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A Rendezvous Recap: Museums, Music, and Intra-Marina Mingling

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A RENDEZVOUS RECAP: Museums, Music, and Intra-Marina Mingling 2

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The tail end of Tropical Storm Andrea was still passing through as veteran sailors Chris and Suzie Grimes of Brewer Wickford Cove Marina calmly— and skillfully—pulled into Mystic Seaport, lowering their fender-boards and adjusting their dock lines as they snugged up to the bulkhead at the North End of the harbor. Despite the nasty weather, they were greeted with a welcome tote bag and Brewer Yacht Yard (BYY) burgee, complimentary gifts for joining the first Brewer Rendezvous. The next morning, after all foul weather gear was shed, a new burgee was flying proudly from beneath a spreader aboard the Grimes’s 50-foot sailboat, Arn-Inin. The sun, along with several other BYY boats, soon appeared and the first-ever Brewer Rendezvous was officially underway! Rendezvous participants, consisting of Gold and Green Card Members from seven different Brewer marinas, enjoyed coffee and pastries before attending a private tour of the Henry B. DuPont

Preservation Shipyard. The group was afforded the rare opportunity to get upclose and personal with the Charles W. Morgan whale ship. They climbed under the scaffolding where the vessel was dry-docked, and Quentin Snediker, the Mystic Seaport Shipyard Director, explained the restoration processes in detail, as humidifiers misted the boat’s topsides, prepping the 172 year old ship for its launching on July 21st. The weekend, coinciding with the Seaport’s 34th Annual Sea Music Festival, was ideal. Not only did Brewer customers enjoy the permanent exhibits around the museum, but also the music performed on the many stages erected around the entire Seaport campus. Wandering from venue to venue, visitors took in the atmosphere of a 19th century nautical village filled with folk music. The Rendezvous culminated in an evening “Docktail” party where Brewer customers had a chance to socialize with each other as well as with BYY managers.



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The Brewer Rendezvous that followed were much the same—with music, museums, and mingling among members and staff from all Brewer yards. The goal was to facilitate cruising, foster camaraderie, and say “thank you” to loyal BYY customers. With discounted dockage rates, reduced admission costs, exclusive access, and private tours, BYY Rendezvous participants

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SOMETHING Editor Kristin Peterson Brewer South Freeport Marine Directors of Marketing Douglas Domenie Brewer Dauntless Shipyard & Marina Lynn Oliver Brewer Yacht Yard Group Design and Production Tina Kelsey Kelsey Creative Tide Watch is a newsletter created in-house specifically for Brewer Yacht Yard customers and staff. It is published twice a year. Over 15,000 copies of each issue are direct-mailed in May and October, at the open and close of each boating season. We welcome feedback, contributions, questions, and ideas. While we enjoy sharing our stories with you, we also have an interest in hearing your stories. If you cruise between Brewer Yacht Yards this season, let us know where you’ve been and how you’ve spent your time. Feel free to enclose pictures; we may include them in a future edition.

for Everyone! The average Brewer Yacht Yard sits on five acres and is home to about 250 slips. A Brewer yard – one to the next – is similar in both appearance and attitude, yet each facility maintains qualities unique to its location. A Brewer yard is a quaint facility with cedar-shingled shops, a pool, and a deck at the head of a river. A Brewer yard is an expansive modern property with heated buildings, a picnic area, and state-of-the art equipment situated on the banks of a beautiful bay. A Brewer yard is a family-friendly, recreational fishing port on a quiet estuary. Whether in New York, Maine, or somewhere in between, there’s a Brewer Yacht Yard for everyone! Small boat owners. Wooden boat owners. Mega yacht captains. Gunkholers. Circumnavigators. Sport fishermen. Commercial fishermen. Roundthe-can racers. Ocean goers. Brewer Yacht Yards come in all shapes and sizes. “I think many Brewer yards fit or follow the personality of the managers, and the custom of the area,” says Doug Domenie, General Manager of Brewer Dauntless Shipyard & Marina. “Boat owners will find certain service and facilities standards at any Brewer yard, but the personalities of the managers and staff can really dictate the experience.” When Brewer Yacht Yards began 50 years ago the focus was on quality yacht service. With time, the Brewer experience grew to encompass creature comforts, with added emphasis on appearance and amenities. This helped to attract not just avid yachtsmen, but their families too. With a commitment to reinvesting in each of its properties, Brewer Yacht Yards grew steadily, acquiring a yard almost every other year. The group kept advancing service capabilities through equipment acquisitions, technical training, and certifications, never losing site of the desire to improve facilities for both staff and members alike. Today, Brewer Yacht Yards is building on these efforts, with new emphasis on expanding marina activities, thereby adding even more value to the Brewer membership experience. “Brewer yards are all different, but all endeavor to provide outstanding customer service,” says Jack Brewer, Founder and CEO.

