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News and Business – Building Ideas What MOVES You? April 25, 2014

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Did you know? An average person’s left hand does 56% of the typing.

In This Issue: Events Article: Perfect Bacon Trivia Contest Article: Insurance Discrimination Article: March Sales Up Article: Higher Bar to Professionalism RE/MAX Charts Article: RE/MAX Agents Lead Article: FCC Proposal Article: Remote Control for Credit Article: 10 Crazy Vacation Ideas Article: 4 Ways to Stop Lowball RE/MAX University Article: Electronic Mortgage Closings Anniversary & Birthdays Found on Pinterest Featured Agent Awards

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Tools for Your Business on Mainstreet There is more to Mainstreet than many of you many know! This webinar will focus on tools for your business that are accessible to you on Mainstreet (

May 1st Health Insurance Q&A – Suntree Training Room 9-10 am

April 29 @ 12 Noon Register Now >>

Don’t Forget: Cinco de Mayo is May 5 Mother’s Day is May 11

Larry C Satterfield (321) 987-9052

The Surprising, Easy Trick To Making

Perfect Bacon

Chewy and tender, crispy and crumbly or almost burnt -everyone likes their bacon a little different. If you're not in the crispy and crumbly camp (which many of us at HuffPost Taste are), and prefer your bacon a little chewier, you want to know about this stupidly easy trick for cooking bacon just right. The secret ingredient? Water. There are a lot of ways to screw up your bacon. Now you don't have to. This video from America's Test Kitchen shows you how it's done.

Paul McDonough

First spread out your bacon evenly in a pan on high heat. (Two rules of thumb for however you like your bacon are: always start with a hot pan and never overcrowd it), and cover the bacon with water. You want just enough water to cover the bacon. As Bryan Roof, the chef in this video, explains, water keeps the initial cooking temperature low, which helps the bacon retain some of its moisture and keeps it tender.

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Vynn Perchart

Fla. insurance discrimination bill passes A Florida bill that would forbid insurance companies from refusing to serve or charging higher rates to applicants based on their ownership of a firearm has been sent to Gov. Rick Scott to sign.

The measure passed the House 74-44 on Tuesday. The bill also prohibits an insurer from disclosing information related to the ownership of weapons by a client without the consent of the insured. It extends to both existing and new policies. Florida's Office of Insurance Regulation found in a study last fall that one of the state's top five property insurers addressed the presence of firearms as a factor in underwriting costs.

Weekly Trivia Contest Answer the trivia question correctly and you could be our next winner! Winner of the gift card this week: Erika Brown Agents must login to LeadStreet every 21 days to be eligible for leads. Good Job Erika! This Week’s Question: What part of a chocolate bunny do most people in America eat first?

Winner will be announced in next week’s newsletter & will win an extra special gift certificate! Send your answers to:

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March year-to-year sales up 1% in Fla., prices up 11% RealtyTrac's March Residential & Foreclosure Sales Report finds that U.S. residential properties – single family homes, condominiums and townhomes – sold at an estimated annual pace of 5,253,464 in March, an increase of 0.4 percent from February and up 8 percent from a year ago. The report has slightly different results than National Association of Realtors® (NAR) numbers issued Tuesday, which include only Realtor-assisted transactions.

RealtyTrac's median sales price in March – including both distressed and non-distressed sales – was $164,500, up 1 percent from February and up 10 percent from March 2013. March was the 24th consecutive month where U.S. median home prices increased on an annual basis, and the 10 percent annual increase was the biggest annual percentage increase in that 24-month span. "The housing market showed signs of coming out of hibernation in March after a sluggish fall and winter," says Daren Blomquist, vice president at RealtyTrac. "Median home prices increased on a monthly basis following six consecutive months where they were flat or declining. Sales volume also increased slightly from March to February following four consecutive monthly decreases.“

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HAPPY HOME INSPECTIONS Veteran-owned company Established 2000

