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“He puts forth a tremendous amount of time and effort into his artwork, one of his final products took about four months to build a three-hour show.” possible to determine where the segments start, finish, and switch. While he has dominated the local lightshow scene by illuminating events such as the Earth, Wind, and Solar event featuring the Squonk Opera at Engel Stadium, The Official Flaming Lips after party at JJ’s Bohemian, The Psychedelic Ball at the Walden Club, The Chattanooga Earth Day Rally, Ryan Oyer’s So Far So Good CD Release Show, and countless other local nightlife events, his reach goes far beyond Chattanooga. While the artistic light show that blares from Tree Dimensional’s realm is for anybody that can appreciate art and talent, or gnarly visuals in general, it does hold significant psychedelic weight. His work is a hit for many of the music and arts festivals around the region thanks to the entrancing and trippy nature of the moving fractals. This year alone Tree Dimensional’s work has been featured at Further Festival, Nebulosity, and Actual Eyes music and arts festivals. Even though the Tree Dimensional

fractal show coincides perfectly with music, almost as if they seem to dance hand in hand, Love does not confine himself strictly to music events. His light show is perfect for any gathering. What separates him from the rest is his vision, talent, and incredibly powerful equipment. He can certainly fill venues with his lights, but also can project onto most objects. His fractals are perfect for settings such as weddings, graduation parties, art exhibits, house parties, and everything in between. He is a nature lover at heart, bringing nature to life with his effects, and utilizing mother nature in his shows. The light shows certainly implement an emphasis on multiple dimensions simultaneously with his effects, creating somewhat of a visual abyss that is truly amazing. As Tree Dimensional shows begin, the trees appear to breathe, if you will, available to the sober naked eye, no chemicals needed. Tree Dimensional has rapidly evolved over the last couple of years as Love started with only a vision, pro-

jector, and computer program. After seeing the endless capabilities, and a natural calling for him, his tenacity took over and turned the dream into a full scale operation, and legitimate business. He now has multiple high powered projectors, and rendering devices that help him to continue producing new material more rapidly. He has come a long way, but after talking with him it is clear that he’ll continue to build his operation to new levels. Cutting edge does not quite cover what exactly Love, and Tree Dimen-

sional’s capabilities are. Next level is an understatement as to what his abilities are, and the potential that is beaming from his live action art work. It is just a matter of time before his services become tradition at local, regional, and perhaps nationally events annually. Jaw dropping light shows never will go out of style, the sky’s the limit for this talented local visionary. Chattanooga, if you see Tree Dimensional on a flyer go check it out, regardless of what the event is, it will sure to be radical with Merrill Val Love on the scene.




Disney on Ice

The Crucible

Spectrum Gala & Live Auction

Come feel like a kid again with all your favorite Disney characters taking to the ice in a showstopping performance. 7 p.m. McKenzie Arena 720 E. 4th St.

Arthur Miller’s legacy drama is set during the Salem Witch Trials of the 1800's with ties to the “Red Scare” of the 1950's. 7:30 p.m. Mars Theater 117 N. Chattanooga St.

This year’s auction will feature a variety of artworks selected at galleries from Chicago to Charleston. 6 p.m. Hunter Museum of Art 10 Bluff View Ave.


The Pulse 14.45 » November 9, 2017  
The Pulse 14.45 » November 9, 2017  

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