benefits of practicing both prayer and meditation for people of the Christian faith and people of other faiths. There is a benefit in having a quiet place where you can sit and empty your thoughts, quiet your mind, practice breathing techniques, silencing, centering, contemplating and reflecting. I try to practice these things when I am journaling, listening, on a spiritual retreat, or a labyrinth walk. This brings me to a place of awareness and opens my mind and heart to the presence of God. Then I am in a place where I can go into prayer, expressing my love and adoration for God and for others, being able to release pain and suffering for myself and others, and to make requests. As one who practices Christian faith, I believe that we can engage both prayer and meditation. And I believe that our prayer life will be enriched if we practice meditation. You will hear more about prayer and meditation in the next few months. My hope is that you will see how your prayer life can be enhanced with the practice of meditation. 


Intergenerational Events Quincy After School Arts Program

May, we will attend a showcase at the NOTO Arts Center of the art we created together. Even if you don’t feel artistic, don’t worry! The time you spend with these kids is much more valuable than your ability to draw, paint or sculpt.

Tuesday, February 5 | 3:30 pm | Lobbies Last summer Brewster partnered with Quincy Elementary School for a special week-long camp. Those who participated in the camp as well as our other intergenerational programs, know just how great these children are. This semester we have the opportunity to mentor Quincy students who are enrolled in their after school program. We will head over to Quincy Elementary for one afternoon a month during the months of February, March, and April and will assist students in creating an art project in small groups. Each month’s project will have a different theme. In

Listening Tour and Satisfaction Surveys


big “thank you” to everyone who attended a Listening Tour Session with Joe Ewert and Lea Chaffee. If you weren’t able to attend a session, don’t fret as we always welcome your thoughts and ideas. In addition, on Friday, February 15 every Independent Living resident will receive a Resident Satisfaction Survey on your door. We want your input and hope to get a large percentage of surveys returned. You will be able to hear about ideas shared at the Listening Tour and results of the survey at the March Resident Council Meeting. Joe Ewert, President and CEO, will present a report as well as provide some ideas as we move forward in 2019. Stay tuned! It’s an exciting time! 

Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating with Washburn University Delta Gamma Thursday, February 14 | 5:30—6:30 pm Redwood Lounge Stop by and decorate a cookie with the young ladies from Washburn’s Delta Gamma sorority. For more information about Intergenerational Programs, please call Katy Wright at 274-3309. 

February’s Featured Home of the Month North Aspen Terrace 23 This charming, 600 square foot, two bedroom, one bath residence is located on the upper floor of the inviting Terrace Apartments situated as bookends to the Aspen Cottages. Walk outdoors from your front door and enjoy the view of the beautiful courtyard with green grass, mature trees, and flower beds. An efficient kitchen includes a full-size refrigerator with ice maker, sink, garbage disposal, microwave, and oven. The bathroom has a high rise toilet and walk-in shower. Carports, located on the east side of the building, are provided at no additional cost and are accessible without steps! Amenities include all utilities, phone, standard cable service, every other week housekeeping, emergency call system, 24-hour security, priority use of health services, on campus transportation, and more.


Remember, Brewster residents receive a free one month’s fee for recommending a friend who moves into Brewster Place. Call Chris, 274-3351, or Nancy, 2743314, to learn more. 

Getting Things Done in 2019 by Jeremy Hall, Director of Brewster Foundation


he last several years have been very busy on the Brewster Place campus. From the Foundation’s perspective, we have been focused on a very important Capital Campaign with the goal of raising funds for new campus expansion that includes a large area for performances and meetings, new open exercise room, woodworking shop, an expansion of craft shops, movement of executive offices, indoor connected walkways, dedicated veterans walk, warm water exercise pool and new and improved dining and kitchen areas. This project was not just for one purpose or focus. It was not solely to add one of these new areas. This expansion project was designed to elevate the services offered on the Brewster Place campus. Each of the new areas has a different interest to each of us. Some people are looking forward to using one area, yet have no plans to use a different area. A different part of the project may appeal to each of us, as it touches our interest. To me, that is the great thing about Brewster, we strive to provide something for everybody. To fund this massive project, Brewster has used a combination of money we already had, bonds, and the money we planned to receive from this Capital Campaign. It is time to finish this campaign. At the start of 2019, the Campaign needs $800,000 to meet the Foundation’s financial commitment to creating more opportunities for residents. The Campaign has had some struggles. Maybe it was timing with other projects. It may have been that you only have an interest in one area. Possibly the scope and timeline of the project seemed so far away that you feared you would not see it to completion. So many reasons and we each have our own. I can tell you, however, that over 125 members of the staff at Brewster found a reason TO give. Those staff have given or pledged over $100,000 to the capital campaign. That reason is you. We believe you deserve the best opportunities for enjoying life. We believe the new areas will give us more opportunities to come together individually and as large groups to enjoy each other’s company, and to celebrate our unique community here at