BREWER’S 50TH 2014 marks Brewer Yacht Yards’ 50th Anniversary. Be sure to keep an eye out for news and events relating to this special milestone. “For our 50th, we’ll be celebrating our customers by supporting them with more of the things they like to do on and with their boats,” says Lynn Oliver, Director of Marketing. In the coming year, watch for 50th Anniversary information via eBlasts from your Brewer home port, and via Brewer’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This season, to better meet the needs of boaters, Brewer Yacht Yards offered members a variety of new programs. These include: rendezvous for cruisers; picnics for families; seamanship seminars for old salts; classes just for women; evening concerts; morning coffees; charitable events; mechanical seminars; fishing tournaments; and race preparation seminars…just to name a few. By reaching out to members and bringing slip neighbors together we share our knowledge, learn from your experiences, get to know one another better and, ultimately, further strengthen the Brewer Yacht Yard community, combining quality yacht service with fun for all. 

Kristin Peterson Tide Watch Editor c/o Brewer South Freeport Marine PO Box 119 South Freeport, ME 04078 (207) 865-3181


continued from page 1 received benefits inaccessible to the average cruiser at some of the most sought after locations in the Northeast. “The cost is no different really than going out on a weekend trip to some other place in New England,” Chris Grimes pointed out.

Once again BYY provided not only a great opportunity to socialize, but also another behind the scenes look at the Seaport. All told, boats from 16 of Brewer’s 22 marinas attended at least one of five BYY Rendezvous in four locations, throughout the summer. The Brewer Yacht Yard group looks forward to hosting more similar events in the future, and continuing to show appreciation for members with events that make cruising enjoyable, easier, and more fun. When it comes to joining the Rendezvous, Chris Grimes puts it best. “It’s a no brainer. It’s just a great thing.”

For the BYY Rendezvous in Bath, Maine customers traveled up the scenic Kennebec River to the Maine Maritime Museum where they were greeted the first evening to a performance by the “Squid Jiggers” as part of the Saltwater Celtic Music Festival. The following day, after the customary BYY Rendezvous morning coffee, the Brewer group explored the museum, received a private lecture, and had the opportunity to take a trolley next door to Bath Iron Works for a tour of the ship building facilities.

To view our “Why Rendezvous?” and other BYY videos produced by our in-house media team, subscribe to YouTube Channel 

The BYY Bristol Rendezvous at the Herreshoff Marine Museum and America’s Cup Hall of Fame, saw fantastic weather and quite a large turn out. Even their arrival in stormy weather at Mystic didn’t dampen the Grimes’ Rendezvous experience. They sailed up Narragansett Bay and once again took part in the activities that Brewer had planned. Adam Langerman of Herreshoff Designs, partner of Halsey Herreshoff, grandson of legendary naval architect Nathanael Herreshoff, led the tour of the Model Room and Work Shop. In this section of the museum, not typically open to the public, Rendezvous participants learned about Captain Nat’s design and boatbuilding process. Afterwards, members had the opportunity to watch a video on the history of the America’s Cup at the America’s Cup Hall of Fame and explore the breathtaking Hall of Boats dominated by glistening brightwork. As an added bonus, they traveled up the street to where a team of volunteers diligently worked on The Reliance project—building a one-sixth scale model of Herreshoff’s 1903 America’s Cup defender and the longest, single masted ship ever built. For anyone with an interest in nautical engineering, the morning spent at Herreshoff was an absolute treat. “I would come back again,” said Suzie. After exploring all that Bristol has to offer from bike paths, antique shops, fine dinning, and historic mansions, Brewer members met back under the tent at Herreshoff’s waterfront for a “Docktail” party just before sunset. “It’s a good time to meet,” Chris mentioned, “especially to catch up with Brewer’s people. To me, it’s great. We love it.” Plus, said Suzie, “You’ve got to get the BYY bag!” In keeping with the theme, the Salem Rendezvous, at Brewer Hawthorne Cove Marina, featured a private, guided tour of the famed House of the Seven Gables, just a quick walk from the yard. The “Docktail” party included live music at the yard but the main attraction had to be the Salem Jazz & Soul Festival. The festival, which annually attracts music fans from all over was held Saturday and Sunday just down the street from the marina. Hawthorne Cove customers and Rendezvous participants alike accessed the concert site via complimentary launch service from the marina, or by foot. Because this Rendezvous was held at a Brewer yard, it was also a terrific opportunity for Green and Gold Card holders to use their free transient nights. Many of the boats that missed out on visiting Mystic Seaport in June, due to weather concerns, got a second chance to do so in September during the final BYY get-together of the season.


