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Introduction: Topic: How powerful is the brain? I chose this topic because I find the brain to be a really interesting topic to talk about and think about. The brain is such a huge part of not only everyday life but also in sports. A couple summers ago we had a guy come in to a summer hockey school and talk about the influence of the brain in hockey. I found it so interesting that I even started to tell other players I played with about this and the things that this guy had introduced to me. So the brain I find is fascinating enough that I wanted to talk about it. I was feeling a little nervous before I started my speech just because I had planned on going with no notes, which I felt was a better way to present my speech. But other than that I was worried on what the class would think of my topic and if they would even enjoy it.

Positive Feedback -Good, strong voice -Interesting topic, liked the true stories -Nice starting activity -Good visuals

Constructive Feedback -Awkward body movement -Moved around too much -Looked at the screen to often -More of a presentation then speech

I felt that overall I did a pretty good job on my speech. I felt that my voice was loud and that I caught the audience’s attention quick with my activity. I felt the true stories were a good effect and that they enhanced my speech. Because true stories are a lot easier to be intrigued for than ones that are made up. I thought that I didn’t use the phrase “and stuff like that” like I had used in my group presentation. I also believe that I am getting really good at avoiding the words such as “um”, “like” and “so”. I think a quote is the best way to end a lot of things because it usually sums up your whole presentation and gives the audience something to ponder about even after the presentation is over.

Some things that I felt I could have improved on were making it more of a speech and less of a presentation just like some of the feedback said. I also felt that without any notes I was getting three quarters of the way through sentences and battling to finish them while still sounding enticing and smart. I feel that I also looked at the screen too much and not enough out at the audience. Another thing I would like to change is that I was a little nervous at the start, so I feel that in next speeches I would hope that I can go into them with no nerves at all. I agree with all the feedback I got one hundred percent and overall was pretty happy with my speech and my performance in front of the classroom.

I was pretty happy that my speech was over. It was just another thing that I didn’t have to worry about doing work for anymore. I am not really the homework type kind of guy. I felt though that I had a lot of things to say but I had so little time to present. I had a lot more interesting things that I wanted to include but I just couldn’t fit them in. I was also impressed with my timing on the speech because I finished just at the right time and didn’t go over or under the recommended time limit.

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