Brewster Place. We are proud to be Brewster, and we want our community to be the absolute best it can be — for all of you. That says a lot to me. I hope that speaks to you as well. When we envision the new space, we see the people we love enjoying a show, sharing a meal or a cup of coffee with a neighbor, fixing a friend’s chair in the woodshop, and even exercising in the new pool with Julie. As I look at the giant hole in the ground being filled with concrete walls, I can see that this vision is so close to becoming reality. Help us make this vision come true in a way that makes you proud to be Brewster too. In 2019 we will make a final push for the last dollars needed to make this campaign a success. The goal is to reach $800,000 by July 1, 2019. To help visually see our growth, we will have a vision thermometer each month in the Brewster News so we can see our success. We will start at zero and work to reach the goal. Join me and my over 125 co-workers at Brewster by making a commitment for New Opportunities For OUR Thriving Community! 

Foundation Forum Wendi Bevitt, Buried Past Consulting, LLC Thursday, February 7 | 10:00 am The Evergreens Community Room


n February we will be hosting Wendi Bevitt who is owner and historian for Buried Past Consulting, LLC, a company she and her husband started in 2015. She graduated with a BA in History from Washburn University and has over 20 years’ experience with historical research and genealogy. Wendi’s company conducts historical and archaeological research within the Great Plains region and particularly Kansas. She will share how she and her husband perform their cultural resource investigations, some notable projects of which they have been a part, and the importance of their work. The Foundation Forum is held the first Thursday of every month at 10:00 am at The Evergreens Community Room. Please join us for this educational and entertaining time.  6

Eagle Ridge Residents Enjoy New Book Club


very Monday afternoon a group of avid readers gathers in the Eagle Ridge dining room at Brewster Health Center to read and discuss a book. The members of the club choose the book and each week a section is read aloud with discussion questions to follow. Hannah McDowell, Eagle Ridge Neighborhood Manager, formed the group to offer residents opportunities to enjoy time together with thoughtful conversations. Hannah states, “the goal for the book club is for elders to gather together to not only get to know each other better but also be engaged in an activity that is stimulating, yet relaxing.”

Dottie Prager enjoys attending the group each week stating, “anything that’s read to me, I love!” Dorothy Pooler reports, “It’s going well and I like the book selection. I enjoy a large group getting together and hearing everyone’s thoughts.” The Eagle Ridge Book Club meets every Monday afternoon at 3:00 pm in the Eagle Ridge dining room. They are currently reading Tuesdays With Morrie. This is just another example of our residents taking advantage of opportunities for optimal quality of life. If you’d like more information or would like to join this book club, contact Hannah McDowell at 274-3396. 

KU Osher Lifelong Learning Institute The Ancient Psalms: History, Poetry and Human Nature Wednesdays, February 13 , 20 and 27 2:00—4:00 pm | Main Street Chapel


lmost 3,000 years old, but still as current as the morning news, the Psalter has enticed generations into an exploration of its spiritual and secular depths. As history, the psalms reveal a people searching for a homeland, for a psychic identity, and for internal and national peace. As literature, they invite readers to examine the poetic power of parallel construction and perhaps to try their own hand at writing such personal verse. As windows into the human heart, they capture our lives, from the sadness of war and exile to the everyday experiences of relationships, worries, and work.

Instructor Writer Judith Galas has taught an array of students, business professionals and adults learning just for the fun of it. Her most recent book, Living the Ancient Psalms: Messages for Modern Life, explores the modern links we have to the desert poetry of our Hebrew ancestors. 



Unbroken: Path to Redemption Monday, February 25 2:00 pm | Chapel

Safety News Annual Statewide Tornado Drill Brewster Place will be participating in the annual statewide tornado drill on Tuesday, March 5 at 10:00 am. All areas of campus are encouraged to participate and seek shelter when the emergency siren sounds or an announcement is made over the building speaker system.

IRS Scam Currently there are scammers who are calling individuals hoping to receive their Social Security number to submit false tax documents. As always, never give out any personal information — Social Security number, credit card number, bank account information, etc. — over the phone. If you are called, please hang up immediately. If you have concerns, please contact Ron Dean, Security Manager, at 274-3370. 