Please give us call 321-302-1120

A Higher Bar to Professionalism NAR President Steve Brown highlights three ways to raise the bar in the real estate industry. By Steve Brown

Wherever I go, the question I’m most frequently asked is, “How do we raise professionalism in our industry?” This is the way I see it:

"I can't balance a blimp, but I can help you balance your portfolio" Bob DiBella, CLTC Financial Services Representative Registered Representative Investment Advisor Representative 321.610.9934 321.255.1480

1. We raise the bar of professionalism by aspiring to a higher degree of excellence everywhere, holistically improving all parts of the industry and organized real estate. Each REALTOR® association—local, state, and national—must provide its members with every program and service their membership entitles them to. Sometimes in assessing an association’s work, a criteria of “minimum standards” is set forward as a guideline to judge performance. But what REALTOR® goes on a listing call and tells potential clients, “I am here to guarantee you minimum service”? Every one of our associations must provide all of the services REALTORS® need so they can be more effective and professional in their business. Likewise for REALTORS®, they must constantly seek to raise the bar to please their customers. Read More >>

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RE/MAX Agents Lead Competitors DENVER – RE/MAX agents continue to outperform all competitors, ranking as the most productive among the elite national real estate franchises. According to preliminary results from the 2014 RISMedia Power Broker Report Top 500, the productivity of RE/MAX agents was more than double the average of agents at competing brokerages. RE/MAX agents on average not only closed more transaction sides, but also claimed a sales volume 69% higher than the average of all competing agents in the Report. “There are some real estate companies with more offices and agents in the Power Broker Report,” said RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly. “But the real test for any homebuyer or seller is whether their agent gets the job done. And, year after year, the numbers show that RE/MAX agents are the most productive among the national brands.” According to the Report, in 2013, RE/MAX agents averaged $4.3 million in sales volume - a 26% increase over 2012, while competing agents

Prestige Title of Brevard has the knowledge, experience, and resources to get your real estate transaction closed. So whether you’re a buyer, seller, mortgage broker, lending institution, or real estate professional we want to be your preferred title insurance provider of choice!

averaged just $2.5 million. RE/MAX agents also averaged 17.5 transaction sides each - an increase of 4.3% over their 2012 performance. The average for all other agents in the report was just 8.4 sides. Continue >>

FCC Proposal Would End Net Neutrality as We Know It

The FCC says it will propose Internet regulations that would allow online content providers to negotiate for preferential treatment from Internet service providers, potentially undermining the principles of net neutrality. Continue Reading >>

Ondot Launches Remote Control for Credit Cards


A new app will allow users to control nearly every aspect of how their credit or debit cards are used directly from their smartphones. CardControl is a service that aims to reduce the prevalence of credit card fraud by letting users set controls that determine how each card can be used from their smartphone. The hitch is that banks must opt in to the service before individuals can use it.

10 Crazy Vacation Ideas for Thrillseekers We all have our own ideas for what makes a great vacation. Many would consider relaxing on a tropical beach and catching some rays with a Mai Tai in hand to be the perfect getaway.

But for thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies, doing nothing but laying around on the sand, working on a tan and scoping out the sights is anything but relaxing. So if jumping out of a plane or chasing deadly storms sounds better than hopping on a cruise to the Caribbean or backpacking across Europe, a blood-pumping, adrenaline-fueled vacation may be just what you need to step away from reality for a bit. Continue >>

Contact: Kelly Cox 321.751.8711 *Leader in our industry in home inspections

Client Testimonial

“The true purpose of my writing to you today is to say thank you. Thank you for maintaining the immediate staff that you do in Joy and Kristi; but, also, the indirect staff. Bobbie’s focused efforts made a lifelong impact on me and my family for which I can never express enough my gratitude and gratefulness.

Congratulations to you for your excellent selection of business partnerships. Much continued success to you and Dyer Mortgage Group in the future. I will do my part to be a “mouth of the south” and tell everyone I know; and even those I don’t, about RE/MAX Elite and Dyer Mortgage. My personal dynamic duo! If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read what I wanted to convey. Good news needs to be heard and Bobbie Dyer is my good news word for today!”