Repairs Require Shipbuilding Capabilities & Travel Lift Tricks Last fall, while many boat owners faced the difficult reality that their boats were likely totaled by Superstorm Sandy, one boat owner made the bold decision to move quickly and have his 52 foot racer repaired. After floating off her stands in a boat yard in Mamaroneck, New York, where Sandy’s winds reached 100 mph (broadside) and the tidal surge reached five and half feet, this 52 foot sailboat was found laid over on her side. In the aftermath, it was determined that her hull structure had failed at the keel bolts, the rudder was damaged beyond repair, and water had filled the port side to deck level.

The new piece, a keel plate, was engineered by Steve Burke to ensure it met contemporary fin keel ABS strength standards. The new, much stronger, keel plate was created using resin infusion on location at Brewer Pilots Point Marina. (This process for making fiberglass parts produces maximum strength at minimum weight, and offers high repeatability for consistency and saturation of the resin within the fiberglass). It is a complex and precise system requiring technical expertise and high quality manufacturing standards. Collaborating with Burke on the engineering, David and his team of Brewer technicians laid up the clear gel coat and layers of fiberglass in the mold, taped out the solid piece for the keel sump, and then added the core, inner skin and reinforcement before introducing the resin. Resin was infused at a controlled temperature using vacuum bag technology to eliminate air pockets in the laminates. The infused structure was then baked for several hours.

At the suggestion of a fellow yacht club member, whose J/122 had suffered similar damage the year before, the owner considered having the boat repaired by Brewer Yacht Yards’ Pilots Point facility in Westbrook, Connecticut. Within days, calls, emails, and photos were exchanged with Pilots Point’s General Manager, Jeremy Maxwell; Burke Design’s naval architect, Steve Burke; and the owner’s marine insurance company. All agreed it was a major job requiring shipbuilding capabilities, in addition to standard boat yard repairs. The work would include: turning the boat upside down with some tricky travel lift maneuvers; thermal imaging to determine the extent of damage; and resin infusion to reproduce the five by 12 foot section of the hull that was damaged when the keel separated from the bottom.

Thermal imaging was used to confirm the lack of air bubbles in the new hull piece before it was taken out of the mold to be prepped for installation. The edges of the hull, where the section had been cut out, were then beveled, according to Burke’s drawings, and tabbing was added around the joint area. The hull laminate and the new piece were each ground out in a 16” taper at the meeting point. (This type of connection allows for fiberglass bonding that spreads the load in a lower stress region of the hull, away from the keel). With the new piece in position, the joint was then laminated from the inside. New floor frames and a new mast step were fabricated in place. The boat was then rolled, again to an upside down position, and the joint was laminated from the exterior. The intact hull was sanded and faired while the boat was upside-down and even received a coat of bottom paint before being baked again for 12 hours as part of the post-curing process.

While the chaos that followed the storm delayed the insurance company in getting a surveyor directly to the boat, the owner did receive approval to move the vessel from New York to Brewer Pilots Point Marina, and to proceed with repairs. By December, the boat was at Pilots Point and work had begun. The goal was clear. The owner wanted his boat back and race-ready by Memorial Day Weekend, in time for the Block Island Race.

Once again, the boat was rolled, this time to an upright position, to drill for keel bolts and to replace the flooring, main bulkhead, galley, nav station, chain plates, bunks and other items that needed replacing or had been removed during the repair work. The boat was then lifted onto the keel, and correct alignment was confirmed by laser. The joined keel and hull were faired and painted. Meanwhile, a new rudder was built by Eric Goetz Marine, using CAD files from the original designer, Bob Smith, and CDC tools to machine the shape. Fortunately, the original 4-inch carbon fiber rudder shaft was not damaged and was able to be reused. As the new rudder was mounted, interior engine work and other repairs were also completed.