DISCUSSION w ith Chaplain Roger

When the war ended, his battle began. Based on Laura Hillenbrand’s bestselling book, UNBROKEN: PATH TO REDEMPTION, begins where Unbroken ends, sharing the next amazing chapter of Olympian and World War II hero Louis Zamperini’s powerful true story of forgiveness, redemption and amazing grace.  Intermission – Refreshments and Discussion Following 7

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Napoleon: Power and Splendor


e love our visits to Kansas City and especially to The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Jamie Fritz, Activities Coordinator, invites you to join her on Thursday, February 21 for a docent-led tour of the featured exhibit Napoleon: Power and Splendor. This marks the first exploration of the majesty and the artistic, political and ideological significance of Napoleon’s imperial court from Napoleon’s selfappointment as First Consul in 1799 to his abdication in 1814.The Imperial Household was a key institution during Napoleon’s reign. It was responsible for the daily lives of the Imperial family and the day-to-day existence of former general Bonaparte, who became Emperor Napoleon. The exhibition aims to re-create the ambiance and capture the spirit that prevailed in the French court during the Empire. A selection of works, most of which have never before been exhibited in North America, will reveal the power and splendor of the Imperial Household and its role in fashioning a monarchic identity for the new emperor, his family and loyal entourage. Cost of the tour is $16. Transportation is $13. Lunch is a Dutch treat at the Rozzelle Court Restaurant. Please call Jamie at 274-3398 for reservations. The bus will leave at 8:45 am. 

“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.” -Neil Gaiman

Above: Hannah McDowell reads Tuesdays with Morrie to the Eagle Ridge Book Club. They meet each Monday afternoon to read and discuss the chosen book. Left: Carol Dikeman tried her hand at painting during a special workshop with Kris Saia. Participants painted sunflowers for Kansas Day that could be displayed on their doors.

Above: Snow, rain, sleet or cold can’t keep Juanita Hopkins from her daily exercise routine. She participates in many of Julie’s classes as well as walking the Brewster Place campus for good health! Way to go, Juanita!

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The Brewster News is a monthly publication for the residents and friends of Brewster Place. The Brewster News is also available online at: Janis Swanson, Editor

february on-campus events Make it Monday | Monday, February 4 | 1:00 pm | Redwood Lounge (see page 3) Kansas Humanities Speaker Bureau | Wednesday, February 6 | 1:00 pm | Main Street Chapel Muralist Dave Loewenstein will present IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK: KANSAS MURALS. He will explore the artists, meaning, and stories behind the state’s rich collection of public murals. From the iconic John Steuart Curry murals in the Kansas Statehouse to the post office murals of the New Deal and the many murals done by townspeople across the state, these works tell us much about the people involved. This presentation is paid for with a grant from the Kansas Humanities Council.

Social Committee Meeting | Monday, February 11 | 11:00 am | The Evergreens Community Room We are looking for new members. If you are looking to get involved at Brewster Place, please come and give us your input for dynamic activities program in the new year.

CRAFTERNOON | Monday, February 11 | 1:00 pm | The Evergreens Art Studio (see page 3) Osher: The Ancient Psalms | Wednesday, February 13, 20, and 27 | 2:00 pm | Main Street Chapel (see p. 7) Music Study Club Performance | Thursday, February 14| 1:00 pm | Redwood Lounge Come and enjoy some wonderful Blue Grass Music sponsored by the Music Study Club of Topeka.

Cookie Decorating | Thursday, February 14 | 5:30 pm | Redwood Lounge (see page 5) Woodcarvers at Art Studio | Friday, February 15 | 1:00 pm | Redwood Penthouse (see page 3) White Elephant Valentine’s Party | Friday, February 15 | 3:00 pm | Main Street Pavilion We had to reschedule our original party so let’s do it for Valentine’s Day. You are invited to a fun gift exchange. Please bring a wrapped gift of a gently used item or a new item that is worth about $10. It can be nice or funny. We will place all the gifts on a table and each person will take turns choosing a gift.

Cornerstone School Speeches and Singers| Monday, February 18 | 1:00 pm |Redwood Lounge These children are preparing for a national competition and would like to share their hard work with us. Then they will entertain us with song. The choir is directed by Dorothy Iliff, Mary Muilenburg’s daughter.

Five to Thrive Luncheon | Tuesday, February 19 | 11:30 am | Klinge Activity Center Our speaker will be Jenny Lamb, MSW, LSCSW. She is the director of Brewster’s wellness program. Her presentation is entitled Winter Woes Beating Mother Nature at Her Own Game. She will offer tips and tricks for boosting your mood during these difficult winter months. The cost will be $7. Reservations are required by February 15. Please call Jamie at 274-3398 for reservations.

Bazaar Open House | Friday, February 22 | 1:00 pm | Redwood Penthouse (see page 3) Marty Edwards Sing-A-Long | Saturday, February 23 | 6:00 pm | Redwood Lounge Marty Edwards will provide popular music from the 40’s through the 80’s. Feel free to join in the singing and just relax to the music.