See Full Testimonial Here >>

Bobbie Dyer

Joy Frankel

Home Warranty Free to Your Clients!!

Christopher Stites See Full Testimonial Here >>

Elite Transaction Management

4 Ways to Stop Buyers from Tossing a Lowball Buyers aren't always in tune with the market and their price expectations may not be rooted in reality. It’s your job to set them straight and guide them to an offer will get them a great deal without turning off a seller. Here's how to set your clients up for success and keep them from making a lowball offer that could sabotage a sale. More>>


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It has been said that an agent averages 19 hours of their time on a transaction from contract to closing. We are giving you back most of that time, so that you can focus on activities that drive in more income for your business! We have established exclusive pricing for these service and you only pay at closing. Contact Denell Hastings for more info!

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SmartTargeting for RE/MAX SmartTargeting is the premier marketing solution for RE/MAX Affiliates, used and trusted by thousands of real estate professionals nationwide. SmartTargeting puts into your hands a complete marketing system to generate more listings, including‌ Exclusive access to top seller prospects in your territory

automated Facebook ads, lead capture websites, direct mail and more The SmartTargeting mobile app for prospecting on the go

Homes ranked by likelihood to sell Precise, sellertargeted marketing campaigns— including

Work Smarter. SmartTargeting focuses you on the homes most likely to sell.

View the Website >>

Kim Osman

Pete Osman

Call Today! 321.549.0678 Find out why It's Always A Great Day at the Kim Osman Agency


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Our Property Management Division Your clients can fill out their credit application and pay online. It is easy and menu driven. If you have any questions please call Sheryl at 321-863-7824 cell or 321-775-8122 - office and she will be happy to tell you all about it. Tony Fletcher Account Executive 800.735.4663

Click Here to see Thank you for your support and referrals! Be the best you can be each day!

"I have had to use my AHS warranty a few times this past year. It has been so easy to contact you, and the service workers who come to my home are friendly and very helpful. They have gone above and beyond to teach me about the systems in my new home, and how to keep them working properly." ~Shannon C.2

Refer a Friend and get a $25 Credit on Future Rent or Merchandise

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800+ Standard & Climate Controlled Storage Units in a wide range of sizes 24/7 gate access & Sophisticated Security System

Electronic Mortgage Closings Next Hot Thing? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says it plans to test electronic mortgage closings, which the agency hopes will give consumers more time to review mortgage documents prior to closing and make it easier for borrowers to spot any errors. "We strongly believe that electronic closing solutions, known as eClosings, can lead to more knowledgeable consumers and a much better process for everyone involved," says CFPB director Richard Cordray. CFPB will be running a series of pilot tests over the next 15 months to gauge the benefits of eClosings to consumers. The agency says it wants to find ways to make mortgage closings more efficient and

eliminate unexpected surprises to borrowers. “Some lenders are already offering eClosing solutions,” Cordray says. “We plan to work with them to explore how we can best facilitate and secure the benefits of this new-and-improved approach.” Source: “U.S. Consumer Bureau to Test Electronic Mortgage Closings,” Reuters (April 23, 2014) and “CFPB Pushes for eClosings,” HousingWire (April 23, 2014)

Silvia Mozer – 3 Years Bev Richards – 1 Year

Lou Ann Janke – 1st Ashley Westbrook – 3rd Linda Weir-Reiss – 7th Grace Vista – 8th Mark Lewin – 8th

Bree Fary – 1 Year Peggy Penridge – 1 Year Ashley Westbrook – 4 Years

Jennifer McCoy – 9th John Haley – 9th Joy Frankel – 10th Scott Case – 16th Diane Macaya – 21st Karen Biamonte – 27th