Under the project management of David Gray, Pilots Point’s composites specialist, much of the boat’s interior was cleared away, some due to saltwater intrusion, the rest was cleared to allow access for the necessary repairs. Some parts were beyond salvage, while others parts were stored for reinstallation. The galley, nav station, fuel tanks, bottom bunks, lower half of the main bulkhead, heads and plumbing were removed, along with the cabin sole and frames. Mark Ashton of Independent Marine Systems LLC provided thermal imaging services to determine the extent of the damage. The boat’s exterior was then sanded back to remove all material in order to establish index lines, a center line, and level, since there was no keel stub. Once the boat was leveled, a laser was used to determine these lines.

With the hull like new, the mast, which had already been determined to be damage-free, also via thermal imaging, was stepped, the rigging was checked, and a new forestay and carbon backstay were installed.

To evaluate the size and location of the section of hull to be replaced, and to make a mold for this piece, the boat was carefully rolled over in the travel lift slings. (To see a video of this rollover, visit At the same time, saddles were built to cradle the boat once she was righted again. This was to protect her from sagging or twisting once the five by 12 foot section was removed.

In total, the project required 3,000 man hours. “The project went smoothly,” says General Manager, Jeremy Maxwell. “The owner was clear about his goal of racing this summer, and had confidence in the recommendations he had received about


Burke and Brewer.” When asked about working with the insurance company on such a large project, Jeremy says, “They were friendly with us, but the boat owner is always our customer, not the insurance company.” When all was said and done, the boat was not ready until June, but it was well worth the time and effort according to the owner. His racing machine is a classic design, one in which he had invested personally from the beginning, building it from just a hull and deck in the ‘90s. When Sandy struck, he knew he wanted to repair his boat and says that it is stronger, stiffer, and faster today, thanks to the use of resin infusion technology, and the strengthening of the keel plate. He suggests that boat owners have a good insurance policy and think hard about how they would react if faced with a catastrophic loss. Such a repair process is a commitment, but one made easier by professionals such as Steve Burke and the crew at Brewer Yacht Yards. His advice to those who might find themselves in a similar situation, “Talk with other boat owners and do your research to find satisfied customers.” With that, he was ready to start prepping for the Vineyard Race! 

Boat Yard Dogs Doug and Amy Fultz say they introduced, their 2 ½ year old Havanese pup, Gizmo, to “the good life” when they joined Brewer Plymouth Marine in their hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts in 2012. Gizmo, a little dog with a BIG DOG self-image, wasted no time settling in at the marina. “For the past two seasons, he has kept an eye on everyone who walks B Dock, greeting all with a wagging tail,” says Amy. “This charming tactic sometimes earns him treats from fellow boaters.” But Gizmo likes more than just lingering dockside. He likes to be underway too! His favorite trips include: Martha’s Vineyard (for Doug and Amy’s honeymoon), Provincetown, and more regularly, Brown’s Bank. Next season, voyages will also included visits to other Brewer marinas. This season, however, the Fultz family excitement revolved around a new canine crewmate. Sandy, a Terrier-Corgi mix, was rescued by Doug and Amy last fall, after he was found wandering the streets of Providence during Hurricane Sandy. “Sandy could not have adjusted any better to boating life,” says Amy. “He has a very laidback personality.” Like Doug and Amy, Gizmo and Sandy have made lots of friends at the marina. Their best four-legged pals are Maddie and Harley. Maddie, a Goldendoodle with whom the two share dog treats, coincidentally became their next door neighbor ashore, while Harley, a Yellow Lab, loves to join them for walks to Brewster Gardens where they play, while their moms enjoy coffee from Water Street Café.

Do you have a dog that spends his/her time at a Brewer marina? Does he/she love boating as much as you do? If so, send a brief description and a photo to Kristin Peterson, Tide Watch Editor, c/o Brewer South Freeport Marine, PO Box 119, South Freeport, ME 04078, or e-mail the information to Please note: though dogs are welcome, they must be leashed while on BYY property, as a courtesy to those who may/may not be comfortable around animals. In support of our dog-friendly policy, dog owners are asked to clean up after their pets.


