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Date Week 1 8/29 8/31 9/2 Week 2 9/5 9/7

9/9 Week 3 9/12 9/14 9/16 Week 4 9/19 9/21 9/23 Week 5 9/26 9/28 9/30 Week 6 10/3 10/5 10/7


Week-by-Week Schedule Assignment due in class

Ice Breaker, Course Introductions, Assign First Journal Writing Discussion on Reading, Journals, Reasons for Writing Discussion of the Reading, Writing as a Process, Freewrite Activity LABOR DAY Detail: Show, Don’t Tell. Writer’s Block, and your Process.

“Why I Write” in On Writing (p. 31) Due: Journal 1 “Shitty First Drafts” in On Writing (p. 279) Assign: Personal Narrative

Workshopping Activities, Giving Constructive Feedback. Plagiarism Activity

NO CLASS “Transfiguration” in On Writing (p. 299) “The Watcher at the Gates” in On Writing (p. 282) Due: E-mail Acknowledging You Understand Course Policies. “Responding—Really Responding—to Other Student’s Writing” in On Writing (p. 309) Due: Journal 2

Transitions and Organization. Introductions

“Craft an Introduction that Establishes your Purpose” in The McGraw-Hill Handbook (p. 85)

Peer Review Workshop Post-Workshop and Conference: Where to Go from Here. Remixing. Intro Revisions.

Due: First Draft of Personal Narrative “A Lesson in Revision” in On Writing (p. 285)

No Class

Due: Second Draft of Personal Narrative Conferences Conferences Conferences

No Class No Class Detail and Description, Lucid Writing. Freewriting. Looking at Grammar and the Messy Details Introduce Webzine Assignment, Groups, Topics, and Targeted Audience

Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants”

Why Audience Matters Integrating Research, Giving Credit, Paraphrasing. Discussion of Journals, Tone and Style Workshop First Drafts, Intro to Visual Rhetoric

“The Role of Audience” in On Writing (p. 180) Due: Journal 4

Due: Journal 3 Due: Working Draft of Personal Narrative Assign: Webzine Project

Due: First Draft of Webzine Project

Week 7 10/10

The Rhetorical Appeals


In-Class Activity

10/14 Week 8 10/17

In-Class Activity

10/19 10/21 Week 9 10/24

Text Layout and More Visual Layout. How Images Affect Text Groups Meet to Work on Project Presentation of Webzines

Visual Arguments in The McGraw-Hill Handbook Bring in a Magazine You Read or One that Interests You. Due: Journal 5 Due: Working Draft of Webzine Project Due: Group Evaluation

Discuss Short Story Assignment. What it Takes to be a Writer.

“How to Write with Style” in On Writing (p. 585) “How to Become a Writer” in On Writing (p. 7) Assign: Short Story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor “Popular Mechanics” by Raymond Carver Due: Journal 6


Analysis and Discussion


Dialogue, Description, Defining Character

Week 10 10/31

“A Brief Explanation of Classical Rhetoric” in On Writing (p. 134) “Argument as Conversation…” in On Writing (p. 411) Group Conferences Due: Second Draft of Webzine Project Group Conferences

11/2 11/4

Brainstorming Techniques, Plot, and Your “Shitty” First Drafts Group Session Discussion of Readings

“Research and the Fiction Writer” in On Writing (p. 405) Due: First Draft of Short Story “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver Jane Yolen “Interview Excerpt” in On Writing (p. 21) Due: Journal 7

Week 11 11/7

Discussion of Readings

Ron Carlson’s “Bigfoot Stole My Wife” David Barthleme’s “The School” Due: Second Draft of Short Story NO CLASS

11/9 11/11 Week 12 11/14 11/16 11/18 Week 13 11/21 11/23 11/25

Small Group Workshops NO CLASS Revision and Character Introduce the Radical Revision Assignment. Radical Revision Brainstorming Activities. Combining Modalities

Taylor Mali’s “The Impotence of Proofreading” Due: Working Draft of the Short Story

Discussion of Final Portfolios

Due: Proposal for Radical Revision Due: Journal 9 Thanksgiving Break Thanksgiving Break


Due: Journal 8 Reading: TBA

Week 14 11/28 11/30 12/2 Week 15 12/5 12/7 12/9 Finals 12/15

No Class No Class No Class

Conferences Conferences Conferences

Workshop for Final Portfolios Revision Presentations Course Evaluations Revision Presentations

Due: Journal 10


Final Portfolios Due

I reserve the right to modify this schedule as we progress through the semester.

Zawilski-ENC1101 - Master Schedule  
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