Found on Pinterest Spicy Dr Pepper Ribs • 1 cup Brown Sugar • 1 can Dr. Pepper • 1 can (5 Ounces) Chipotle Peppers Packed In Adobo • 1/3 cup Brown Mustard • 1 Tablespoon White Vinegar • 3 cloves Garlic, Minced • 2 packages Pork Baby Back Ribs

Directions Prepare the marinade by gently boiling the first 6 ingredients in a medium saucepan until reduced and thick, about 20 minutes. Allow to cool completely. Divide into two containers and refrigerate one container for later. Place ribs on a large baking sheet lined with heavy foil. Brush half the marinade all over the ribs on both sides. Cover with foil and refrigerate for 8 hours to marinate. When you're ready to cook the ribs, preheat the oven to 275 degrees. Place the pan, still covered in foil, into the oven for 2 hours. Remove the foil and increase the temperature to 300. Using the other half of the sauce, brush another generous layer all over the ribs. Return the pan to the oven and continue cooking for another 30 to 40 minutes, brushing on another layer of sauce as it cooks. Remove the ribs when they're fork tender (keep cooking until they are). Slice and serve!

Unclog a Sink with baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water.

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Found on Pinterest

Want your listings pinned to our account? Contact Check us out on:

Q: What feature is a must for your dream home?

A: I guess I’m going to need 3 homes because I want an ocean view, a mountain view and a city view…depending on my mood. Q: What should we know about you?

A: I used to have a pet pig named Cleopatra. You can check out her photos on my Facebook in the album “Cleopatra’s Portfolio” Q: What is your business philosophy? A: Exceed expectations

This Week’s Featured Agent Connie Trincali

Q: What was your favorite childhood toy? A: Lite Brite

Q: What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

Q: Why did you choose to be a Real Estate agent with RE/MAX Elite?

A: Spend time with friends… LAUGH

A: Because RE/MAX ELITE was the most polished and professional office and staff that I interviewed with… You can feel the energy!

Q: What is the funniest thing to happen to you recently? A: I got attacked by a killer swan while showing houses.

Top 10 Individuals Sales 1. $5,378,490 (46) Lindsay Sanger 2. $2,321,525 (11) Silvia Mozer 3. $2,181,847 (6) Karen Osiniak 4. $1,931,900 (8) Pat Murphy 5. $1,748,990 (7) Patty Teachman 6. $1,468,000 (5) Theresa Friend 7. $1,352,214 (5) Steve Vitani 8. $1,254,180 (9) Linda Weir-Reiss

Top Teams Sales

9. $1,087,900 (6) Peggy Penridge

1. $8,506,900 (35) McCoy-Freeman

10. $959,000 ( 6) Jody Donelly

Group 2. $6,550,347 (18) Coastal Estate Team 3. $5,131,077 (30) Platinum Group 4. $3,342,502 (18) Joy Frankel Team 5. $2,891,400 (10) Romano Team 6. $2,406,140 (14) 321 Team 7. $2,248,435 (11) Kuhns Realty Group 8. $1,378,500 (5) Barclay Group 9. $513,030 (5) Central Florida Team

2014 Awards Recognition

Andy Barclay

Lindsay Sanger

Bridget Sentz & Carolyn Smith

Steve Romano

Bobby Freeman & Jennifer McCoy

Kerry Ramage

Silvia Mozer

Karen Osiniak

Brad Kuhns

Karen Biamonte

Steve Vitani

Joy Frankel

Mary Gowenlock

2014 RE/MAX Florida Region MTD = February YTD – January to February

Karen Osiniak #76 YTD Individual

Lindsay Sanger #14 MTD Individual #18 YTD Individual

McCoy-Freeman Group #5 MTD Team #5 YTD Team

The Romano Team #49 MTD Team #41 YTD Team

Silvia Mozer #32 MTD Individual The Kuhns Group # 46 MTD Team

Platinum Group # 20 MTD Team #30 YTD Team

Coastal Estate Team #24 YTD Team

Wishing you a fantastic Friday on behalf of your RE/MAX Elite Family!

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