Brewer’s Sponsorship of the

Q & Aes Phyfe

with BYY VP Jam

TW: How does BYYs’ involvement benefit BYY members? JP: Brewer has always been active in recreational boating in the Northeast. We have worked with cutting edge racing campaigns and with weekend buoy racers. Our experience allows us to bring the best possible solutions to our customers and their boats. We hope that our members who maybe have not ventured into the racing scene will see this as an opportunity to tap an old friend on the shoulder and ask for advice.

TW: Is this a unique kind of relationship? JP: This is certainly the first instance that I am aware of that a boat yard has devoted this level of resources to this event. There are other sponsors in the Race, all of whom provide valuable services. We believe our objective might be slightly different, though, because we are not simply looking at a cost and return calculation.

TW: Will the seminars target first-timers as well as race veterans? JP: The seminars are designed for all experience levels. In fact, we hope the diversity of participants will make it particularly valuable to them. There are sessions for the first-timer on things like how to enter the race and where to stay in Bermuda, but there are also sessions on navigating tricky weather patterns and making your boat go as fast as it possibly can go. Everyone who attends should, we hope, find plenty of useful information. Those who skipped the first one will hopefully realize what a valuable experience it was and join us for another down the road. In addition to the listed speakers for each topic, we plan to have many “experts” on hand – from Race Committee members, to Inspectors to representatives to Bermuda Tourism and past trophy winners. One neat thing will be the opportunity to go aboard some race-tested vessels. Rives’ Carina will be there for attendees to board as well as several other notable past competitors.

TW: What inspired BYYs’ official involvement with the 2014 Newport Bermuda Race? JP: Many of us here at Brewer have been involved in the Bermuda Race as competitors for years. At the same time, countless boats have come to Brewer yards to prepare for this race. There are stringent vessel preparation standards that all entrants must adhere to, and the process is not simple for a first-timer. Since we have been through it so many times, we can help racers navigate the process, often saving money and time with race-tested ideas and solutions.

TW: How does this sponsorship benefit BYY?

TW: What does BYY have to offer Race participants?

JP: Of course, any work we get from this effort helps the bottom line, but, more than that, we all love this race and want to see it succeed long into the future. Our overwhelming objective is to drive participation and lower the barriers to entry. From the outside, the Newport Bermuda Race is an intimidating proposition, but it really is not too difficult. We want to help those who feel ready to tackle this type of challenge get to the starting line with confidence and without breaking the bank.

JP: We have our experience to offer. We have many people on staff who have done this race numerous times, often on their own boats. We have a history of helping owners prepare their boats go to sea. And, we have many racers that call our yards home. All of that allows us to bring solutions and resources to bear that a less experienced yard might not have at their fingertips.


'14 Newport Bermuda Race TW: How will BYY reach/extend offerings to BYY members who are not based at Pilots Point Marina?

places who want to try us out, that’s great too. But our goal with all of our efforts these days is to introduce new people to boating. Someone who has never stepped on a boat before obviously is not going to race to Bermuda right away, but maybe they will be invited to sail a weeknight race and catch the bug. Maybe someone a little more experienced will be invited aboard someone else’s boat for the Bermuda Race. We want to provide the ability for all skill levels to meet new people and have new experiences.

JP: Obviously there are a few Brewer yards that are associated with this type of racing. Pilots Point and Cove Haven are two that come to mind immediately because of the type of work they have done in the past. However, the message we want to get across is that ANY Brewer yard will offer a prospective racer, or even an experienced one, the same level of expertise and experience that those two yards could. What is unique about our company is that rather than being 22 individual yards, each surviving on its own with its own management and customer base, we are a team of 350 professionals that together service over 6,000 customers. We are fortunate to have experts all across our company that any one individual can access with a single phone call. So, no matter whether you are in Greenport, Glen Cove, or South Freeport, the experience and professionalism will be the same.

TW: What can boaters anticipate/look for in the months ahead and through the winter? JP: It appears that our first seminars, offered on September 7th, were successful, so we will probably do other seminars in other locations. We might repeat the program somewhere farther east, or maybe we will find a new set of topics to discuss. 