Kansas Humanities Book Talk | Tuesday, February 26 | 2:00 pm | The Evergreens Community Room We are starting a new series called Wit and Grit: Women Characters in Contemporary Fiction. Throughout literary history, the depiction of women has varied from writer to writer. Although exceptions exist, today’s female characters appear more prominently and cast from reality rather than dream. In this series, women of contemporary literature face situations and decisions that would challenge a shipload of whalers. These women display the wit to think their way through obstacles, sometimes with humor and always with the grit to persist. We will meet women who think, act, and engage life on their own terms in search of their freedom, and their dreams. Our first book is A Piece of the World by Christina Baker Kline. In this historical novel the protagonist, Christina Olson, is none other than the mysterious young woman of Andrew Wyeth’s painting “Christina’s World.” The other titles in the series are The Farming of Bones by Edwidge Danticat and The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead. Please contact Jamie at 274-3398 if you are interested in receiving a set of books to read. Copies are limited.

Hymn Sing | Thursday, February 28 | 3:00 pm | Redwood Lounge Come and lift your voice. We will sit around the piano and have an old-fashioned hymn sing.

february off-campus events Quincy Elementary After School Art Project | Tuesday, February 5| 3:30 pm | Lobbies See article on page 5 of this issue. On Stage Live | Tuesday, February 12 | 6:30 pm | Lobbies SAXSATIONAL, The Next Generation explores a new generation of popular music. A local high school concert band will join Rob Verdi on stage to explore a repertoire of swing era jazz classics along with trendy pop, rock, and rhythm and blues songs from such artists as Stevie Wonder, Carlos Santana, Michael Buble, Bruno Mars, Adele, Maroon 5 and many others. And, since the show is about the saxophone, you’re likely to hear some. Saxsational – where Topeka talent takes center stage! Tickets can be purchased at the door. Please call Jamie at 274-3398 for transportation reservations. New Theatre Restaurant | Wednesday, February 13 | 10:00 am | Lobbies The Theatre presents SHEAR MADNESS starring Richard Karn from the smash hit TV show Home Improvement. The play is America’s most popular and longest running comedy (now in its 31st year at Washington D.C.’s prestigious Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts). More than 12 million people worldwide have seen the hilarious whodunit and there is no end in sight; its success just keeps going and going. In this hilarious whodunit, a renowned classical pianist is murdered in her apartment above the SHEAR MADNESS beauty salon and you, the audience, along with Inspector Nick O’Brien, interrogate the suspects, evaluate the clues and solve the mystery. The wacky, spontaneous comedy never has the same ending twice, so you can see it again and again. Tickets including lunch are $33. Transportation costs $13. Please call Jamie at 274-3398 for reservations as tickets are limited. Drive and Pie | Thursday, February 14 | 2:00 pm | Lobbies Let’s go for a drive and see if any signs of spring popping up. We will then stop at Bradley’s Corner Café for coffee and pie, which are Dutch treat. Please call Jamie at 274-3398 for reservations. Topeka Symphony Orchestra | Saturday, February 16 | 6:45 pm | Lobbies Frank Sinatra is synonymous with jazzy, breezy, romantic ballads, and the Topeka Symphony Orchestra is thrilled to bring vocalist Steve Lippia to their stage for a Valentine’s evening of Frank’s greatest hits. You won’t believe your ears — it’ll be like Ol’ Blue Eyes himself came back to serenade you and your Valentine at a concert of the sweet, romantic, fun songs that Frank made famous. Tickets are available at the door. Please call Jamie for transportation reservation at 274-3398. Nelson –Atkins Museum of Art and Lunch | Thursday, February 21 | 8:45 am | Lobbies Please see back page of this issue for more details. Lunch Out at Paisano’s | Thursday, February 28 | 10:45 am | Lobbies Back by popular demand we will head to Paisano’s for lunch. If you order any drink, the meal will be half price. No transportation cost for in town trips. Please call Jamie at 274-3398 for reservations.

At the Movies on BPTV 1960

Save the Date!

February 7 “Like Father” (2018 heartfelt drama) February 14 “Lincoln” (2012 biography) February 21 “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” (2018 romance) February 28 “The Book Thief” (2013 military war drama)

May 8, 9 and 10 Join Jamie and Julie for a trip to Bartlesville, Oklahoma with special trip to the Mercantile in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. More details to come. Call Jamie at 274-3398 for more information!

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Brewster News February 2019  

The Brewster News is the monthly newsletter of Brewster Place, an award-winning Life Plan Community in Topeka, Kansas.

Brewster News February 2019  

The Brewster News is the monthly newsletter of Brewster Place, an award-winning Life Plan Community in Topeka, Kansas.