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The Love Of Live Fractal Design Art Merrill Val Love marries art and technology together

To Dream The Impossible Dream The Man of La Mancha musical has a complicated history, and even a different name (I, Don Quixote), which can be traced back to a popular 1959 teleplay that was based on a 17th-century book, had no music, and of which no footage has ever been recovered. Instead, many people now know the musical from its 1964 production that was actually an adaptation of this early teleplay, one that went on to win five Tony Awards and has likely become the most endured Broadway production in history. The story revolves around a captured Spanish prisoner who must distract his fellow inmates through theatrical presentation while awaiting the immanent Spanish Inquisition. This, oddly enough, becomes a play within a play, one that is now critically acclaimed for its clever storytelling and sense of immersion. From November 9th to the 18th, Covenant College Theatre Department will be presenting The Man of La Mancha, their first musical performance in quite some time. It is a welcome addition to the respected theatre department and will bring the famous musical experience of the original Dale Wasserman novel to the city of Chattanooga. — Kelley J. Bostian Man of La Mancha November 9th through 18th Covenant College 14049 Scenic Hwy. (706) 820-1560 12 • THE PULSE • NOVEMBER 9, 2017 • CHATTANOOGAPULSE.COM

By Adam Beckett Pulse contributor


ERRILL VAL LOVE IS A LOCAL ARTIST who owns and operates Tree Dimensional, a digital design company that focuses on live action fractal designs which are projected onto various spaces and objects. His art is unique and original, and Tree Dimensional is currently blowing the doors off of any sort of competition in its field, for the work that he creates is unmatched. He produces a gripping aesthetic environment that will lock in a wide variety of onlookers, in a multitude of settings. Love uses state of the art computer equipment, projectors, and software programs to help create his magic light show. He singlehandedly creates, and renders, every aspect of his designs. Watching him work is truly fascinating, like watching a mad scientist bring their creation to life.

He starts with simple lines, shapes, and colors, and before it is over with, he has created a lightshow that is out of this world, ready to be projected to grasp the masses. Typically, his rendered fractals are roughly twenty seconds each, however, they take considerably longer to build and process. Due to the high definition rendering aspect of his extremely high quality productions, creating the twenty second segments take several hours to build, and can take up to twenty-four hours to render once programming has commenced. He puts forth a tremendous amount of time and effort into his artwork, one of his final products took about four months to build a three-hour show. Love has formulated a way for the segmented creations to transition fluently into each other, they flow like water as they lead and follow, and then they melt into each other like lava. It is nearly im-

The Pulse 14.45 » November 9, 2017  
The Pulse 14.45 » November 9, 2017  

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