TW: To whom does BYY expect to appeal with this effort? JP: First and foremost, we are offering this as another amenity for our existing Brewer customers. If we get a few from other

Brewer Yacht Yards Named Official Boat Preparation Resource for the 2014 Newport Bermuda Race The Bermuda Race Organizing Committee (BROC) has named Brewer Yacht Yards the Official Boat Preparation Resource for the 49th Newport Bermuda Race. “We are very happy to welcome the Brewer group of 22 yards in New York and New England as a member of the sponsor family,” said BROC Chairman Fred Deichmann. “The BROC is especially pleased that Brewer will bring its expertise to sailors in a series of race-preparation seminars.”

race course, and guidance on navigation, weather, and crew management. The day-long seminar was geared to sailors who want to improve their performance, but also to those considering entering their first Newport Bermuda Race, and to those who are new to blue water sailing, but ready to make their first offshore passage. Presenters and Brewer staff members were available throughout the day to answer questions. The cost, $100 per boat, entitled all crew members to attend. The proceeds were donated to the Bonnell Cove Foundation to further safety at sea research and education. For more information on the next seminar and to register, please visit or contact Lynn Oliver at

On Saturday, September 7, the first of Brewer’s Newport Bermuda Race Seminars was held at Brewer Pilots Point Marina in Westbrook, Connecticut. Speakers included Rives Potts, owner-skipper of the 2010 and 2012 St. David’s Lighthouse Trophy winner Carina, and meteorologist and ocean racer Bill Biewenga. Among the topics covered were: entering the race, preparing for mandatory boat inspection, optimizing a boat for performance, winning strategies on the

The 2014 Newport Bermuda Race will start on June 20, 2014, off Castle Hill, Newport RI For more information about the race, visit 


CRUISE New England with Brewer!

check out our mileage chart at 15 BREWER YACHT YARD



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Cruising with Brewer s/v Coastal Passage Bob Harkins and Kathy Douglas never expected their summer cruise to end under tow, but sometimes things work out that way. In August, they left Salem, and their home port of Brewer Hawthorne Cove Marina, aboard their 40’ Hunter, Coastal Passage. Exploring Maine’s beautiful coast under sail, they enjoyed quiet anchorages, cozy ports, and perfect summer weather. But this time of wonder was cut short when they encountered engine trouble due to an undetected saltwater leak. Unbeknownst to them, raw water had been leaking into their engine’s flywheel housing and had rusted out the damper plate springs. Before they knew it, their transmission was shot. They were dead in the water on Casco Bay, far from home. “As soon as we realized we needed towing assistance, we asked to be taken to Brewer South Freeport Marine. We were planning to visit there anyway, on our trip home, but we certainly didn’t expect to arrive under tow!” says Kathy. “The up side was we knew we’d be in good hands at a Brewer yard. We also knew that the six free nights of dockage on our Brewer Preferred Member GOLD Card would make it advantageous to stop at a Brewer facility.” Communicating en route via cell phone and VHF, Bob and Kathy arrived in South Freeport late in the day. “There’s a certain peace of mind that goes with being at a Brewer Yacht Yard, especially when you need service,” says Bob. “We felt like we knew the people, even though we were away from our home port. We’ve always found Brewer staff to be consistently very helpful, wherever we’ve been at Hawthorne Cove, at Fiddler’s Cove, and at Plymouth. The same was true in South Freeport. That’s not true in all businesses. Sometimes you find good help here and good help there, but at Brewer’s we’ve always been impressed by how helpful and knowledgeable everyone is, across the board.” “Everyone was so nice. We met several people and one neighbor even came to our boat the next morning, just to see if we needed anything in town. He ended up returning our videos for us! We thought that was so thoughtful.”

“When we called Brewer South Freeport Marine, the frontline was on it,” says Kathy. “I would have never guessed that the person on the other end of the radio was a high school student! We were so impressed with the level of professionalism. When we arrived a mechanic was standing by. He had stayed late to meet with us. He diagnosed our damper plate problem, and ordered the parts we needed right away.”

Feeling right at home in their home port away from home, Kathy and Bob decided to extend their stay…through a Maine winter! We’ve enjoyed the marina and the people so much that we’ve decided not to rush home. We’re storing our boat here so we can have easy access to new cruising grounds next season.”

Bob and Kathy wasted no time making the best of their situation. They settled in, went ashore for showers, and then joined local boaters for a Friday night “Music on the Deck” event at the head of the dock. They were treated to live bluegrass music, appetizers, and the opportunity to meet some of their fellow BYY members.

Next summer, before heading south, they’ll finish the cruise they started. 


Cruising with Brewer m/v Panacea Henry and Karen Somers became Brewer Yacht Yard members in 1998 when Jack Brewer bought the marina where they kept their 20’ Grady White in Glen Cove, New York. “Our old, dilapidated marina has gone from a rundown facility with no lighting, and listing docks with missing cleats, to a first class marina,” says Henry. Over the years, Henry and Karen have grown along with Glen Cove. As Jack Brewer invested in the marina, Henry and Karen invested in new boats. “We worked our way up from a 20’ Grady White to a 43’ Tiara,” says Henry.”It has been a wonderful experience. We just love Brewer’s! We have five kids, so we have really taken advantage of all the amenities that Brewer’s has added: the playground; the pool; and the picnic areas and barbeques. We appreciate all of it.” Henry and Karen have also appreciated the value they’ve found in their Brewer Preferred Member GOLD card. “We’ve cruised to almost ALL of the Brewer Yacht Yards,” says Karen. “No matter which Brewer marina we visit, the dock staff is always there, ready and waiting. And not just one kid, a team of two or three! This makes the docking experience so much easier. Coming into a Brewer marina is like going home. You feel welcome. And the laundry facilities are always nice and clean, which makes cruising more pleasant. We also enjoy meeting other members, sometimes while doing our laundry! Occasionally we even cruise with the people we meet, in a convoy, to the next Brewer location.”

“We use our boat a lot,” says Henry. “We’re underway as much as four to six weeks every season. I’m a school principal, so we have time in the summer to explore and really enjoy the boat. The Brewer Preferred Member card helps us save on dockage and fuel. Cruising can be expensive, but the card makes it more affordable. We actually plan most of our cruises based on Brewer locations. We like all of the yards; and we like knowing that if there’s ever a mechanical issue we can count on Brewer technicians. They’re capable and they do a great job! We also know, from experience, that we can call on Brewer’s in a storm. We were in Martha’s Vineyard one summer when an unexpected storm was approaching. We called Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, but they were full. Within ten minutes, though, they called us back and said they’d made space for us and we could take shelter there! That’s what Brewer’s is all about. You never have to worry. Brewer will take care of you!”

Karen says meeting people, as well as seeing harbor seals, dolphins, osprey and other sea life is still a thrill when cruising, but so are adventures ashore. “We make a point of visiting every museum within reach when we cruise. This summer, we also signed up for several of LL Bean’s Outdoor Discovery School programs while visiting Maine. We did archery, fly fishing, and kayaking, all in one day!” says Karen.

That’s what Brewer’s

Whether away or at home, Henry and Karen take comfort in their Brewer Yacht Yard membership. “We often go to the marina just to relax and hang out on the docks. It’s a way of life,” says Henry. “And when the yard hosts the end of season picnic, we enjoy bringing our entire family. It’s a nice way to end the season and enjoy the company of other marina members.” 

is all about.You never have to worry. Brewer will take care of you! 11

sumNmI CerS R E W E R B



summer PIC B R E W E R



Brewer Yacht Sales Pleased to Announce CPYB Accredited Brokers Brewer Yacht Sales, Inc. is proud to announce that brokers Mark Andrews and Fred Brown have earned their CPYB accreditation. The CPYB, or Certified Professional Yacht Broker exam is rigorous and ensures brokers prove their mastery of all aspects in the industry, including ethics, broker responsibilities and transactions, guaranteeing that all customers receive the highest level of service.

A Certified Professional Yacht Broker will always begin a client relationship by learning about the client’s needs and using his knowledge about the marine industry to find the right product or the right buyer. The large network of Brewer Yacht Yards and Brewer Yacht Sales offices provides our brokers with an unparalleled resource for clients throughout New England, whether buying or selling.

Mark Andrews and Fred Brown are two among eleven Brewer Yacht Sales brokers to receive this mark of excellence. The CPYB certification has, in addition to YBAA (Yacht Brokers Association of America) membership, become the new standard of distinction in the yacht sales industry. These memberships make certain that the yacht broker: 1. Has, at a minimum, worked for the past three consecutive years and is currently working as a full time yacht broker. 2. Has not been convicted of a felony offense or equivalent within the previous seven years. 3. Maintains a dedicated escrow/trust account that is utilized for all client funds in trust. 4 Currently holds all necessary licenses required by all applicable governmental entities. 5 Accepts client payments, made payable to the brokerage firm/broker of record, and not to individual brokers. 6. Supports all client transactions with fully executed, contractually sound written agreements, affording protection to both the buyer and seller. 7. Conducts all business in full compliance with the CPYB Code of Ethics. 8. Has not been found in violation of any other yacht broker association's Code of Ethics (of which they are a member) within the previous seven years.

If you’re in the market to sell your vessel, the certified brokers at Brewer Yacht Sales will offer a complete market analysis to help clients establish value and set a proper list price. Once available, Brewer Yacht Sales will use a multifaceted approach to market the vessel across the web, reaching buyers across the globe.

Mark Andrews

Most importantly, the team at Brewer Yacht Sales takes the utmost care when it’s time to close the deal. BYS prepares all necessary regulatory paperwork, and maintains a network of financial and insurance partners to make clients’ buying process as easy as possible. Always look for these logos when buying or selling a yacht:

In addition, all of the Brewer Yacht Sales brokers abide by the Yacht Brokers Association of America Code of Ethics that guides their relations with clients, Brewer Yacht Yard employees and fellow brokers. The reasons for use of a fully-accredited broker during the purchase or sale of your next vessel are numerous; throughout the transaction, your certified broker will use his skills, network and expertise on your behalf.

Fred Brown

To locate a BYS office near you, go to, call 800-399-6213, or email


Brewer Preferred Insurance An insurance program JUST for Brewer customers. Gowrie Group’s new Brewer Preferred Insurance Program specifically addresses the needs of New England boaters and is available exclusively to Brewer customers*. This new Brewer Preferred Insured Program includes a multitude of benefits that no other boat insurance policy offers. The program is brought to Brewer customers by Gowrie Group, the Brewer choice for marine insurance. Join the hundreds of other Brewer customers that already enjoy the premier insurance protection provided by Gowrie Group.

Purchase a Brewer Preferred Insurance Program policy now to get the benefits that really matter. Contact John Owsianik, the Brewer Preferred Insurance Program specialist for an insurance review and quote at, 860.399.2820. To request a quote online visit: (use code: Brewer) Gowrie Group is proud to be the only marine insurance agency that is endorsed by Brewer Yacht Yards and part of the Brewer network. To find out more about Gowrie’s insurance solutions for Brewer customers visit 

Brewer Preferred Insurance Program Benefits: ZERO DEDUCTIBLE. When Brewer does the repair, there is no deductible for hull claims over $10,000. And the deductible is reduced by 50% for claims under $10,000.

* Only available to Brewer Gold and Green Card members. The policy is underwritten by AIG. Policy language will define exact terms and conditions.

100% HURRICANE HAUL COVERAGE. The cost to have Brewer haul and re-launch your boat is covered if your boat is located within the 3-day Track Forecast Cone for a hurricane, as issued by NOAA National Hurricane Center. 100 MILE BREWER TOW BACK. Emergency towing coverage to the nearest Brewer location that can handle your repair. 12 MONTH NAVIGATION. No lay-up dates and extended navigation from Canada to Texas.




BREWER YACHT YARDS 63 Pilots Point Drive Westbrook, CT 06498

16th Annual Take-A-Kid Fishing Day! This season, The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association hosted another successful “Take-A-Kid Fishing Day” at Brewer Greenwich Bay Marina. The event, now in its 16th year, is an annual Greenwich Bay tradition. Founded on the premise that every member of “The Ocean State” should have a chance to experience Rhode Island’s most beautiful resource firsthand, “TakeA-Kid Fishing Day” gives kids an opportunity to go boating, and even catch a fish! This year, volunteers took nearly 300 children, many of whom have never been on the water, for a morning of fishing. Their time on the Bay was followed by a cookout at Brewer Greenwich Bay Marina. “It was a wonderful day, and a job well done by The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association members,” says Chris Ruhling, General Manager of Brewer Greenwich Bay Marina. “We are thankful for the time and energy the hundreds of volunteers put into this event, each year, to make it a success.” Go to the Brewer Greenwich Bay Marina’s Facebook page,, to view a fun video that captures this special day.” 

Brewer Yacht Yards - Fall 2013 Tide Watch  
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